How to choose the right software developer for a startup?

choose-the-right-software-developer-for- startup

Talented Software developers are the demand of this technological era. Whether it’s established commerce or a startup every company needs full-fledged software either for customer support, e-commerce or internal employee management and to develop that technology no wand but certified and experienced software developers are needed.

The massive shift of businesses to digital platforms in recent times has certainly given a green signal to all those who are aiming to pursue software development courses as the demand for such talent is elevating day by day. Dad, trust me it’s a luminous field.

Well, talking about the biz world, every company either a startup or a years-old establishment needs full-fledged software for most of its purposes and where an established company usually prefers to hire an in-house software development talent (a whole new department) on the other hand startups prefer to outsource the tasks to a deserving software development company or the freelance developers (as per the convenience).

If current stats are to be believed, the market after lockdown is the startup market with most of the business starting from scratch. So, our center of attraction will be the startups and how they can land on the ideal software development talent for the digital advancement of their business.

A Roadmap to finding the ideal Software Development Talent for your Startup:

  1. Know Your Benefits from the software – Variety is made for different purposes, you must be clear about what you need the software for? Lack of technical knowledge is not a drawback until you are able to convey your requirements and judge the talent based on their capacity and the timeline they tell you for the work to be done.
  2. Grab knowledge of the features – Not being from a technical background, it is quite understood that you will lack some technical knowledge, the coding ethics, the language, etc. but the ball is still in your court if you are confident with the features you want to incorporate in your software. Like a chatbot, a feedback system, AI and whatnot.
  3. Have a little knowledge of AI – Artificial Intelligence is the hero in various websites, apps and other management software these days. Whether its an open system or the closed/authorized territory, AI is the brain of the software that can make decisions, interact with the public, revert back with the results and whatnot. Quite capable of replacing the human talent, one must know thoroughly how to incorporate these in their software. Always invite suggestions regarding the placement of AI in your software.
  4. Always choose the energetic enthusiasts – The young, the energetic, the aspirants, the doers. Being a startup, you are well versed with the importance of establishing your goodwill in the market. Why not give such people a chance? Choose the enthusiasts who are energetic and are waiting to implement their skills in the right direction. Meet them for the interview, give them a clear idea of your business and the software and let them take an interest in your project. If the best is what you need, let them put their own inputs (as they know your business very well) and see your software upscaling.
  5. Discuss the budget – Before fixing the deal make sure you have the balance between the budget and your requirement is sorted. Though it is technically impossible to estimate the entire budget, you can get an idea of the main elements. 70% of the budget can be estimated beforehand. Last moment changes in the software due to the lack of budget will only degrade the quality of your software.
  6. Transparency is the Key – Transparency is the consistent process. Before you hire the talent and after you hire the talent, you must ensure that everything goes in the way it is planned. There should be no hidden conditions/costs and the team is giving you correct updates regarding the development of the software. Transparency is the prime quality of any business/collaboration. Lack of transparency usually bothers in the end.
  7. A Cultural Fit is a must – Why You have to hustle explaining your requirements? You might not want to hire the talent who is incapable of getting your requirements in their minds. Either it’s a language barrier or the incapability to understand your requirements if you sense any of these issues with the candidates immediately take a step back no matter how much concessions they are offering you. The core of giving the best results is understanding the requirements well. Do not waste your time on such hurdles.
  8. Take the help of your developer friends – Having a friend who is well-versed with the technicalities of software development is a boon. The coding language, the ethics, placement of features, the cost, the functionality etc. the person can help you with hiring the right talent, escape the thugs who overcharge you for basic deals, the occasional supervising, the testing phase, occasional assessing the process and whatnot.


Needless to say, a good software development firm or the developers will never let you compromise with the software, not only in the development phase but also in the maintenance period, you can completely rely on the right resource. The major dilemma is to choose the right software developer or the team. With no doubt, you can follow the aforesaid suggestions to land on the right resource. These suggestions need no technical knowledge or heavy investment of time, being a startup, these will lead you to the ideal talent for your software.