How to Get Your iOS App Featured On Apple App Store 


An accomplishment like getting an iOS app featured in Apple App Store is something no app developer would ever deny aiming at. Apple is one of the eminent members in the world of mobiles and has a huge number of users across the world. So if you are an app developer who’s willing to get their iOS app featured in the Apple App Store, succeeding at this intention is going to be a big, big win for you. This article explains the perks of having an iOS app featured and how to make that possible. Let’s roll down the guide. 

Ways to Get an iOS App Featured on the Apple App Store

Getting featured in the App Store level up the chances for your app’s visibility to draw in users. If you are promoting your app to the right audience, there will be a terrific hike in engagement rates. It is something that will push your app towards generating a strong market value and ultimate success. While that’s what you may be minting for, here is the guide with must-know tips for you to manifest your iOS app on Apple App Store.

1. Keep it Sleek and Noteworthy

Your app’s first impression may really be the last one. Thus, gear up and start scanning your app from head-to-toe to make sure it is worthy of the spotlight, and more importantly, of being featured in the App Store. Keep the User Interface (UI) intuitive and make sure it is designed to flow naturally, complementing users’ comfort. In order to accentuate your brains into the iOS app development company, you must get on the right terms with the app’s appearance, smoothness and reliability. Have an app that does not flicker and that has a sleek look woo users. After all, an app design award is a thing for some reason. 

2. Be Serious About Updates

It is always a smart move to expose app updates with changing seasons. If you want to make your iOS app to get featured and shine brighter than ever in the Apple App Store, acknowledge the fact that Apple editors rank the best ones to cater to the App Store visitors. 

You iOS may just fall off the ranking if it hasn’t seen the fixes and touch-ups since long. Apple does not want to treat visitors with an app that is loaded with bugs and outdated interface. Since the ranking changes from time to time, you should keep moulding your app with newness and without bugs. 

3. Check on App Accessibility

Never underestimate the basics ever. Since you strive to get your iOS app to stand taller and contribute to the digital world, you must ensure that users are able to access it comprehensively. You’d, of course, like your app to be accessible to users and to do that, there are checkpoints as highlighted by Apple itself: hearing, vision, motor skills and learning and literacy, that you must keep in check while designing your app to be available to everyone. You can incorporate iOS pre-built accessibility features in your app to make sure that your app is capable of being accessed by everyone regardless of any kind of disability in an individual. That is something Apple puts in high regard. 

4. Don’t Forget the App Store Product Page

If you are into believing that your app is ready to hit the launch as it is sleek, accessible and has a worthy cause, here’s a reminder: That is not it. While you are dreaming to have your iOS app featured in the Apple App Store, remember to chisel the Apple App Store product page to the best portrayal of your app’s identity. 

As you head to the product page of your app, the first thing you should work on is your app’s name. Make sure that you give your app a name that communicates and reflects what it is all about. Besides, make sure you incorporate previews (of about 30 seconds) and screenshots (highlighting significant functions) of your app as well. 

5. Have a Story and Let Your App Voice It

Have a story. Let your app tell it to the users. There is no place for the cornered ones if you want your iOS creation to stand out. In order to get your iOS app featured in the Apple App Store, you should first strive to be unique. Be mindful of what you are contributing to the world. Be mindful of the reasons that can make big companies chase your app. In marketing language, be mindful of Unique Selling Point (USP) of your app.


You just walked through some important reminders before you get started with developing an iOS app to have it featured in the Apple App Store and make it count. As long as you continue to share your piece of contribution and comforts to user experience, you get to keep your app from falling off the radar. So, there were some ways you can ensure that your app is ready to wave a hand. Let us know if we’ve missed a point you think was essential in the comment box.