Ways To Completes Jigsaw Puzzle (Complete Guide)


Have you been thinking of the best ways to exercise your brain?

Well jigsaw puzzles seem to be the best exercise to keep your brain shrewd and working efficiently. Researches say that keeping your brain occupied in brain teasing puzzles and quizzes makes it sharper.

And what’s better than reliving the time of jigsaw puzzles that we used to play physically as kids. The good news is those moments can be lived with your whole family again and that too in HD quality in the form of online jigsaw puzzles.

These puzzles are very interactive and you can literally kill hours playing them. It is such a productive method to use the free time. You kill two birds with one stone by playing games on a jigsaw puzzle app. This helps you kill boredom at the same time helps you enhance your thinking abilities. Isn’t that an amazing deal? This is why I have come up with something really interesting for you all.

Jigsaw puzzles may look very easy to solve but they really aren’t this way when we actually sit to solve them. This is why I have some interesting ways with which you can solve these puzzles real quick. These strategies, tricks, and tips are to swear by if you are planning to solve best jigsaw puzzles quickly.

Steps To Quickly Solve Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Choose the right app : There are thousands, even more free online jigsaw puzzle apps that are in the market. But choosing the right one has its own benefits. One of the benefits is you know  about the gameplay and you don’t fall prey for the wrong or malicious app if you know the authentic one already. One such app is “Magic Jigsaw Puzzles”. We shall discuss it later in the article.

Always start small : We tend to overdo, not only in our lives but also in everything we do. Hence it is very important to know what your real capabilities are and starting as per them will make it a lot easier for you to resolve it quickly. Suppose you jump to solve a puzzle with as many as 2500 pieces but in reality, you only ace at solving 400 pieces of puzzle. Therefore, picking up small online jigsaw puzzles is one of the most important steps to solve it quickly.

Start with the border first : First things first. Planning the border in advance paces up the process of online puzzle solving. It will give you a hint about the picture and you will be able to solve it effectively and quickly. The border pieces will be flat from two ends. This is how you identify these pieces quickly. It fixes the main theme of the picture and hence makes it easy for you to solve it.

Focus on the shape : Once you are done with the borders, the only task remains is to fix the middle pieces. These pieces can be sorted quickly based on the shape, colour, and patterns. Focusing on the cut out shapes, you can fix those pieces at the right place. And this is it! You are done solving an online jigsaw puzzle as quickly as possible.

Which Is The Best Free Jigsaw Puzzles App?

There are plenty of apps on the Google Play Store but finding the right one may not be that feasible. This is why making it simple for you, I have come up with an app that is just perfect for everyone. The app is “Magic Jigsaw Puzzles” developed by ZiMAD.

This is the puzzle app which will never let you get bored. It has been an unmatchable companion for the global users. It stands at a very appreciable star rating and is very interactive.

The app is loaded with the best jigsaw puzzles collection that will never run out. The collection is as huge as 25000 puzzles in beautiful and breathtaking pictures. The collection is a good mixture of easy as well as difficult puzzles. The puzzles are based on mesmerising photos from Sony Pictures HD and National Geographic channels. Let us have a good look at its fantastic features.

Features of Jigsaw Puzzle App

  • An unbeatable collection of 25000+ puzzles of multiple difficulty levels.
  • Difficulty levels comprising different puzzle pieces.
  • A full fledged family game. Absolutely perfect for everyone.
  • Easy navigation controls.
  • Beautiful and soothing pictures to make you feel happy.
  • Musical tracks along with superb gameplay.
  • Perfect game to offer relaxation as well as sharpness to the brain.
  • You can create your own puzzle by using your own pictures.
  • Compete with players all over the world. Join the biggest community of the best puzzle players.
  • New puzzle games adding up in the app on a daily basis.

This does not end here. There is more fun than you can think on the Magic Jigsaw Puzzles app. The best part is you can play it with your whole family. It is one of the best suited games of jigsaw puzzles free game for adults as well as kids. You can teach your kids about numerous animals, flowers, places, seasons, and much more. This is not only an entertaining app for solving puzzles, this app is just perfect for learning.

So what are you waiting for? Go and download this awesome free jigsaw puzzles app now!