9 Best Emoji Keyboard For Android and iOS


Everyone wants to up their emoji game.  In order to do this, you’ll need to have a better handle of how emojis work, and what are the native and assigned meanings to some of the most popular ones used today. If you’re looking for a quick education, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ve collated nine of the best emoji keyboards in the business. From default applications to independent ones, there is a bevy of options when you go to your phone’s app store. The choice can be daunting, and so we’ve narrowed them down. Download these options today, and see your emoji texting game be elevated:

AI Type

If you want to auto-insert emojis to words or substitute it, AI Type is the best alternative emoji keyboard out there today. It’s sleek, minimalist, and takes the automation of your emoji texting seriously. It learns your typing style, auto-corrects your spelling mistakes, and suggests emojis depending on the words you type.

For example, if you want to access the rolling on the floor laughing emoji, you just have to type LOL or LMAO. The auto-insert ability of the app keeps your suggestions within reach and recommends substitutes as well for better context and understanding. The themes add to the whole package. Who doesn’t want a personalized keyboard, really? Available on Android.


KeyMoji brings with it not just the typical, standard emojis. It also features different crowdsourced ones which are updated in real-time. Get it on iOS.


With 50 million downloads, Emoji> may be the most popular emoji keyboard on this list. And for a good reason – the categorized emojis, numerous emoji options, plus animated stickers will surely elevate your commenting-through-emoji game. Free on iOS.


If you want your emoji keyboard to maximize all the space it’s given on your UI, Minuum is your guy. The app enables you to type quicker by suggesting strong word predictions from its ever-growing AI. Available on both Android and iOS.

Swiftkey Keyboard + Emoji

Possibly one of the best alternative keyboards in the world right now, Swiftkey is a cut above the rest because of its all-encompassing features. Add that with an emoji extension keyboard; then, you’re pretty much set. With Swiftkey, it learns how you type, makes personalized recommendations and improves its understanding of your language the more you use it.

The flow-typing and suggestions also make the keyboard top-notch. Millions use it, and best believe that with user-generated word submissions, even the way you use emojis will be learned. Available for both iOS and Android.

Emoji Free

Static emojis? Check. Animated emojis? You got it. Emoji art? Yep. If you can’t get enough of emojis, then Emoji Free app will let you take that love to the next level. It even has cool emoji fonts available for you to use. Get it on iOS.


Want to see your face or your friends’ faces as emojis? Imoji lets you do that and more. The stickers in the app may be its best feature, but it also has a decent line of emojis. Get it free on both platforms.

Emoji Keyboard Pro

When customization is what you’re looking for when it comes to an emoji keyboard, look no further that the Emoji Keyboard Pro. It’s a full-fledged keyboard that you can personalize based on how it looks when you pull it up from your keyboard options. Built-in with at least a thousand emojis, you’ll never have to search again for the exact emoji you need to send for a particular reaction.

What’s great about Emoji Keyboard Pro is it’s a light keyboard app – meaning it won’t take time to load. For all the jam-packed features it has, its wizardry how this app is as streamlined as it is. Of course, it’s not as swift as the native emoji keyboard on your phone, but it’s pretty darn close. Did we mention you can make GIFs from the app? Only available on Android.

Slash Keyboard

Not exclusively an emoji keyboard, but a great one if you want your emojis front and center. You can connect your files, share songs and other wonderful things on the keyboard itself. Talk about integration. Available for Android.


Texting with emojis is not only fun, but it also makes your messages better conveyed. If you’re not using emojis, you’re missing half of your chances to be better understood in digital communication. So, what are you waiting for? Get one or two of the recommendations above to make your day brighter!