5 Best Free Online Tarot Card Reading App for iOS & Android


No denying, apps and smartphones form an essential part of our lives. Some curse it for taking away the good old days where communication mattered more, while some appreciate the convenience and ease it brings on the table.

If you fall in the latter category and are genuinely dealing with an impossible issue, then tune into an online Tarot card reading app. Start to receive interesting guidance and possibilities about the persistent life issues.

What Is A Genuine Tarot Reading App?

Tarot card reading is an authentic platform that hires professionals to support customers in finding answers to the mysteries of life. Free Tarot predictions are offered in matters of love, career, finances, relationships, health, etc. You don’t need to feel stuck anymore, use an app, and get the way forward.

When should you invest in Tarot reading apps?

Before investing the money into an app, scrutinize the app for its features and capabilities.

You should consider card prediction apps but only after studying the nitty-gritty and understanding the reasons behind the readings?

Firstly, card reading is not a prediction, it is to be treated like guidance or a path. Secondly, apps may not give the same energy, but they resonate with real readers and offer clarity to your present, past, and future conditions. The readings, whatever be the issue, are authentic and relatable to your current state of affairs. And if you are a beginner, emphasize on the comprehensiveness and ease of the portal.

With the above points and recommendations dive into the divine power of tarot card reading apps and decipher the secret life learning in a jiffy.

5 Best Online Tarot Card Reading App for Android & iOS

Here are our top picks for iOS and Android platform:

  1. Free Tarot Cards Reading and Numerology Numbers| Tarot Life


One of the best Tarot cards reading app, available on iOS & Android platform, offering exceptional analysis on distinct areas like– Love, Career, and Finance, which bring the most pressing questions from individuals.    

This free online tarot card readings app presents insightful readings not only by basic cards but offers spreads to get detailed guidance in your life. For users looking for more interactive sessions, “Ask A Question” opens the stage for discussing your endless issues. In addition to a card reading, the app has mastered in numerology to cater to the believers of number.




  1. Psychic Reading and Tarot


When you find yourself stuck in the whirlwind and unable to find any answers, bank upon a trustworthy and reputed app – Psychic Reading and Tarot.  This iOS app has the largest network of professional and skilled psychics- providing daily Tarot on the most disturbing areas of your life.

The uniqueness of the app revolves around the talented advisers (more than 1700) helping customers in their darkest hours. The good news is that advisers (read reviews and ratings before making a choice) are available 24/7 at your service — the app presses on the confidentiality of each customer’s data and stores their readings with utmost secrecy.

Also, read articles online and get in-depth knowledge about your issues and applications of this theory.

  1. Tarot Reading


The Tarot Reading iOS app is best known for its design, and 3D graphics play a crucial role in unraveling the difficulties of humans. Cards can be actually visualized dancing in front of your screen.

Tarot Reading is an apt application for beginners. The app comes with an intuitive commentary explaining the meaning of the card and each row. The divine message is comprehensive even if the individual is inexperienced.

Controls and operations are easy to grasp and play around. Mixing the card is not only comfortable but fun, shake the device top and bottom, left and right or fix it on the screen with your finger.

  1. Golden Thread Tarot


Golden Thread offers a modern and advanced form of free Tarot predictions. Instead of treating card reading as a fortune telling game, use Tarot cards for self-awareness and guidance to alter the way you function in your day-to-day life.

With exceptional design, the app stores multiple intriguing features that give the true essence of this art. Logging your analysis and feelings helps in creating a pattern about yourself, which was long buried. To guide you through the jargon and details, sort able and searchable database offers meanings on keywords, numbers, suits, etc.

The best attribute about the app is encouraging the audience to log their readings along with the thoughts and feelings that appear on absorbing the readings and what actions they take to reach the outcome.




  1. Yes or No Tarot


Online Tarot card readings are not everyone’s cup of tea. The descriptive interpretations can often be confusing and annoying for individuals. Such people look for methods to receive answers in the simplest and easy to understand way.

Yes or No Tarot is a solution for those practical headed people looking for straightforward answers about their life’s complications. So, get instant answers in the form of Yes or No by the app designed by Horoscope.com, available on both iOS and Android platform.

All you need to do is select the category under which your issue resides- love, career, finance, health, etc. Now, ask the question bothering you for so long, and shuffle the deck thoroughly. Select a card of your choice, and your answer is ready!