Top 10 Places to Visit When Travelling by Motorcycle

Places to Visit When Travelling by Motorcycle

Road tripping is fun; much more fun than going on a package holiday! You can have a real adventure, get to see a lot more places when you move around all the time and it is also easy to make friends along the way. You can go alone or take your loved one with you and explore a new country together. 

Some countries are more suitable for motorcycle touring than others though, so in this article, we want to give you a few trip ideas in countries where riding is a breeze. Dominic Andreasson, a Swedish iGaming expert shared his thoughts with us about the top 10 places to visit when travelling. You can read more about Dominic here

1. Cuba

There are several reasons why you should discover Cuba by bike. The country has a tropical climate, the road distances are totally manageable and there is practically no traffic. Unlike in Sweden, where winter riding is not ideal, you can ride in Cuba any time of the year. Winding roads will take you to gorgeous beaches, lush forests, tobacco and sugar cane plantations and historical cities. What’s there not to love?

2. France

If you are a foodie, there is no better place to visit than France and particularly the Riviera! The coastline between Marseille and Nice is just spectacular. You will see lots of yachts, exclusive bars, clubs and perhaps celebrities. Don’t miss the mini-state of Monaco. You can try your luck at the glamorous Casino de Monte-Carlo. Can’t be bothered to carry a suit with you? Online gambling in travelling is also possible. Find a casino on our list of casinon utan svensk licens, that accept players from Sweden.

3. USA

Riding along Route 66 is the most romantic road trip ever and when you do it on a motorcycle, it gives an extra thrill. While the route has changed slightly over the years, the modern version of it starts in Chicago, Illinois and ends in Santa Monica, California. Driving through so many states will give you a crash course on the American lifestyle and you will see some amazing landscape. Some of the best casinos from anywhere are in Las Vegas and while the actual Route 66 doesn’t drive through Vegas, it is only a short detour and well worth the extra time.

4. Vietnam

Buying a motorcycle in Hanoi, driving it to Ho Chi Minh city and selling it there, is a thing. You can do it in the opposite direction too. There are millions of motorcyclists in Vietnam and it will be a special experience to drive through the country as one of them. Some of the roads are narrow and windy, perfectly suitable for bikes. You will see green rice-fields, rainforests and magnificent beaches along your way. 

5. Australia

This country is a giant so if you don’t have an entire year to drive around it, we recommend you choose the Great Ocean Road section. The trip is already magical in a car, let alone on a motorbike! Camping along the way adds to the romance. You will be sharing your campsite with kangaroos and cockatoos.

6. Portugal

You can spend two great weeks travelling down the coast of Portugal. Visit the historical city of Porto and sample some Port wine, check out Aveiro and Coimbra and spend a few days discovering the capital, Lisbon. If you are into surfing, you won’t be disappointed as surfing is possible almost anywhere and equipment is easy to rent. Continue down to the Algarve, enjoy delicious seafood and a dramatic landscape with limestone cliffs along the coast. 

7. Iceland

Some of Iceland’s most beautiful parts are only accessible by a 4×4 vehicle. Swap it for a dirtbike and see those inaccessible parts, unknown by mass tourism. However, plan your visit for the summer as Iceland can be brutal – not to mention dark – during the winter months. 

8. Scotland

Visiting the highlands of Scotland can be real fun on a motorcycle. Narrow, windy roads go through the beautiful and always green countryside. Visit castles during the day and upload your pictures to social media from a pub, full of friendly locals. 

9. Italy

Italy is a jewel box and should be on everybody’s bucket list. The different areas are very different from one another so if you have to choose one, you should go for the Amalfi coast. Immerse yourself in history by visiting Pompei and try the world’s best pizza in Naples!

10. Morocco

Morocco has so much to offer. From visiting bazaars, castles, mosques and ruins to hiking to North Africa’s highest summit – the Toubkal, everybody will find something interesting to do. Roads are surprisingly good and motorcycle-friendly so there is no reason why not to visit this friendly North African country by bike. 


There are so many places that are fun to visit by bike. We hope that you found some inspiration reading our list and can start planning your next awesome holiday.