Graphic Design Portfolio Websites (Create Your Template)


Is graphic design your cup of tea? Hey, don’t worry if its not. These graphic design portfolio websites will definitely help you to excel and expose your capabilities.

Creating stunning graphic design portfolios is an innovative technique. There are plenty of ways to lay a portfolio. Your design represents a window for the world that view your work and gauge your expertise.

Portfolio graphic design is a platform to showcase your creativity by designing the website. It can propel you towards success and open up new opportunities. 


What Is a Graphic Design Portfolio Website?

It is an art of producing typography, graphics, and images. The website graphic designer takes into consideration a few factors like file size, screen resolution, speed, and performance to carve out the best outcome.

A portfolio is the sum total of graphic works ranging from placing text and images to putting motion pictures and videos. 

Graphic design portfolio websites comes handy to boost your creativity and provide ideas to make your work better.


How To Make Graphic Design Portfolio?

To make an exceptional graphic design portfolio, you need to use graphic design portfolio templates and take the help of websites. 

However, you can follow below simple steps to make a portfolio:

  • Find the inspiration or subject
  • Keep the targeted audience in mind
  • Choose the best platform to explore your talent
  • Display your brand and reveal a variety of accomplishments
  • Provide contact information

Undoubtedly, there are a variety of awe-inspiring design portfolios, but to stand out from the crowd and make your online presence visible, graphic design portfolio websites is the need of the hour.

So we have curated a list of few best graphic design portfolio websites for you to transcend your ordinary skills into expertise. If you want to add feathers in your cap, feel free to jump ahead!


27 Graphic Design Portfolio Websites


  1. Robin Mastromarino:

Robin Mastromarino is an interface designer from Paris. He uses various graphic design portfolio templates that keep fresh materials on his site. 

Fascinating effects on website’s homepage make the content appear as if they are on a wheel, juddering with great UI animation touch. Images also respond and get twisted a bit when you scroll.

Mastermnarino specializes in User Interface design, which is unmatchable and strikes all the right notes.

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  1. Pollen

This portfolio graphic design website is an award-winning digital branding agency. It uses varied contemporary techniques from parallax scrolling to full-screen video and elegantly presented thumbnails.

Large quotes are astonishing throughout the landing page, effectively editorialized presentation of the studio work adds an extra level of viewer engagement.

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  1. Ben Mingo:

Ben Mingo is an interactive and graphic designer from California. The web page is created with an unusual approach – by replacing mouse wheel scrolling with click and drag option. 

This click and drop approach improves the user experience. This website is filled with transition effects and stylish animations.

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  1. Rafael Kfouri:

Rafael Kfouri is an award-winning designer who has created a one-page portfolio site. The web page has a tricky thing to pull off, yet Rafael makes it simple with impactful and colorful visuals that include single images and collages.

A couple of sidebars for context enables visitors to enjoy the wide scope of work. Its minimal clicks attract users and are appreciated widely.

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  1. Jane Song:

Jane Song is a portfolio graphic designer from Georgia. She developed a quite simple and basic website. The homepage is crafted with lots of images followed by clicking on the respective subjects.

This simple web page doesn’t disappoint the audience due to its clarity and neat interface.

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  1. Active Theory:

This graphic design portfolio website navigates you through the whole new world. Active Theory has an unconventional mood setting homepage animation.

It features a full-screen animation overlaid with a short description and associated links to further pages, including detailed case studies.

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  1. Studio Thomas:

This website is built by two creative directors – Thomas Coombes and Thomas Austin. Studio Thomas makes visual communication for digital and physical world. It reflects an explorative and experimental attitude.

This webpage is a splendid example of Brutalist web design with numerous of swish touches. Its 3D wireframe model of Pamban Cafe is amazing, which you can navigate with the mouse.

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  1. Alex Coven:

Alex Coven is a portfolio graphic designer from Chicago, USA. He conveyed the depth of his skills and experience on the website’s homepage.

The use of color overlays makes the page creative that keeps things interesting and distinctive.

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  1. Robby Leonardi

Visit this website portfolio, which is greeted with fun, illustrations, and bright colors.

The coolest part of Robby is that his resume reveals an awesome interactive illustration on scroll, just like a video game. It’s fun to read the resume and appreciated by visitors.

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10.Velvet Spectrum:

Visual artist Luke Choice creates this graphic design portfolio. The homepage of this website has a montage of uber colorful thumbnails and sets visually arresting examples.

