What is a modern setup host and How to Fix it?


Slow working computers are highly annoying and can defeat the very purpose of technological developments. There can be several reasons behind it, Modern setup host being one of the reasons. 

Have you ever thought of checking your Task Manager to check the reason behind your slow working PC? Doing this will allow you to identify applications that are eating away your system resources making it sluggish. There have been multiple instances where users have noticed and questioned the presence of Modern Setup Host and its role in causing high CPU usage.


In this article, we will talk about its basic functionality, the problems that it can cause along with the possible solutions. Here is what you will learn in this post.

  • What is a Modern Setup Host?
  • What are the errors surrounding it? 
  • Methods to resolve “Modern Setup Host has stopped working error”?
  • Ways to fix “High CPU usage by Modern Setup host problem”?

What is a Modern Setup Host for Windows 10? 

Windows is developed by Microsoft and is one of the most used Operating systems. Over the years Windows has released several updates to patch the flaws and loopholes in its existing software. These system updates are available from time to time and can be directly installed using various in-build Operating System components. 

Modern Setup Host is one such application that works behind the screens and supports the installation of various system updates. It is located in the “$Windows.BT” folder of your Windows 10 pc and helps in triggering updates. 

To sum up, it is a self-extracting installer and archive application. Its appearance on your system means that you are using the beta version of Windows OS, also known as Windows Technical Preview. 

So, whenever you are upgrading and running setup files on your system, Modern Setup Host will be running simultaneously in the background. Despite playing an integral part in the normal functioning of any system, it comes with its share of issues.

Error 1. Modern Setup Host has stopped working

Error 2. Modern Host Setup causing high CPU Usage.


Further in this post, we will learn more about these issues and effective ways to tackle them. We will also talk about the steps you can take to optimize your PC speed. 

How to fix problems related to Modern Setup Host?

  • Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

This is one of the easiest and the most effective ways of fighting issues related to Modern Setup Host. It comes as a built-in feature in Windows 10 version. However, for PCs working on Windows 7 and 8 versions, troubleshooters should be downloaded separately from the Microsoft website. 

Here are a few simple steps to do so. 

For Windows 10

  • To start with, press the Windows Key along with the “S” key on your keyboard.
  • Next type “TroubleShoot” in the displayed tab.


  • From the newly launched window, select “Troubleshoot”.
  • Look out for “Windows Update” in the left pane and open it.
  • Next click on the “Run the Troubleshoot” option.
  • Give some time for the application to check and report the problem areas.
  • In the end, follow displayed instructions to deal with the reported problems.


For Windows 7 and 8 

  • Start with downloading the Windows Update Troubleshooter from the Microsoft website. 
  • Once the application is properly downloaded, double click on the executable file attached to it. 
  • From the displayed window, select the “Windows Update” option and click on the Next button.
  • Now let the Troubleshooter detect and resolve all relevant issues related to Modern Setup host.
  1. Perform a Clean Boot.

In most of the scenarios, Modern Setup host error usually occurs because some background programs interfere and hamper the Windows update process. Performing a clean boot is what can be done in such scenarios. 

By performing a clean boot, you ensure that your system is free of unnecessary load and only essential startup programs and drivers are working. You can follow the simple steps to perform a clean boot.

  • On your keyboard, Press the Windows Key along with the R key.
  • Open Run dialog box.
  • In the new window, type “MSConfig” and press enter or click on the “OK” button.
  • From the displayed window, select the General tab and open it.


  • Uncheck the checkbox against *Load Startup Items”.
  • Next click on the Services tab. 
  • Look out for the “Hide all Microsoft Services” option and tick mark the checkbox against it.
  • To proceed,  choose the “Disable All” button.
  • Now go to the “Startup” tab and then choose “Task Manager” 
  • Check for all the items with Enabled status, disable them by right-clicking on them.
  • Close the “Task Manager” window.
  • Launch the “System Configuration Window” again.
  • From the new window, click on “OK” and restart your PC.
  • Once the restart process is completed, start your PC again and check if the Modern Setup issue is resolved or not.

