Best Free and Fastest File Copy Software for Windows PC

7 Best File Copy Software Tools For Windows 10,8,,7

File Copying in Windows is a simple process and, in most cases, does not cause any troubles and issues. The situation is different when we need to regularly move huge amounts of data.

In this case file copy software’s will help you to replace the standard copy tool in the Windows Explorer and have some additional features.

Fortunately, the Internet offers many programs for copying files that will ignore, and sometimes even correct, errors in reading files, and successfully complete the process without losing information. Select a program to copy files.

These file copy software’s are for copying and moving files at maximum speed. The utilities are able to speed up the copy process by using an additional buffer and multi-threaded algorithm.

They allow you to stop and resume copying information, retry recording when errors are detected, and skip processing of individual files.

List of 7 best file copy utility software tools for Windows.

1. FastCopy – File Copy Software

FastCopy - File Copy Software

A useful tool for working, providing quick copy to the hard drive. The utility is completely free. The file copy software has open source code that allows not only copying, but also deleting files with advanced features.

FastCopy uses a copy engine that is different from Explorer. The utility reads large fragments instead of small ones. Accordingly, the file copy software runs much faster and practically does not load the system. Fast Copy allows you to determine the copy speed and buffer size.

The built-in Non Stop function makes the process more convenient (even if errors are detected, the process will continue).

Also presented is the portable version of Fast Copy Portable, which carries out only one function – copying, but much faster than the standard Explorer does, and it does not even need to be installed on a computer.

It is enough to download the evidence to the USB flash drive and use it on different devices.

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2. SuperCopier (Reliable File Copy Software)

supercopier file copy software

The file copy software for copying and moving SuperCopier files can cope with significant amounts of data without any problems. Unlike the standard street, SuperCopier has great functionality, for example, it shows the speed and time of data transfer.

There is a function to continue the transfer even after the connection is broken. With SuperCopier, the copying process will become more reliable, faster and more efficient.

Features of this file copy utility:

  • easy to integrate with a standard conductor
  • the ability to group files into lists and stop copying
  • there is a function to automatically rename uploaded documents
  • settings menu
  • error log
  • intuitive interface that can be customized to personal preferences
  • SuperCopier complements the standard utility, rather than replacing it

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3. Real TotalCopy (Superlative File Copy Software)

Real Total File Copy Software

File Copy software for Windows Total Copy is a great alternative to the standard Explorer. Accelerates the copying process and allows full control over the action.

The program is necessary for obsolete computers, where copying large volumes takes a lot of time.

The file copy utility is very easy to use and does not have wide functionality, but it perfectly performs the target task.

Among the main advantages are the ability to resume the process after failures.

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4. UltraCopier

ultracopier file copy software

UltraCopier has some pretty interesting features, including resuming file copying for a previously disconnected USB device.

Imagine you started copying a large number of files to a USB flash drive. During the process, you suddenly needed to urgently leave.

And in a hurry, you pulled out a flash drive and went about your business. And when they returned, after connecting the flash drive, copying continued from the place where it was stopped.

In this case, everything happens in automatic mode, nothing is required of you. Agree that such a function is definitely of interest.

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Of course, the file copy utility has other advantages and useful functions, such as limiting the speed of copying. And the program interface itself looks quite attractive.

The program is open source and supports several platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux.

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5. TeraCopy (Fastest File Copy Utility Software)

teracopy best file copy software

TeraCopy is another file copy software of this class. You can start TeraCopy yourself, in which case you must drag and drop files into the program window.

TeraCopy copies and transfers large file volumes much faster than the standard Windows file manager.

Software features:

  • better removal of USB devices;
  • CardReader option for ini-file;
  • option “ForceSameDriveMode”
  • new language packs
  • Improved performance when testing md5 files.

The program has a fairly nice interface and integrates with the Windows shell. However, it is worth noting that in terms of functionality.

TeraCopy lags behind its counterparts. You can neither limit the transfer rate nor create several batch tasks. And the number of settings is very limited.


  • much faster than the standard Windows method;
  • integrated into Windows Explorer;
  • drag and drop support.

Generally speaking, TeraCopy is a simple and intuitive file copy utility for copying files. It is suitable for users of any level.

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6. AnyReader

anyreader copy file and folder

File copy utility that helps transfer documents from a damaged or poorly readable storage device.

The program works with CD/DVD disks, hard drives, USB-flash drives, memory cards, etc. Unlike the system program, utility can extract files from media that have physical damage.

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AnyReader provides a function for combining several copies of a damaged document in order to get one whole.

AnyReader can be used for secure transfer within an unstable network (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN). If the connection is interrupted, the application will continue the process from the point of stop.

It works on the operating systems Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP.

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7. Unstoppable Copier

Unstoppable Copier Program

The next program is called Unstoppable Copier. It can be safely called the leader in reliability in this class of programs. The file copy utility not only copies files quicker than the standard Windows mechanism, the program is also able to recover some files from damaged media or broken areas of the hard drive.

Of course, this program does not do magic, however, Unstoppable Copier can recover files from several scratched DVD discs that Windows could not copy. The program supports not only single copying, but also batch mode, the settings of which can be saved.

Unstoppable Copier provides a pretty good report on the copying process. In it you can find not only the size and name of the files, but also information about the state of the data itself, which is especially necessary when copying from damaged media. The program supports many languages.

Fortunately, most of the utilities described above will help solve the problem of long-term copying, making the process much faster, and also offer many additional features.

Free file copy software is exactly what you are thinking about – it is completely free software that you can use to manually or automatically copy important data on your computer’s hard drive to a safe place, such as an external drive, flash drive, network drive, etc.

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After a hard work of good research and by following hit and trial methods, we have finally managed to curate this list of the best file copy software. This list is completely reliable and works really well to manage the task. But this is not the end of this list. We would love to hear from you! Tell us in the comments section which out of these are your favorites and why?

And did you discover a new feature in any of these software? Or a completely new file copy software? Do share it with us so that everyone can explore other workable options!