How To Unlock The Alcatel One Touch (Complete Guide)

Unlock The Alcatel One Touch

Various mobile network providers are offering plans with a phone or SIM-only option. Most phones bought from a network have built-in security software similar to all other phones. Unfortunately, as part of an ongoing network plan, your Alcatel One Touch will be locked. It is a necessary part of the business, to keep customers and pay the monthly bills. To unlock Alcatel One Touch, you need someone to do it for you.

On the brighter side, there are developer apps from different companies creating downloadable software to help you unlock your phone.

You can choose which is more favorable for your use.

How Can I Know If My Alcatel One Touch Is Locked?

  • Ask about your network status. Your current carrier knows if your phone is locked or not.
  • You haven’t updated your monthly bills, or your contract policy has current charges.
  • It will not automatically unlock unless your contract expires with your current provider (usually in two years’ time) after you buy the new phone.
  • You can also confirm if your phone is locked if you insert a sim card from another network or carrier. Afterward, check if the network’s name shows on your handset. If you can’t find a signal, you won’t be able to use your phone. This is a clear indication that your phone is locked. You can only use it using another paid sim card from the same company where the phone is registered.
  • A prompt message will appear and ask for a code to reactivate your subscription. This will tell you that you have an expired subscription. The carrier has the right to automatically lock your phone if you forgot to pay your monthly bill.

What Are The Benefits Of An Unlock Alcatel One Touch?

Unlock Alcatel One Touch offers your more freedom compared to locked phones. Hence, we recommend that you open it to experience these advantages:

  • Change to other networks easily. Unlocked phones have a great advantage when it comes to compatibility. Moreover, you will have increased flexibility to switch to a different network provider when necessary. For example, it will allow you to change to another network when you want to travel for business or leisure.
  • It is also user-friendly. It is easy to use and also accessible compared to a locked phone.
  • Budget-friendly. It will reduce your monthly bills and minimize your headache too.
  • No Roaming Charges. Traveling to other countries will get you charged for using locked phones. On the other hand, you can use local sim cards and promos if you have an unlocked phone.
  • Increase trading value. You will be able to trade your unlock phone at an affordable price easily. Your buyer will also have the benefit of using the same sim he/she used from her previous phone.

Is Alcatel One Touch Unlocking Legal?

Luckily, under the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act Law, unlocking your phone as well as switching to a new carrier is legal in Canada and the United States of America. However, some restrictions may apply.

It states that anyone whose two-year contract is complete can ask their network providers to unlock their phones. The provider must also do it without complaining.

If your device is not eligible, the provider must explain the reason why they cannot unlock the phone.

General Information To Unlock Alcatel One Touch

Keep in mind to have this general information that you might need to unlock Alcatel One Touch.

  • Accounts holder name and account number
  • Your device’s IMEI number
  • Your phone number
  • The account holder’s Social Security number and password
  • A completed contract and device payment plan
  • Overseas deployment papers. Every military personnel, who needs to unlock their phones before their contract ends because they are about to leave the country, needs these papers.

How To Choose The Best Website To Unlock My Alcatel One Touch?

Some sites and independent company software sellers offer codes on how to unlock your phone. The question is, how can you choose which one is the best?

Most people would go to reviews and feedback from various clients. To help them assess which of the readily available websites is effective, user-friendly, and authentic.

The best site we recommend for unlocking your Alcatel One Touch is They have great standing and reviews from their customers, which only shows how reliable they are.

How To Unlock Alcatel One Touch?

Knowing how to unlock Alcatel One Touch is important for you to enjoy your freedom in using your phone. Before checking out a third-party site, make sure that your phone is not “hard locked,” a condition where you’ve input too many failed codes.

Once you’re sure that your phone is eligible for unlocking, follow these steps:

  1. Search for on your browser.
  2. Select Unlock Phones. Afterward, choose Alcatel One Touch for phone brand and model.
  3. Choose your current network provider, and click Unlock.
  4. Fill out the form correctly, and place your order.
  5. Your order will be processed. You will receive an email from on what to do to unlock your phone.