11 Best Free Registry Cleaner Software For Windows 10, 8, 7

Registry Cleaner Software

As updates and new software are released and installed, a PC can quickly become overloaded due to a lack of disk space or insufficient RAM. Instead of opting for a hardware change, it may be essential to regularly clean and maintain your PC to get rid of unnecessary or unwanted data and programs.

With this in mind, we offer a selection of the Best Free Registry Cleaner Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 to help you wipe your computer clean. 

First, take a look at the Windows tools

Software that is not being used or installed without the user’s knowledge can quickly slow down the system in several ways: taking up space on the hard drive, using up unnecessary RAM by booting up or cluttering up the Registry. The result can quickly become annoying between repeated slowdowns or a PC boot that lets you the time to make coffee and take a shower.

To solve these problems, it is possible to refer to the tools offered by Windows such as the uninstall programs tool or the disk cleaning tool. However, they can quickly become incomplete due to the lack of features such as advanced batch processing, display of additional program information, or more thorough system cleaning.

To go further, here is a selection of the 11 Best Free Registry Cleaner Software For Windows 10, 8, 7

1. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is the Swiss Army Knife of this selection by freeing up disk space, optimizing your PC, and uninstalling software at the same time.

Available free of charge, Glary Utilities Free is accessible to everyone thanks to its numerous cleaning and optimization tools. The 1-Click Maintenance allows you to repair Registry entries, outdated shortcuts, temporary files, and boot items. Once the results are shown, it is possible to consult the details and launch the Repair in one click.

Among the tools available are a Registry cleaner and a Cleaning Tool that also removes the cache from dozens of popular software programs. Glary Utilities Free also offers a context menu manager, a disk scanning tool, a process manager, and a tool for uninstalling programs. A minor downside of this windows registry cleaner is that it does not support batch processing. 

The free registry cleaner is also distinguished by its boot manager that allows to enable/disable programs, scheduled tasks, and services that launch at system startup. The user can view information and disable each entry to limit the load on resources and ensure a smoother and faster system startup.

Glary Utilities is one of the best registry cleaner for windows 10 to clean your PC on a daily basis, to keep an eye on the items that launch at boot time and to quickly free up disk space and especially cache and data of many applications.

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2. CCleaner

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CCleaner is an application that helps to lighten the hard disk by deleting unnecessary files and optimize the PC by sorting through programs that slow down the system. It is one of the best registry cleaner software and practical for regular maintenance of your computer with ease. 

CCleaner offers a cleaning tool that focuses on the removal of junk files and traces on web browsers. Two cleaners are available, Easy Clean for a one-click cleanup and Custom Clean to manually choose the items to be deleted, from temporary files to the Trash, as well as many files from Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, VLC media player or the MS Office suite.

Piriform’s software is also known for its advanced Registry Cleaning, Duplicate Checking, and a Startup Manager to enable/disable Windows services, software, scheduled tasks that launch at startup. Let’s also mention the disk analysis tool to quickly visualize the largest files and a section dedicated to browser plugins.

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3. Auslogics Registry Cleaner

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After years of good and loyal service, it is not always easy to put all the files stored on a computer back in order. A nuisance to users, duplicates, and invalid entries is not a fatality in themselves. Among the solutions available, Auslogics Registry Cleaner does a creditable job, detecting identical documents and system registry errors from which you can remove superfluous copies.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner takes advantage of an intelligent algorithm that can eventually detect duplicates not only by name but also by content. In this way, you can be sure that you are dealing with two or more strictly identical files. Prior to any operation, the selection of criteria refines searches and speeds up the process. The results are listed in the main window of the program with the possibility to browse a preview. You can then decide which items to delete or keep. 

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4. Advanced SystemCare

A true toolkit like Glary Utilities and CCleaner, Advanced SystemCare Free can both free up disk space and optimize the PC to improve responsiveness, even if the software prefers the more enticing term “speed up”.

The registry cleaner for windows 10 allows you to review items that launch at startup, traces of privacy within browsers, temporary junk files and in the Recycle Bin, shortcut errors, bad Registry entries, and possible spyware. Following the scan, the user can launch an automatic repair or sift through the results.

Advanced SystemCare Free also offers several cleaning and optimization tools such as Registry defragmenter, file shredder, empty folder search, or program uninstaller.

However, on the whole, Advanced SystemCare Free is reserved for people who are just starting out thanks to its one-click analysis and an attractive interface. Even if advanced options are rather rare, the features of the free version allow to free up disk space and give a boost to the system thanks to the sorting of programs at the startup. Which makes it one of the best registry cleaner. 

