Best Free Microblogging Sites and Apps in 2020


If you are a writer or a blogger then you must have heard about microblogging sites as well. How different is microblogging from blogging? Do you want to check out some microblogging websites and applications?

If your answer to these questions is a ‘YES’ then this article will walk you through some of the best microblogging sites of 2020. We have tried to compile a list of microblogging sites and apps you can use to share your posts with the world.

Before we dive right into some microblogging apps, let us first know something about microblogging and the need to share microblogs.

Microblogging And Its Need

Microblogging and blogging are quite similar but the main difference between these two terms is the word count. While blogging is a long-form posting on social media, microblogging is carefully curating small posts and sharing them on microblogging submission sites.

The main element that differentiates microblogging from blogging is the freedom to create smaller posts and share them frequently.

This is where a user can easily create small concise posts and keep the audience wanting more. Microblogging apps and websites offer users different ways to improve their social interaction and promote their brand.

It would sound contradictory but microblogging is a better way to interact with a large number of users. Micro means small but it has the capacity to connect to a bigger audience.

So this is all about microblogging and its need. Let us now check out some microblogging submission sites.

Some of the best Microblogging Sites of 2020

#1. Twitter

Twitter is the ultimate microblogging site and bags the first place on our list. It gains the top rank amongst other similar microblogging apps. It is the most frequently used by hundreds and thousands of users including politicians, celebs, engineers, designers, professionals and almost every normal user.

#2 Tumblr

It is a wonderful microblogging site with a pinch of social media. Users can share images, video clips, short videos, articles, gifs and do much more. This platform allows the users to share their URLs directly which is a better option from the SEO point of view and Google search.

#3. is one of the top-rated microblogging submission sites that supports social bookmarking. It is a Content Marketing Software company headquartered in San Francisco, CA. It generates revenue by selling content marketing software to businesses worldwide.

#4. Pinterest

This microblogging app allows and encourages bloggers to post image files along with informative texts. These texts reach the subscribers and this is how microblogging is carried out on Pinterest.

It can be used as a mobile application and as a website that uses images, photos, short videos and GIFs to share information with the world.

#5. Instapaper

Instapaper is another microblogging site that is full of videos, articles and tons of information. You will see short video clips, the popular ‘how-to’ articles, tons of answers to almost every type of question.

#6. Yammer

As LinkedIn is for connecting, Yammer is for product promotion. Here the business professionals can create a social and private group and share ideas and content related to the company product. It is a free website that is used for private communication.

#7. Meetme

As the name implies this microblogging website offers a great opportunity to interact with new users. The user can not only share the microblogs but can also connect, interact and chat with other users as well.

#8. Apsense

Apsense is a multidimensional microblogging website that anyone can use to connect with other users and share information, video files, image files and articles.

#9. Reddit

It is yet another nice microblogging website. Reddit works on the principle of fetching popular posts. Here the users can post their articles and other users can vote them. Depending on the number of downvotes or upvotes, the system displays popular posts.

#10. Rememble

Rememble is another wonderful microblogging site used for assembling all the tweets, notes, articles, short texts, information, image files, videos and much more, together. Users can create communities to share videos, articles and posts.

Let us check out some more microblogging submission sites:

Name of the website Weblink
#11. Foursquare offers new ways to explore the city and earn badges. Visit Website
#12. Flattr is a micropayment platform to show love to the content artists by giving them real money. Visit Website
#13 Plurk is just like the timeline of your life and is a social networking journal. Visit Website
#14. Friendfeed lets you create your custom feeds. Visit Website
#15. Ello is a nice social network created by artists for artists. Visit Website
#16. Dipity is a creative way to gather the information you care about. Visit Website


Concluding Words

So that’s it, bloggers. These are some of the best microblogging submission sites and apps you need to check out. Although there are hundreds of websites and platforms that you can use but to keep things simple and transparent, we have created this list.

Microblogging is becoming popular these days and companies are using these platforms to give their audiences different tastes every day. If you too have a business mind and want to generate leads or attract more traffic then you should start microblogging.