Hike in Streaming Prices: Cable TV Strikes Back


Cash-strapped millennial’s have always found a safe haven in cord-cutting but not anymore. With the streaming marketplace getting more and more competitive, brands like Apple, and Disney are coming in the market making the customer costs high. News like Netflix announcing a price hike earlier in 2019, which was meant to hit the new customers effective immediately. This one affected all Basic, Standard, and Premium plans but the standard plan observed the most change. It went from $11/mo to $13/mo. This leaves the room open for the traditional cable TV with a whole bunch of sports channels available on top of the regular channel line-up.

An average $120 cable TV bill is expensive no doubt, but adding the cost of a good high-speed internet with streaming services builds the bills real quick. Gearing up for 2020, famous streaming services are planning a 20% rise in prices on top of the previous hike. In these times of distress, all one can think of is switching back to live television subscriptions to see cox cable tv packages for the most competitive prices.

With this significant hike in streaming rates and operators continually emulating their rivals, it could be a challenging endeavor to resolve the conflict. Whether sticking to streaming services or switching to the traditional live cable-TV providers can be disappointingly difficult to figure out which one is cheaper. Let’s navigate your way through it without stepping on a mine to blow off your budget entirely:

Don’t forget to add the cost of Internet to Streaming

The price of a streaming service is significantly more than the money you pay each month to a service such as Netflix. Since for streaming you depend on a high-speed internet connection that sure comes with its own costs. Since various internet packages based on varying speeds are available, the question is, which one suits you right. You will need to review the streaming options you wish to subscribe to and the quality of video you wish to spend that money on.

For example, Netflix advises that you get an internet speed of at least 5 Mbps to watch HD video stream and 25 Mbps for UHD quality videos. You would need much more Megabits per second if you wish to watch on more than once devices together. For example, in order to watch HD Netflix video simultaneously on two devices, you would need 10 Mbps of download speeds.

The actual cost of on demand options

Can one really substitute a cable service with streaming, without having to give up on any of the channels? It’s technically possible, however, if you need to have a variety of channel options, you’ll need to subscribe to multiple streaming services. Its basically like cable tv is a whole and streaming services are small packets of it, together forming or exceeding the whole’s cost.

It implies that if you’re thinking you’re only going to muddle through with the internet + Hulu subscription only, you’ll actually save some bucks by cutting the cord. However, households with a whole variety of tastes in entertainment will find cable subscription a lot cheaper than opting for several streaming services on top of the internet expense.

For example, in an imaginary family, the dad wants to watch sports through Hulu, Mom wants to go for Amazon’s originals and HBO series, the younger ones want to watch Netflix originals and the entire family wishes to watch a show like Star Trek, which is only accessible on CBS’ streaming service. All of this together with the internet subscription is going to cost around the amount that one would pay for a cable subscription.

Bottom Line

Cutting the cord, no doubt, promises a significant amount in savings per annum but its hard to unsubscribe to the thrill the roars of game night gatherings brought. Depending on your preferences and budget, making the right choice is the catch here. You must, therefore, invest the time to investigate the alternatives, compare the prices, and find what is most vital to you, platforms like Local Cable Deals make it a piece of cake for people like you.

And if you don’t give up on TV completely, you will need to keep abreast of revisions in bills and fresh bundles being offered.

What is your finest advice for folks who are stuck with the choice between streaming videos and traditional TV? Contribute your thoughts in the comments below.