How to get Free Internet access At Home & Public? Useful Ways and Methods


Have you ever imagined how your smartphones, laptops, and desktops will work without an internet connection? Sounds overwhelming, right?

In this technology-driven world, internet access plays a crucial role in our daily lives. We need it for our business transaction, online payment, to stay connected with our friends, to access entertainment, for staying up-to-date about the global news and whatnot.

Unfortunately, Internet access does not come for free and is quite expensive. However, with too much dependence on the internet, it becomes quite difficult for people who cannot afford it. To solve this problem, we have compiled a few legal and effective ways to get free internet access.

An important point to note here is that public wi-fi connection may at times harm and infect your system. To safeguard your smartphones and systems from malicious malware we recommend, you use the best and free antivirus program.

In this blog, we will discuss some useful and legal ways about how you can get free internet at home and in public places. Stay tuned for more information.

How to get free Internet Access in Public Places

  • Visit Locations With Free Wifi

Well, this is undeniable that this is the best and the easiest way to get free internet in public places. Looking at the ever-expanding usage of the internet several businesses have started offering free internet. Apart from this, various public places are also equipped with free Wifi facilities.

In addition to this, many places offer free Wifi and internet access for limited hours. Let’s have a look at some of the public places where you can enjoy free Wifi without paying anything.

  • Co-Working Spaces

The concept of traditional working has changed off late, working professionals are now switching to newer methods, working remotely being one of the methods.

Thousands of people now prefer to work remotely over traditional offices, locations where they can focus on their work and get uninterrupted internet access. Fortunately, Co-Working spaces offer everything you need, they provide free internet access along with the basic office like setup and amenities.

  • Libraries

Yes, you heard it right, unlike our traditional libraries, modern libraries are not just a place for books and readers, but also offer the best way to get free internet access. If you are not a member of any library, we suggest you enroll yourself into one, today.

Enjoy a comfortable sitting place, quiet and relaxing environment, free computers along with uninterrupted Wifi access.

However, they may impose time restrictions and can block a few sites and also video access to some files.

  • Restaurants, Coffee Shop and Fast Food Centers

Ever imagined working on an important project online while you are sipping coffee at your favorite coffee shop? Restaurants, boutique food shops, and coffee shops almost always offer free Wifi to its customers.

But remember it’s not completely free of cost, you might have to place an order to be able to grab a seat and enjoy surfing your favorite website.

It is a common trend nowadays and these locations are a great option to surf high-speed internet.

  • Public Transportation

From railway stations to bus stops, all major public transportation lines offer free Wifi. This means while you are waiting to board a bus or a train, you can enjoy some good movies online.

  • Gym

Fitness is a worldwide trend, and our high-tech gyms are a great way to get free internet. If you have a membership with a gym that gives free Wifi then you make full utilization of your pre and post-workout time.

Connect to the Wifi network to play your favorite music and enjoy your workout routine.

  • Other Public Places

Hospitals, parks, shopping malls, retail stores are many other places where you can get free internet access. However, these places provide the internet only for a limited time, mainly while you are using their spaces.

Public Places where you can get round the clock access to Free Internet

  • High-Tech Cities

With too much dependence on the internet, many developed countries and specific cities have started offering free wifi to their residents. Just like water and electricity, the internet is also being counted in the list of necessary utility items.

At present, there are more than 80 cities alone in the US that offer free internet in the form of city-wide Wifi.

If you are staying in a free access city then you can enjoy Wifi round the clock without spending a penny from your pocket.

  • Xfinity Wifi Hotspots

Wifi hotspots are another way to get free internet. If you don’t know your nearby hotspot location you can use their interactive map to find one for yourself. At present, there are close to 18 million hotspots in the US alone.

However, an important point to check here is that the wifi offered is a secured network or an unsecured one.

  • Airports

If you are a passenger, then you have limited access to their free Wifi facility, but most airports have food courts and cafes outside the airport which means no need to enter the airport.

You can hang around in the open cafes outside airport security checkpoints and access free wifi for unlimited hours.

So now that we are well aware of the ways to get free internet in public places, let’s see how we can enjoy it legally at our homes

How to get free Internet At Home Without Paying

Having free internet access at home is what everyone wants to have. Check your mails and browse your favorite website while being in the comfort of your home.

Best free Wifi hotspots offer an easy and convenient solution to all these user requirements. Here are a few useful ways to do it

  • Use Free Wifi Hotspots

If you want to enjoy Wifi hotspots which are completely legal to use, there is no better choice for these two well-known companies. NetZero and FreedomPop are two world-renowned and are highly reliable providers of in-home internet facility at zero cost.

  • NetZero

NetZero is undeniably one of the pioneers in free home internet service providers. It has been in the market for more than two decades and is still one of the most reliable and used Wifi providers.

Although it does not give 24/7 access to free internet still comes with a lot of exciting packages. You can either take its free mobile broadband plan which gives you around 200 MB of free data per month or else you can pick its package which offers 10 hours of dial-up internet access.

Apart from this it also offers impressive paid subscription plans at a fairly affordable price.

  • FreedomPop

As compared to the decades-old NetZero, FreedomPop is a relatively new addition to the list of free internet service providers.

With a small fee, you can get a tiny internet hosting with which you can enjoy 200 MB of data monthly at no added cost.

If you want more data then you can pick its reasonably priced subscription plan. Even if you take its most expensive plan it only costs $35 monthly for 4 GB which is far better than most of the existing plans by other service providers.

Precautionary tips while using Public and Free Internet services

While you enjoy free internet and Wifi access, here are few precautionary measures that you should take care of

  • Keep yourself safe from Malware distribution

The online spectrum is full of malicious malware that can infect our systems and the danger increases multifold if you are using free internet and Wifi networks.

A properly updated system is what can guard you against PC threats. An old and outdated system is more vulnerable to virus attacks. You can pick a good antivirus program to keep your PC safe and secure from malware attacks.

  • Turn off the Wifi connection when not in use

Public Wifi connection can expose your system making it easy for cybercriminals and hackers to attack your PC.

It is advised that you should turn off your Wifi setting while not in use.

  • Use a VPN Connection

Use a powerful VPN connection to surf privately without leaving behind any traces of your browsing history. It keeps your online activity hidden from all unwanted eyes and keeps you secure while using public Wifi.

  • Ensure that you use the “forgot the network” option

If you are using a public network never click on “connect automatically or remember the network” option. Doing this can expose you to unwanted virus attacks.

Ensure that you always use the “forgot the network” button to safeguard your system.

Concluding Words

No matter how gloomy free internet may sound, it has its own set of loopholes and drawbacks. We must understand its benefits and limitations.

Free Wifi is convenient, easy to use but can expose your system to hackers. There can even be a chance where you don’t have internet access when you need it.

We hope that through this blog we have given you enough information about the ways to get free internet. However, we still recommend that before you think of using free internet weigh the pros and cons attached to it.