How To View Private Instagram Profiles and Stories?


Do you know how to view private Instagram profiles and stories? Or how to view someone’s private Instagram photos? If you are oblivious, then stay to this article. You will find answers to your pressing questions here with deeper insights.

Instagram is the second-largest social media platform, and day by day, it is attracting more users. Perhaps, the prominent reason of its penetration is – ‘Insta values your privacy.’ Mostly, Insta accounts are private these days. 

As people find Instagram a safe abode, they post, share, and in turn, gain more followers. 

Let us quench the curiosity of your above questions. Starting with the intro of Insta.

What Is Instagram?

It is a photo and video-sharing social networking portal. The application allows users to share videos and pictures from their lives, add captions, tweak settings, engage with others, edit filters, explore and creep, and much much more.

Users can safely browse other users content by tags and locations. It is useful and easy to navigate the app.

Moreover, Instagram is also used for commercial purposes and allows people to make money in many different ways.

Are You Aware Of Private Instagram Account?

Instagram has a feature that allows you to alter privacy settings on their application. You can select followers who are permissible to view your profiles and stories. Your post won’t appear in the Photos tab of Search and Explore or not on a hashtag or location pages.

People who are not following anyone will not be able to view private Insta accounts. You can adjust the settings as per your desire and authorize fewer from the mass to see your information.

Why To Make Your Instagram Account Private?

Well, there are numerous reasons, yet we will be highlighting the main 2 causes.

  • Personal reasons:

Many a time, you may not talk with a particular individual or group anymore, or not in good terms, then you won’t allow them to check your stories and feed.

  • Safety from cyber threats:

It’s almost daily news about the leakage of photos, making it porn, and getting it viral on the internet. The imposter may open a fake account with your name and photo and use it for different purposes.

Additionally, you can be the victim of cybercriminal activities like bullying that ruins a life. 

When you made your account private, nobody, unless you allow, can see your posts and feed. So it’s truly coined, precaution is better than cure, it is advisable to keep your personal information safe on the social media platform.

Let us now find out how to view private Instagram profiles.

Can You View A Private Instagram Account?


Yes, you can view someone’s private Instagram photos, feed, and content. The need of checking else’s privacy urges if they are dear and near ones, had a breakup, or simply to know what is going on in their life. 

The curiosity is high for many users like you all over the world. And that’s why we have come up with the ways. Keep reading.

How To View A Private Instagram?

  • Send a request to desired profile:

This is the most legitimate way for viewing private information of the (desired) user.
Send a follow request and wait until they respond or accept the offer.

  • Search Username/real name:

If you have this question in your mind – how to view private Instagram profiles without following no survey, then adopting this technique can be useful.

In case you want some information about the user without asking access to their account, you can search them with username.

Simply you need to log into Instagram and search for the target. When you find their profile, you will be able to see their user/real name even though they applied privacy settings. 

  • Use private Instagram profile viewer apps:

Here we are providing a list of few unlocking profile Insta apps to help you see the target’s information.

  • WatchInsta:


It has a clear interface that indicates instructions on how to use the private IG viewer, a list of features they offer, and FAQs to guide you through the whole process.

Visit Website

  • InstaSpy:


This is one of the best tools to view Insta photos. It presents a lot of information about Instagram settings, how to view private Instagram profiles without following no survey, is it safe, and much more.

You can read the guidelines and follow their instructions (if you feel safe)to unlock private IG ID in no time.

Visit Website

  • Private Insta:


Private Insta is one of the most famous profile viewer tools. The only task you need to do is copying and pasting the username of a target person. Then, a general survey form to be filled. If that is done, you will immediately be redirected to the target person’s Insta account.

Visit Website


Another popular name in the field of private profile viewer is InstaDP. Within a few clicks, you can see anyone’s private Insta profile and stories. 

Its interface is systemized, and you need to follow on page guidelines to view private Instagram information without human verification.

Visit Website

  • InstaLooker:


This site claims that it is one of the most reliable private Instagram Viewer tools. It is easy to use app that enables you to spy any IG profile with a few clicks.

Enter the username and click on the start viewer button to begin the decryption process. Within a few moments, the result of your search will appear in specified format and allows you to download all the data.

Visit Website

  • Pretend to be someone else:

Creating a fake account is not a recommended method, as it is the incorrect means to intrude on someone’s privacy. However, if none of the above mentioned procedures works, you may try this.

Your profile may get accepted by your target, and you can view private Instagram information. Try to make your fake ID look real, add some interactive and eye-catchy things to attract visitors. Make sure your ID is private so that the target user feel curious and approve your request.

Forming a pseudo Insta ID increases the probability to view someone’s private Instagram photos and stories.


By now, with all the aforementioned methods, you can try to view private Instagram account of your target user. 

We recommend using the legitimate method to follow the target person and to avoid any illicit actions.