Daily Horoscope & Astrology App Review

Daily horoscope and astrology App

Do you know that knowing your daily horoscope can help you survive the critical issues throughout the day?

It is so because having information about the possible events is like having an armor.

Are you wondering how?

Then clear your clouds of doubts by knowing that daily horoscope can protect you by giving you the warnings if something bad or ill is going to happen with you in the upcoming course of the day. It will also make you happy if there is something you should feel good about.

A daily horoscope app can do it all for you and that too for free!

Isn’t it amazing to know that you can map out your day clearly and informatively with the help of astrology?

Daily Horoscope & Astrology is the perfect app you must download and use for setting up your day effectively.

Let’s get a detailed view of what this app is.

Daily Horoscope & Astrology App for Android & iOS

This is essentially an astrology app that uses different dimensions of this deep ancient theory covering vital areas like Kundali Predictions, Muhurat, Indian Astrology, Festivals, Tarot, Panchang, Astrology Signs, and many more.

It is free and comes well-equipped with a galore of features or rather services which can help not only in knowing the daily predictions but a lot more than one can imagine.

The home screen of this daily horoscope app begins by showing the current geographical location and the moon phases on different tithis which is quite fascinating.

Below are its major astrological divisions. By tapping on any of those, a wide list of features these divisions can help in opens up.

Astrological Divisions Features
Indian Astrology
  1. Month Panchang
  2. Today Panchang
  3. Kundali
  4. