The Best Test to Recruit People


As the organizations are putting more stress on the cultural fit while recruiting people the psychometric screening tests becoming more common during the selection process. These tests help to find out the capabilities and the competencies of a person that help to find out whether he or she is fir for the job or not. These help to provide data to assess the fit of the person in the organization. There must be a proper match between the person and the task allocated to him or her. These tests help to have a broader picture about the profile of the candidate.

This is the standardized way to recruit people and get information about them before employing them. The responses of the applicant’s response are to be assessed by someone else who is expert in that field that helps them to understand and contextualize the results and compare with others.

These have been divided into 2 categories:

  • Personality test: These help to examine how one has to behave in the job environment like the interpersonal style and the task management and how to structure the time. There is no right or wrong answers in these kinds of tests.
  • Ability tests: This helps to understand about various abilities like numeric skills, one has to understand written information and ability to tackle the risks in an abstract manner and to deal with problem solving skills. These tests have right or wrong answers and there is a time limit to answer these questions.

Choosing the type of test depends upon the nature and production of organization and there is a gap between the first and second interview and one must decide upon the test depending upon which skills and abilities they want to measure on the behalf of the applicants. There are various myths associated with the psychometric tests. Some of them have been discussed as follows:

  • Perfect personality: Different kinds of jobs require different kinds of people with different skills and abilities. People with extrovert personality traits are most wanted in the corporate world. The goal must be to appoint the right personality on the right job to perform the right amount of task at the right time and with right number of resources. The answers must be answered accurately as much as possible so that the interviewer can have a basic idea about the applicant’s skills and personality. There should not be any kind of acting and the whole thing should be kept natural up to the best possible extent.
  • It is analysis of psychology: These tests never involve using the personal information to create a threat against the person. These won’t go deep into the characteristics related to the personality but only focus on the traits related to the workplace likings and interests. One must be well managed with the right amount of competencies so that the jobs can be accurately performed.

There are a number of tips to get prepared for such tests so that one can perform the best in the test. Some of them have been mentioned as:

  • Optimize the environment: This is the most important key for a test. There is a time limit which keeps the mind set in place and no distractions are there. One just has to make sure about the best of the software and the browsers so that there is no issue in the whole process.
  • Practice is the key: Practice is the key to all the achievements in life. One can get to know about the format of the questions and one can easily prepare on how to attempt them. This is most important for those questions that have to be answered with right or wrong. There is an opportunity to check various practice questions in advance in order to prepare oneself for the test. One can feel relaxed and comfortable if one has practiced well. This helps to give the best performance on the behalf of applicant.
  • Plenty of time: These tests are usually timed. The personality tests take approximately half an hour. One must carefully read the instructions and then attempt well by proper practice. One must manage time accordingly by devoting specific amount of time to specific set of questions. One has to be a good planner in order to succeed.
  • Study the resume: One must be damn sure about each and every detailed item mentioned in the resume. One must be confident in case one has to answer the questions. One must be clear about the roles and responsibilities and must be very confident when asked to answer. This reflects the great personality traits like confidence, being extrovert, etc.
  • Study the structures: In case the structure of the interview is formal one has to dress up accordingly and answer the questions in a more formal manner. Whereas if the environment is quite informal then the answers can be easily modulated in a more informal manner and friendly relations can be established.
  • Proper feedback: There must be a proper feedback from the assessor or the experts so that one must come to know about the shortcomings of one and one can devise the strategies on how to overcome those problems. The feedback plays a crucial role so that side by side improvements can be made easily which helps to create a great environment. These improvements further help in achieving the goals in a more coordinated manner.
  • Development opportunity: These tests help to develop the individuals and also help to extract the best out of them. They perform well in difficult situations which boost the level of confidence and develop the problem solving skills. One can learn a lot from such crucial experiences. This helps to not to panic in situations that develop fears and fight with every kind of situation with full confidence.

These tests are the most important measure used by various companies in order to place the right people on the right job and on right time so that the departmental and organizational goals can be achieved effectively and efficiently.