How To Recover Permanently Deleted Facebook Messages


Do you want to know how to recover deleted Facebook messages? Were those messages really important to you? Did you accidentally or intentionally remove them? Are you an iphone user looking for answers on how to recover deleted Facebook messages on iphone?

Do you want to recover your Facebook messages you deleted? If you want to know how to recover your deleted Facebook messages, then this quick guide will provide you with answers to all your queries regarding ways to recover permanently deleted FB messages on Messenger.

In this post we have tried to cover each and every point regarding how to recover deleted Facebook messages and also recover a deleted Facebook account. This ultimate how to recover deleted Facebook messages hack will help you retrieve your old and deleted messages.

So without wasting any time, let’s dive right into ‘how to recover deleted chats’:

  • Sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to ‘settings’.
  • Click on ‘general account settings’.
  • Click on ‘your Facebook information’
  • Select ‘download your information’ option.
  • Select and click on the data you want to download
  • Select messages and click on the ‘create file’ option

Once your files are processed, you can click on the download button to recover the deleted messages

The above method was just the basic one to recover the lost FB messages and conversations. The Facebook messages, images and every item once deleted, cannot be restored or retrieved. Messages lost are permanently lost. 

However if you have archived your messages, sent items such as screenshots, images, gifs and entire chat history can be retrieved. 

There are some methods through which a user can retrieve deleted Facebook Conversations on PC, Android & iPhone.

Let us check these methods one by one.

#1. Unarchive the messages and get back your files

Archived messages disappear from the chat history and are no longer stored in your recent conversation window. These are just stored for retrieval later and are not deleted permanently.

You can check out the Archived messages folder to get back those messages.

Just follow these steps to unarchive your messages and get them back:

  • Launch the Messenger app on your device and sign in to your account.
  • Go to the search button and look for the conversation you archived. (The one you think you deleted)
  • When you finally see the chat you want, send an instant message to the recipient. This will unarchive the entire conversation.

Method to perform Facebook messages retrieval on desktop:

  • Open the FB Messenger application
  • Click on the ‘messages tab’
  • Click on the ‘gear type icon’
  • Select ‘archived threads option’

You can choose to retrieve each and every message and chat history. It must be noted that  Facebook keeps the deleted data for up to 90 days. Post these 90 days, you won’t be able to find any data that you want. On the other hand, if your data is deleted before 90 days, the possibility of retrieval of the data is really low.

Getting back the Facebook conversations on Android

It is very easy to retrieve the deleted Facebook conversations on Android. If you have achieved your messages in the Facebook application on your android device then follow these steps to get back the entire conversation:

  • Launch the Facebook Messenger app on your device.
  • Go to your recent conversation
  • After finding the conversation, select the ‘unarchive option’ to unarchive the entire conversation.


#2. How to recover deleted Facebook messages on PC using email 

There is an easy way to download a copy of Facebook files that compose images, items, videos, contacts and everything shared on the Messenger application. These steps will guide you to recover the files:

  • Sign in to your Facebook account and go to ‘settings’
  • Click on ‘settings’
  • Check out for ‘download a copy’ option
  • Click on ‘start my archive’ option to initiate the process.

You may require to enter your password which is a part of security protocol.

Select the Email account associated with Facebook. You will get a ‘Facebook download request’ email after some time. You will get another email with a link attached.

  • Download your Facebook information and the archive file.
  • Click on the file
  • Check out for index.htm

This is a secured method to recover deleted facebook account if your email is synchronized to your Facebook account. 


#3. Recover Facebook Messenger Messages On Android With File Explorer

ES Explorer is a wonderful file manager utility for android. You can not only check for FB Messenger data, but can also manage it on your PC.

Follow these simple steps to do the same:

  • Connect your android device to your PC. Make sure you have the application ‘ES File Explorer’ downloaded on your android device.
  • Go to My computer
  • Double click on the explorer
  • Go to ‘storage/SD card’ folder
  • Track and open the ‘Android’ folder 
  • Look for the file ‘fb_temp’

This file contains the backup files and temporary files. There is a high possibility that your messages are saved by the Messenger application in this folder.

#4. How to recover deleted Facebook messages on your android device through PC

If somehow, you are unable to find the deleted Facebook messages using any method listed above, then you go for a different method by accessing your android device from PC. This method does not require any file explore utility like ES File Explorer.

Following are some methods by which you can recover deleted Facebook messages:

  • Connect your phone to your PC.
  • Locate your phone
  • Look for ‘SD card or internal storage’
  • Select ‘android’
  • CLick on ‘data’
  • Track the ‘com.facebook.orca’ folder
  • Inside the ‘com.facebook.orca’ folder, look for ‘cache’
  • Now look for ‘fb_temp’
  • Locate your messages with backup in that particular folder.

On the whole

We all know how important Facebook conversations are. Those screenshots, images, chats, history and messages are really important when we need the information. 

No matter what tweak you go for, it is nearly impossible to retrieve deleted Facebook conversations on PC, Android & iPhone. Facebook itself says that messages once deleted, cannot be recovered. You can also ask the person to send the screenshots of the chats to you.

The better alternative is to archive important chats and history to unarchive them later for an easy retrieval. This guide is all about how to recover deleted facebook messages.

Messages, conversations, images, screenshots, pictures, recordings, videos and other items of importance can be recovered by most of the above methods as Facebook always stores these files in a temporary cache folder. If you know how to access it, you can retrieve your files with ease.