How to target local audiences through digital marketing


The internet might seem like a global entity, but when used properly, it can be used to target specific geographical locations and the audiences that reside in those areas. Australian SEO services might include location-based keywords, optimizing your location on Google maps, what this does is your business will show up when potential customers type in “near me” in their search, and many more do so from their mobile phones.

Mobile phone optimization

All websites should be optimized for mobile phones by now, and if your website is not, you are severely limiting your website as Google prioritizes websites which are mobile-friendly. Furthermore, when a user lands on a website that’s not mobile friendly, most of the time, they will tap the back button and choose a different result. High bounce rates, coupled with the fact that a website is not optimized for mobile, will hurt your rankings in the long run and it will be hard to recover from that. Once Google identifies a website as one of poor quality, or spam, it will take much effort in order to change that standing.

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Optimizing landing pages

Creating a focused page for each of your services or products will help retain your audiences and convert your leads into sales. Without the proper information, potential clients will be put off and likely lose their patience. In our fast paced world of instant gratification, people want their information immediately and if it proves too much of a challenge to find, they will quickly shift their attention elsewhere.

Local content is king

Putting out localized content that appeals to the local masses establishes two things. One, that you are a local expert in your field. Two, that you will be attracting the audiences that you want to target. While it might take some effort into creating pieces that are engaging, professional, that provides value, it will ultimately pay off. What kind of content should you be working on? Relevant content. Pay attention to your audiences, or ask a friend who has no knowledge of what you are doing and show them your company. Take note of the questions he asks and you can start from there.

Consistency equals professionalism

Consistency breeds reliability. This doesn’t mean that you should be putting out videos or posts every week as an influencer might. But if you only publish a post once a year, it might show clients how outdated you are. When you post consistently, not only will you gain exposure, it will give new or potential clients the confidence to engage you. Aside from creating content consistently, you also want to make sure that your message is consistent as well. Your brand, tagline, ethos, even your phone number and address, it should stay the same everywhere so as to not confuse your clients. People are more likely to engage and stay loyal to a business that they are familiar with. If you need to undergo a rebranding, don’t go rebranding without giving your audiences any warning. Prep them with pre-promos and introduce them to your new vision and mission of the company. Get them on board.