How to use filters to improve your Instagram photos


Are you struggling to get the desired results from your Instagram posts and images? Getting optimal results from Instagram is no rocket science and only requires a bit of technical magic and digital tools, Instagram filters being one such tool.

If you are not aware of what can be done to your dull images with Instagram photo filters? Refer to our tutorial on “Improve your Instagram photos with Instagram Photo Filters.

You can use them to adjust color balance, sharpness, clarity of your photos to make them visually more appealing.

If you want to know more about the editing tools and useful filters available on Instagram, refer to our tutorial and see how to use Instagram photo filters.

An important point to note here is that to get a perfect picture we keep clicking multiple shots. With time our phones get cluttered with hundreds and thousands of similar and duplicate photos which can eventually hurt your phone’s speed. Use a good duplicate photo finder tool to manage your photo gallery.

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Instagram Editing Tools- Step By Step Guide

Assume that you have taken a photograph of a park but it looks dull and colors do not look lively at all. If you are an Instagram user who has experienced this situation, let’s look at some of the best ways which can help you make them more appealing and full of colors.

  • To start with, use the + sign available on the home screen of your Instagram app to upload and add pictures.

Now choose the image that you wish to edit from your photo gallery and press the “Hit” button. You may alternatively use Instagram’s in-built camera, but experts advise that using the phone’s camera is a better option.

  • With the available filter on Instagram, you can also resize your images. The default shape on Instagram photos is square but you can resize them with the help of <> buttons.
  • Instagram filters also make it quite easy to crop pictures. Simply rest your fingertip on the image and move it to get the desired size. You can also take the help of the gridlines to crop your photo. The gridline is based on the rule of third with uses a 3*3 grid.
  • Once you are through cropping your photo, click on the hit button to move to the filter screen. On this screen, you will see multiple thumbnails each featuring a specific Instagram filter. Once you click on the thumbnail the filter gets applied to your photo. Clarendon is one such Instagram photo filter.
  • You can also change the intensity of the image by tapping twice on the filter, doing this will help you achieve a more subdued look.

Some of the other Instagram filters that you may consider using are X-Pro-II, Amaro, Lo-Fi. Lets now more on to learn about the range of effects you can add to your dull images with these Instagram photo filters.

  • Once you have opened a specific filter, you can also use the Edit button located at the bottom of the screen to tweak your image. You can adjust the color, brightness, warmth, alignment, contrast, saturation and much more with it.
  • When you are finished applying all the effects, press the “Hit” button followed by the Next button. You are now on the posting page where you can add a caption, hashtags, tag people and share your photograph.

Once you know about the various Instagram filters and their functions you can use them to apply complex effects to your dull photos.

Manage Instagram Photo Filters

Effortlessly manage your Insta filters, here’s how to do it:

  1. From the filters page click on the Manage button.
  2. You can also rearrange the list of available options. Simply click on the three-dot icon adjacent to each filter and drag them to reposition them on the list.
  3. Tap on the checkmark button if you want to hide a specific filter.
  4. Doing this will help you arrange the filters, and place the most liked one on the top of the list and the least used option on the bottom.
  5. You can also rearrange the filters without using the menu. To do so, open the filter page, select and hold a specific filter for a few seconds until it becomes large. Once the thumbnails get a little larger you can drag them to place them in the list and also remove them by dragging them into the “Drag to hide” option.

Instagram filters give you an easy and effective way to transform your pictures and make them lively. Use them to add life to your Instagram images.

Each filter comes with different functionality and has something unique to offer. Learn about the various Instagram photo filters and experiment with them to polish your Insta feeds and make them more appealing.

How to Use Instagram Filters (Video Tutorial)