The black background helps the work shine and keeps the content clean. Velvet is a simple yet effective portfolio.

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11.Fake Honey Pictures:

This is a film and photography production team based between New York and Vancouver. It is working on a documentary, commercial projects, and fine art.

Fake Honey primarily consists of video projects and uses a grid layout based multimedia gallery as their homepage. It redirects you to watch the videos on specific websites.

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  1. Made Architects:

This is one of the multidisciplinary graphic design portfolio websites with interior design, architecture, and furniture design projects.

Made Architects has a project section that showcases case studies on selected projects. This webpage is nicely structured.

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  1. Yasly:

Danny Jones establishes this webpage. This is a 3D interactive and visual design site.

Yasly offers superior quality photography. It has a huge profile of clients and is appreciated by them.

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  1. Panda Yoghurt:

Panda Yoghurt is an award-winning 3D artist, and the design director depicts stunning motion work. The website is an ultra-clean with a contemporary affair with slick animated rollovers combined with large scale previews.

The presentation of the portfolio is clear and concise with a scrolling nav and a brief description. These are displayed on a white background that mesmerizes the viewer from outstanding motion work on screen.

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It is a Manchester based studio. This webpage utilizes a variety of whizzy effects, from animated transitions to parallax scrolling and even 3D versions.

It offers visual humor and vivacity, and it’s an experience to explore.

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  1. Denise Chandler:

This portfolio graphic design is built to execute a color palette like a pro. The array of various color shades are incredibly pleasing to the eyes. 

Its homepage has punchlines ‘in a sea of ordinary, make sure your website is set apart from the competition’ shows that the designs are live.

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  1. Leslie David:

This website is created beautifully and artistically in a way only French knows its modus operandi.

Leslie David is a Parisian art director, illustrator, and designer. She straightforwardly built the site by a mix of animated GIF thumbnails and static that compliments her work.

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  1. Chris Tammar:

Chris Tammar is a designer that presented multi-faced graphic design portfolio templates through a simple and intuitive web page. He has created his own logo design.

The square grid on the homepage of the site gives an elegant look. Chris has linked his bio and contact details on the website.

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  1. Olivier Guilleux:

Olivier is a France based freelance WordPress developer. He used gradient and vibrant colors all throughout his site. He applied an animated background, and the portfolio page has a scrolling gallery, which shows a preview image when you put a cursor on any picture on the homepage.

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  1. Stefanie Bruckler:

Stefanie is an Australian designer and illustrator based in New York who is interested in editorial and branding design. She has applied old fashioned elegance to her website.

She built cohesive and strong brands, along with typography and packaging. The website is a minimalist with, muted color palette, grid-based layout, and restrained types within a fixed single-line frame.

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  1. Daniel Polevoy:

This graphic design portfolio website has a scrolling pattern that highlights each time you scroll down. Daniel Polevoy gets powered by WordPress.

However, this webpage does not have any giant headlines, titles, or words.its full-screen images attract viewers. 

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  1. Tom Biskup:

Tom is a restrained and stylish affair. He had used an animated header image, thumbnails, and large statics. His portfolio acts as a piece of work that demonstrates his talent and skills.

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  1. Marleigh Culver:

Marleigh has developed the website by taking into consideration types of color and layout. He used large and fast loading images where you can quickly navigate through content.

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24.Allison Bratnick:

Allison is a portfolio graphic designer from Boulder, Colorado. The website homepage has a dynamic grid with animated GIFs to give an interesting feel.

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  1. Xavier Cusso:

Xavier Cusso is a Barcelona based designer who was a senior art director at Vasava. He developed this website using in your face typography, bold colors, very animation, and parallax scrolling trick. 

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  1. Studio Myerscough:

This is more of an online business card than a website. It consists of a single landing page with 3 icons linked to Morag Myersough’s email, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

She adopted a modern approach to use social media as their primary vehicle for showcasing her expertise.

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27.Daniel Spatzek:

It is one of the best graphic design portfolio websites with a unique white background and a featured motion graphic in the middle. Once clicked on the image, you will be taken on a new journey.

Daniel Spatzek has typographic elements and scrolling graphics. It does everything from branding and website designing to concept developing.

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Having a graphic design portfolio website enables you to exhibit your inner potential as a professional. If you do not have a graphic design portfolio yet, now is the right time to build one.

Learn from the above websites to create your own portfolio. 

The sooner, the better. Build your design portfolio and kick start your professional career by creating an excellent database of clients.