Best Tarot Cards Reading App for iOS


The Apple Store is flooded with Tarot cards reading apps, yet we stumble into applications which are not worthy of our time and money. One common issue customers face – the integrity of these apps. While there are plenty of authentic readers behind these applications, some apps are simply created to exploit users.

Tarot card is an unusual and pleasant experience. Each card reflects your vision and purpose in life. The higher powers are indicating a path which only professional readers can communicate correctly. To enhance your experience and meet genuine readers, we will guide you with the best in the market.

What is a Good Tarot Card Reading app?

Before we plunge into the best Tarot card reading apps for iOS users, there are some smart ways to know if the application is worth your time and patience.

Tarot card analysis needs to be accurate. The analyses should be in alignment with a real psychic reading. In case the application offers Celtic Cross reading, then remember the interpretations will vary depending on the card and where it falls in the reading.

The app should be able to offer correct interpretations on a range of life issues like finances, health, love, career, etc. Also, the topics should have different explanations on each of the 78 cards. The descriptions received need to be detailed and comprehensive, the user should be pleased after glancing the interpretation.

If the platform gives you an interactive and user-friendly portal to participate, then you may go for it while also considering the other factors mentioned above.

What are the Best Tarot Card Reading Apps for iOS?

Here is our pick on the best platforms on iOS:

  1. Free Tarot Cards Reading and Numerology Numbers

Receive new opinions and guidance on your life through the Free Tarot Cards Reading and Numerology Numbers. Get more in-depth insight into Love, Career, and Finance- free of cost with the help of a genuine and trustworthy app.

To maintain the righteous of the ancient practice, the app allows users to scroll the cards while thinking of unanswered and confusing questions from their life. Now, get insightful answers by picking x number of cards (as instructed) from the deck. Each card will unfold an explanation which is reasonably descriptive and fathomable. The cards are meant to show you an enlightened path, clearly distinguishing between the right and wrong choices.

Users claim that the app offers accurate outcomes, highly relatable at many levels. The app encourages steering your life towards growth and prosperity.

Along with Tarot cards, you get a flavor of numerology within the same app.

  1. Tarot Sampler

The app is a different Tarot card reading app which brings an assortment of 60 decks, almost 500 archetypal images on the table. An intuitive platform that enables you to read cards, journal the interpretations, and share your guidance with the world through social media platforms.

Card interpretation is a piece of cake; just tap on the cards to discover what your destiny has written for you. In case you are not willing to add all the decks, the app offers a way to get rid of specific decks and cards.

Customers highly appreciate the depth of reading which they get to enjoy before the purchase. Another important attribute of this app is the wide range of spread with extensive information; very few apps can offer.

  1. Tarot & Numerology

This is an extensive app, aptly suited for beginners. Opportunity to customize your needs and tastes. Receive daily card analysis and also get to experience professional numerology.

23 decks are available for reading, where 1 is installed by default and 5 can be downloaded. The platform offers an impressive 38 spreads including Love, Career, Health, Spirituality, etc. Offerings are free of cost, although there are 16 original decks which can be purchased.

The application hosts a team of handpicked professionals offering life guidance and sharing expert topics with the querent.

The app offers the entire set of Pythagorean Numerology calculators which cover – Name numerology, Forecasting (personal day, month & year), a combination of name & DOB, life path and destiny numerology.

  1. Golden Thread Tarot

Golden Thread comes with a slight twist in the conventional belief of Tarot cards. The concept is modernized to “self-knowledge”, which a person requires to make better decisions instead of accepting the explanation as a future event.

A mirror stores and saves all your card outcomes, to build up a pattern to give you a more in-depth insight into your life. Tarot Database is informative storage giving you details on meanings, keywords, number, suits, etc. and the good news is, it is sortable and searchable. Get guided readings using digital cards or physical cards.

A unique attribute of this Golden Thread is logging your thoughts and feelings along with the interpretations. Every time you get self-aware, add your opinion and understanding along with the professional guidance. The whole purpose boils down to learning about oneself via card interpretations.

  1. YES or NO Tarot-Instant Answer

While many find solace in descriptive answers, there are some who prefer crisp solutions (Yes or No) in their current life situation. Clarity answers are not easy to get, but YES or NO Tarot makes it easy.

This instant answer application solves issues related to love, career, finances, etc.  Users need to shuffle the deck and tap the card that gives you a positive instinct. And, your answer appears in the form of “Yes” or “NO.”

Users also get to explore free astrology and other activities free of cost, and it changes regularly.

Why Should you Download a Tarot Card Reading App?

A Tarot app is not part of your bread and butter, neither the readings are predictions for your future, but these quick readings offer guidance on your life and introduce you to a new perspective which is long hidden.

These applications are an easy way to receive readings without personally visiting a professional. The apps have plenty of information in store for knowledge and to keep you updated with your interpretations. So, no more carrying a book, an app is all you need!

Download the best Tarot cards reading app and get accurate readings wherever you go!