How Digital Marketing Has Advanced in the Last 10 Years?


Marketing is the lifeline of any business as that is what helps it prosper. However, we have come a long way from traditional marketing to digital marketing in the past few years.

The boom came due to the advent of smartphones as more and more people had it at their disposal and traditional marketing techniques didn’t just click with people anymore. It has changed the way companies market their products and reach their potential customers.

But have you wondered what led to this phenomenal evolution in just 10 years? Well, there are a lot of factors responsible and in this article, we are going to discuss them in detail:

1. Usage of social media

There’s not a single soul who hasn’t heard of social media. What started as a way to connect with people over the internet has turned out to be one of the biggest contributors to the evolution of digital marketing. Various social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are used to advertise products to reach potential customers.

This has been made possible due to the growing customer base on these social media websites. Social media marketing thus became an important tool to boost digital marketing. People are easily made aware of brands and paid advertising also helps in reaching target customers quite easily. In today’s age and time, no matter how big the business is, they can’t do without social media marketing.

2. Usage of landing pages

Landing pages refer to that final page wherein the user lands after clicking on an advertised link sent to him via email or on a social media website. These are widely used now as they focus on one specific thing that caters to the needs of the user.

Landing pages have proven as a great opportunity to increase the conversion rate of marketing campaigns by the company. If you are looking to design a good landing page, take a look at this useful list. The landing page also lowers the overall cost incurred by the businesses while ensuring better returns for them.

3. Boom of content

Marketing isn’t just about spreading awareness of your products to potential customers but attracting them enough to have them hooked on to it. People weren’t as aware of content quality as they are now. It isn’t just blogging anymore but has evolved to a great extent.

Creating content that resonates with people is difficult and with the boom of content from people across the internet, it has become next to impossible for it to be unique. People are always looking for something new, which is why you can see different types of content around you as everyone is trying to stay on top of their game.

4. Mobile friendly generation

This is one of the biggest reasons why digital marketing has become one of the most sought-after jobs too. At least every household, if not every person, owns a smartphone. Because of this reason, the companies started focusing on creating mobile-friendly products so that they can reach more people with ease.

People spend more time on their smartphones than they do on anything else. So, it has become important for businesses to create content that can be pushed through mobile phones and not just a big, flat-screen.

5. Digital content creators

People who are active on social media platforms know about this new type of content creators i.e., influencers. In the past few years, these influencers have only risen as digital content creators and are successfully used by businesses to market their products.

These influencers create video content that common people enjoy and gain followers on social media. The companies use this to their benefit and sign them to influence others about their products, thus marketing it successfully.

6. Artificial intelligence

Ever discussed a certain product or searched it on a search engine, only to later see your feed filled with advertisements about the same? That happens because of artificial intelligence.

Customers are offered the best deals on the items searched by them, which helps them in getting the best of what they want. This happens more with those using social media as they see the advertisements that can help them choose the best one available for them.

7. Personalized experience

With so many content creators doing their best to attract customers, the competition is quite tough out there. This makes it important for the businesses to maintain a loyal customer base which can only be achieved if they have a good experience.

Personalization has always been the key, even when marketing didn’t exist in the commercial sense. However, now it has been taken a notch higher due to digital marketing. Data analytics tools have helped businesses in understanding their customer needs and serving them accordingly.

8. Search engine optimization

When the internet was just getting popular among the common folk, they just entered random keywords to search for their query. The search engine would then load results that it thought might be needed by the person. People still search using random keywords, however, digital marketers now use it to their advantage.

Using keywords for marketing in the digital platform isn’t exactly new. However, importance is now given to the kind of keywords being used as that improves or degrades the quality of the content. If there is a huge number of keywords, it probably isn’t going to be picked up by search engines as the webpage would rank low among others offering the same content. So, the key is to maintain quality by including the right keywords.


Digital marketing has evolved beyond imagination and there’s still a lot left to explore in the digital space. It has also allowed small businesses to start digitally and sell their products to target customers without setting up a physical shop, which is another reason why it is doing so well in the present scenario.

Several other tools such as the internet of things, AI applications, and other automation tools have only helped in pumping up this evolution. We can expect to see some major changes in the years to come as compared to the present trend where the digital platform is going to dominate everything.