3. Perform a DISM scan to fix Modern Setup Host Disk Usage Issue

Corrupted Windows issues may also result in “Modern Setup Host” issues. Using the DISM “Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool” can help you resolve such issues. Mentioned below is a detailed guideline for you to follow.

  • To start with, launch the “Task Manager” window on your PC and then click on the “Search” icon. 
  • In the new window, type “cmd”.
  • From the display options right-click on “Command Prompt”.
  • In the next step, choose Run as Administrator.
  • Click on “Yes” if you are asked to grant permission.
  • In the freshly opened “Command Prompt” run the below commands. 
  1. DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth
  2. DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Checkhealth
  3. DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

It is important to remember here that the scanning process might take some time and should not be interrupted in between. 

Once the process is completed, check if the issues persist. 

4. Use the Ideal Default System Language

Another reason that might result in errors related to Modern Setup Host High CPU usage is the mismatch between default system UI language and computer system language. Run the below-mentioned steps on your system to know further details.

4.1 Check your Default System UI Language

  • From your keyboard, press the Windows and S key.
  • In the displayed window type” cmd”.
  • Look out for command prompt and right-click on it and then choose the “Run as Administrator” option.
  • Grant access by clicking on the Yes button, if asked for permission.
  • In the “Command Prompt” window type “dism/online/get-intl.”
  • Followed by this, press the enter button, and then check the details of your Default System UI Language.

4.2 Check Windows 7 System Language

  • Press the Windows+R key to open the Run box on your PC screen.
  • Type “Control” in the Run box and press the “Enter” button or click on “OK”..
  • Set the “View By” option to “Large Icons”. 
  • In the next step, opt for Region and Language.
  • Check if there is a difference between the default and actual system language, if yes, modify it accordingly. 

4.3 Check Windows 10 System Language

  • Press the Window Key along with I key from your Keyboard to open the Settings option.
  • From the new window look out for the “Time & Language” option and select it. 
  • Next, select the “Region & Language” option from the left pane. 
  • Check for any language mismatch in the right pane of the window.
  • If you see any mismatch, alter and correct it accordingly.

5. Get Rid of Unnecessary Items from the Software Distribution Folder

Software Distribution folder in Windows 10 is a folder where all important files required for Windows update is stored. The presence of any unwanted files may increase system load, causing the update to fail. As a solution to these issues you may follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Run window by pressing Windows and R key simultaneously on your keyboard.
  • Now in the displayed window, type “:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download” and press enter.
  • Check for all unnecessary items and delete them. 


  • An error message saying “Folder Access message” might appear on your screen. To continue to click on “Do this for all current items.” 
  • Once you are through with the above steps, restart your PC to check if the Modern Setup Host error is resolved or not. 

6. Disable Windows Update 

This is the last method by which you can fix modern setup host high CPU and disk usage problems on your system. Here are a few steps to do it.

  • Open the Run box on your system.
  • Type “services.msc” and press ok.
  • In the new windows, check for Windows Update. 
  • Right-click on it and select Properties option.
  • In the next step, select the “General” tab to see if the Startup types are put on disabled mode. Next click on the “Stop” button.
  • Now choose the “Recovery” tab and put the First Failure Option to “Take No Action” status.
  • Press OK to save the changes. 

So this is it. These are some of the manual methods with which you can fix issues related to Modern Host Setup. 

However, even after trying so many methods if you don’t notice any substantial improvement in your system performance, then we recommend you to use an automatic tool. Choosing one of the best device driver tools is what can help you in regaining your system speed. 

Besides the Modern Setup Host, several other things can degrade your system speed and performance. Device driver update tools are automated tools that perform a system scan, identify and deletes unwanted files. 

It helps to remove junk files, unused error logs, duplicate pictures, temporary files, system cache along with other junk files. Such tools ensure that your system resources are put to optimal use.