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5. WinUtilities

With the WinUtilities tool, you can choose the areas to scan, make a restore point, and export the error log.  Added settings to efficiently remove restore points after a certain number of days are also very handy to lighten your PC.  

This free registry cleaner includes more than 20 modules, e.g. hard disk backup, disk extraction, registry backup and restores, disk scanning, and defragmentation. There are free and paid versions, a user-friendly interface, and regular automatic updates.

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6. JetClean

JetClean owes its popularity to its ability to detect a very large number of system registry errors. This windows registry cleaner offers one-click repair, automatic shutdown after the repair, search for specific problems (e.g. application paths, startup, DNS cache, memory, sounds, fonts, virtual devices). In addition, its few extra features won’t hurt you i.e. the tool has a program uninstaller, a boot optimizer, a performance booster, and finally a registry defragmenter.

In the “Ignore log files from list” section of the settings, all reports of each cleaning action are stored. Jet Cleaner also provides a hardware information tool, allows you to empty the DNS cache, and schedule an automatic cleanup. Overall, this free registry cleaner is effective enough to reduce system errors and slowdowns, locate and remove junk files in the recycle bin, recent documents, temporary files, log files, clipboard, memory dump. 

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7. Eusing Registry Cleaner

With Eusing, you can detect several errors on your Windows PC. It’s an efficient free registry cleaning tool, and it’s as simple as such a program could be.  The tool doesn’t boost up the system as much, although it’s good for cleaning the registry. Fortunately, this free registry cleaner works on all versions of Windows. By the way, this is what makes us more inclined to categorize it in the list of the best registry cleaner tools. 

The tool scans the Windows registry and provides a list of detected errors. There is also a backup for repaired entries, the boot manager to view/edit applications that automatically run at each boot.

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8. JV16PowerTools

This tool includes a variety of features: PC Cleaning and speeding up, Registry Cleaning Tool, History Cleaner, File Cleaner, Boot Optimizer, Registry Compactor, Windows Anti-Spyware, Software Uninstaller. 

This free registry cleaner is lightweight and compatible with all versions of Windows. After scanning, you can save the results in multiple file formats. Errors can appear in detail separately in the Registry Editor. Adding to that, users can search for processes, applications, and files. Another interesting feature is the blacklisting of websites.

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9. Wise Registry Cleaner

A free version of Wise Registry Cleaner offers many things in itself: a cleaning scheduler, automatic registry backups, restore points, different types of scans (normal, safe, or deep). Its pro version offers additional features such as multi-user access, system enhancement, tuning or optimization, and customization’s. 

If you are looking for a free registry cleaner for Windows 10 or later versions, this one is a good choice for basic registry tasks. Users can find and then explore the problems along with their descriptions after the program has finished scanning and analyzing the system.

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10. Winzip Registry Cleaner

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It’s an impressive tool to maximize the efficiency of your PC with simple clicks. This program helps to get a safer system by correcting common problems that cause your PC to crash or lag high-performance features such as System PC Care, Registry Optimizer, and much more.

If you wish to design and work with heavy graphics software, then this tool is made for you. 

You can undoubtedly count on this registry cleaner for windows 10, to improve the speed of your system. This PC tuning software is very easy to use as all you need to do is to just download it and run a free scan to analyze what is really affecting your PC’s performance. Then, with just a few clicks, you can solve the problems and enjoy a fresh, efficient, and cool computer.

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11. Clean Master

Clean Master completes the 11 Best Free Registry Cleaner Software for Windows in this selection. If it has done its best on Android, it is also available in a Free version for PC and allows you to clean your PC of junk files in order to save disk space.

The software is simple to use, offering a one-click scan to detect and remove residual and temporary system files, caches, invalid Registry entries, and most importantly, user data and temporary files from hundreds of programs such as MS Office, iTunes. The software is also effective at removing caches, logs, and history from web browsers installed on the PC and among the most popular ones such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge.

Clean Master detects potentially unwanted software and adware but with random success. Note also that its PC Boost category allows you to optimize Windows processes and services in the background in order to limit their resource consumption and have a slightly more responsive system.

Without being exceptional, Clean Master is a good tool to clean up useless data with a certain efficiency as far as application data and residual files that can occupy several gigabytes on the disk are concerned.

That’s all folks! As previously stated, this is our selection of the 11 Best Free Registry Cleaner Software For Windows 10, 8, 7. However, caution is advised in all things. After having even thought to have installed the best registry cleaner, many users are harassed with fear-inducing warning messages and false results, then quickly pass the hand to the wallet to unlock the full version of the security software. Also known as “scareware”, these pseudo-solutions are legion on the web and can be difficult to uninstall. We invite users to be very careful when choosing security software, to choose an antivirus software beforehand, and to download it from the publisher’s website.

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