The Startup’s Guide to Virtual Phone Systems


How to use virtual phone systems

Having your own business has great advantages than being an employee. You can get to work whenever and wherever you want. However, managing a start-up business requires thorough discipline and proper management. For you to be successful in running your start-up business, you must be able to align your workflow accordingly. Fortunately, there are indispensable remote tools that you can utilize to manage your business more smoothly and efficiently.

One of these amazing tools is the virtual phone number, a cloud-based communication system that allows you to communicate with your customers effectively and on time.

What Are Virtual Phone Numbers?

virtual phone number

Virtual phone numbers, also known as Direct Inward Dialing (DID) are phone numbers that utilize the power of the Internet. And since you don’t need any special equipment or expensive hardware to make it run, your operation costs will be significantly reduced and let you save a considerable amount of money. The fact that this kind of numbers uses the Internet, it can easily be paired to any of your mobile devices or preferred communication line.

How Can A Virtual Phone Number Help Your Start-Up Business?

Virtual phone numbers can help both new and already established companies in terms of communicating with clients effectively. It prioritizes the ease of use and the low cost of maintenance. Unlike the traditional phone line system that limits your capacity to reach customers across the world, virtual phone numbers provide you easy access to your customers anywhere in the world. And by using its toll-free features, your clients can even reach you without any call charges on their part, making it more convenient for them to call you anytime they want.

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Purchasing virtual phone numbers intended for different locations is a very good decision. It will not only allow your prospects and clients to reach you easily, but it also allows you to establish a strong presence for them. By doing so, you are gaining their trusts and gradually, there is a big possibility that these trusts would be converted into sales in favor of you.

As a start-up company, you might also plan to measure your marketing campaign to determine which one is the most effective. Virtual phone numbers prove to be helpful during this advertising campaign period since you can accurately measure the call metric of your different marketing strategies. You can efficiently assess whether particular marketing ads are receiving a large volume of calls or not. You can then make some tweak to your marketing techniques once you have determined the important factor that needs improvement.

Tremendous Cost Reduction in Communication Set up

Cost Reduction in Communication Set up

As mentioned earlier, there is no obligation on your part to set up additional expensive equipment. Aside from that hardware, you will also be needing additional tables, chairs, and other necessary office equipment for a traditional phone line system. With virtual phone numbers, all you need is to purchase from a reliable and dependable service provider such as Freeje. After the setup, you can then assign your preferred device to receive incoming calls from the said virtual number.

Build a Trusted Brand Image

Virtual phone systems are packed with value-added features such as call forwarding, call routing, voicemail, and more. These helpful features will certainly help your business in building a positive brand image to your existing and potential customers. Since you have an efficient communication system, earning their trust is so simple because they can communicate to you constantly and regularly, giving them the impression that you are a highly and well-organized professional that deserves their respect and trust.

National and International Appeal

If you are a start-up business owner, you might find yourself traveling most of the time to different geographical locations, whether nationally or internationally. Given the fact that business opportunities knock almost everywhere for a business-minded individual like you, a virtual phone system could be a tremendous tool in a way that you can make calls from local numbers, which in turn your call recipients would most likely answer your call because it is coming from a local number.

Free Yourself from Being Tied in Office Phone

Many startup entrepreneurs tend to stay in their offices for long hours, anticipating important calls from clients or return calls from prospects. Unfortunately, this kind of poor practice consumes most of their time, leaving them idle during the waiting hours.

Virtual phone numbers break this communication barrier and allow cloud-based communication systems to overcome this traditional phone limit. Entrepreneurs nowadays can enjoy the freedom of traveling working from home, away from their physical office. This is made possible through the utilization of VoIP services that allows them to attend to their customer concerns no matter where they are. Remember that in business, service to your customers always comes first.

Develop a Healthy Business Relationship

The most effective way to develop a healthy business relationship with your clients and business partners is to continuously keep in touch with them, any time of the day. A customer or potential client wouldn’t want to dial your number several times just to connect with you. If this happens it would be most likely that he would look for someone else that could immediately attend to his concerns. This only means that a potentially big deal has slipped in your hands just because of poor communication techniques.

With a virtual number in your hand, reaching out to your customers is as easy as talking with someone beside you. Furthermore, assigning these DID numbers to their locality only means that you are serious in making business with them. Thus, building that healthy business relationship through the form of an effective communication system.

Trust is one of the most important factors in building a positive brand image. Here at Freeje, we are fully aware that as a startup entrepreneur, you are doing your best to earn the trust of your prospects and customers for a healthy relation. Let us help you in achieving your goal towards a successful transition from a startup towards a growing and thriving business.