Download Best Free Hacking Apps for iPhone and Android


There are numerous applications that you can use to hack a smartphone or a mobile device. These apps can penetrate the system software, hack games and do much more. If you are a software developer, tester, professional ethical hacker, IT specialist then this list of hacking apps is your treasure.

Check out this list of mobile phone hacking apps and get your hands on a few apps that you like the most. With these hacks, you can easily perform the following tasks:

  • Crack WiFi passwords.
  • Reduce traffic to a minimum.
  • Remap a network.
  • Install a backdoor.
  • Penetrate the domains and look for weak links.
  • Hack a particular android game for unlimited rewards and resources.

Note: You will need to root your Android smartphone/device and jailbreak your iOS device.

Let’s move on with the list of mobile hacking apps. To keep things simple and transparent, these apps are bifurcated into two categories:

  • Hacking apps for Android
  • Hacking apps for iPhone

Best Free Hacking Apps for Android in 2020

#1. AndroRAT

AndroRAT is one of the highly recommended mobile phone hacking apps that makes the first place on our list. It comprises two terms: Android and Rat where RAT stands for Remote Access Tool.

This unique hacking utility allows hackers to remotely control each and everything on a corrupted device. The hacker can access calls logs, contacts, messages, location via. GPS and the data in the internal storage.

The hacker can also perform these functions:

  • Stream videos.
  • Open a URL in a browser and vibrate the device.
  • Stream a sound from the microphone of the device.
  • Take a picture from the camera of the corrupted device.
  • Send a text message secretely to a different device using the corrupted device.
  • Place a call from the corrupted device.

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#2. zANTI

It is one of the best mobile hacking apps for Android. This utility offers an automated network map that scans the networks at different intensity levels and identifies every minute weak point.

Some ethical hackers use this technique of zANTI to identify the potential cracks in the network that can compromise a network and the connected devices.

The most important feature of this application is the ability to use the methods of a cyber-attacker. The hackers using this application, can get an idea about the tools and techniques used by the cyber-attacker. Businesses can use this application the easily identify risks and take the necessary steps.

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#3. cSpoilt

cSpoilt is a big name in the hacking world for Android hackers. Hackers who are looking to learn new methods and techniques to hack the devices, penetrate the systems, access the data, or locate the device can get this application.

These are some features cSpoilt offers:

  • Network mapping.
  • Password cracking.
  • Deploy Man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Online hacking.
  • Bot attacks.

This hacking application can also penetrate the local hosts and identify their weak points. Hackers can then crack WiFi passwords and install backdoors for access in the later stage.

It is a nice application if you want to learn something new about different types of attacks and locating the weak points.

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#4. FaceNiff

FaceNiff is yet another hacking app for Android hackers. This utility is specially geared to sniff around social media. This tool uses cookies from the WiFi network to cut off the active web sessions and get the unauthorized pass to social media accounts of people in real-time.

FaceSniff allows hackers to quickly take control over social media platforms like Facebook Instagram, Twitter and many more. The hacker can then customize the target android device to hack the calls, messages and can also have a look at the online activities.

The only limitation with this utility is that hackers can penetrate only when the WiFi is not using EAP security protocols.

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#5. DroidBox

As the name suggests, this hacking app is a multidisciplinary tool that can be used to hack android games and can also be used as an ethical android hacking app. The hackers can generate multiple key hashes for the target device, intercept the incoming/outgoing data on the infected device and leak information through the network.

DroidBox can also be used to perform these added functions:

  • List the broadcast receivers.
  • Launch cryptographic operations through Android API.
  • Circumvention.

This is a wonderful game hacking app as well. Hackers can also hack any Android game to increase the rewards and exploit the difficulty levels.

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Best Free Hacking Apps for iPhone

#1. iRET

iRet stands for iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit. It is one of the best hacking apps for iOS and is highly recommended by ethical hackers that are learning reverse engineering. You must be connected to a network to fully utilize this utility.

iRet application can be used for analyzing key content including, account credentials, passwords, keys, certificates and many other things that carry sensitive data.

This tool offers the following:

  • Database reading through SQLite.
  • Binary analysis using the O tool.
  • Keychain analysis using the keychain_dumper.
  • Binary decryption using dump decryption.

Apart from these above-mentioned features, you can also use it to install, edit and create simple tweaks.

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#2. xSellize Game Hack

Anyone who is a gaming geek certainly knows the effort in breaking the paid games. Usually, high-end mobile device games come at a price. The xSellize Game Hack helps the gamers remove the barrier to pay. Using this game hacking app, hackers can download paid games for free.

xSellize game Hack is the ultimate badass for every application that is not free. Gamers and hackers can use this app to get almost any paid iOS game for free.

These are some features of this application:

  • Hack the application data.
  • The popular anti-method swizzling.
  • Instance tracking.
  • Automatic function call detection.
  • Soft breakpoints.

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#3. iSpy

iSpy is yet another nice hacking application to learn reverse engineering and analyze the iOS applications.

This iOS hacking tool consists of a simple to use graphic user interface. This GUI can be used for carrying out several functions including:

  • Real-time tractioning of function calls
  • Automatic certificate pinning bypass.
  • Automatic jailbreak detection bypass.
  • Class dump.
  • Crypt integration.

The 2.0 version will be out soon with more features and functions.

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#4. Myriam iOS Security App

Myriam is an app that was designed as a learning portal for tech geeks and ethical iOS hackers. This application is the perfect utility for a newbie or aspiring iOS hacker to develop new skills.

This iOS hacking application offers these features:

  • In-app resources.
  • Jailbreak detection.
  • Variable Modification.
  • In-app data modification.
  • Authentication.

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#5. Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker

Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker is one of the best mobile phone hacking apps that is used by institutions, organizations of the government itself.

The sole purpose of this hacking application is to extract scientific information. It gives hackers the ability to remotely mimic the target device.

This application also helps hackers perform the following activities:

  • Hack data from Microsoft accounts.
  • Remotely Download iCloud backups.
  • Hack app data.
  • Synchronize the app data without an Apple ID.
  • Decrypt iOS backups.
  • Decrypt keychain, messages and media files from iCloud.

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Final Words

So these are some of the best mobile hacking apps of 2020 you should check. This is the ultimate compilation of mobile phone hacking apps that can help you penetrate the mobile OS or hack a particular game for unlimited rewards.

These apps are highly recommended by users worldwide. The main thing about these apps is that they are free to use and the user-interface is pretty easy to navigate. Mobile software testing, penetrating and game hacking is no more an issue, thanks to these mobile hacking apps.

The mobile stores launch news apps daily and if you are an app tester or a mobile gamer then these apps could be of great use to you.