Google Photos: For Unlimited Storage (Review)

Google Photos Review

Why would it not be? 

The embedded camera in a mobile phone is way more easy to use and that it delivers the photos instantly. Waiting time has been cut off completely. The benefits are endless and this conversation may be continued till eternity. 

The point is, 

the concept of clicking and getting photos instantly has evolved or rather proliferated very quickly. A mobile camera is capable of giving you photos of the highest quality which may be in the line of comparison to that of the photos of a DSLR quality. 

Not to forget the ease of recording videos of quality as high as 4K or full HD on these smartphones. 

Now the unnoted segment is the storage space. With the improvement in quality, the size occupied by these photos and videos has also increased. The presence of multimedia on a smartphone may take up all of the storage space. So there can not be ‘spare storage space’ on a smartphone for long. 

What to be done in such scenarios? 

Well, uploading the data on cloud storage is one method that is of great help when storage space is to be utilized. 

Though, this method has a restriction to follow. 

You can upload only a limited amount of data on cloud drives. It depends upon the provider and user, which cloud storage are they providing and using. After the ‘fixed storage’ has been used, the provider allows further uploading only when you BUY the cloud storage space. 

Certainly, you can skip the payment part and still upload your photos and videos in ‘High Resolution’ by using the Google Photos app.


Wondering how?

Well, we will answer it all. 

The photos will be compressed to 16 MP resolution which is sufficient and even more than what some smartphones offer. 

NOTE: The Google Photos app automatically converts the photos to high-resolution before uploading them so you don’t need to convert anything on your own. Also, a brownie point with high-resolution photos is that storage space is saved without affecting the quality of the photos. 

To get unlimited storage, follow the steps below.

  1. On the homepage of the app, tap on the navigation drawer(three horizontal bars).
  2. Choose the option ‘Settings’.
  3. In there, turn on the toggle of ‘Back & Sync’.
  4. Select ‘Backup Mode’ and tap on ‘High Quality’.
  5. Move to  ‘Back up device folders’ and choose the folders you want to upload.

Going as per the steps described above, you can have unlimited storage on the cloud storage. This way you can upload and keep all your memories in the form of photos and videos without compromising on the quality of any. 

So what are you waiting for?

Start uploading!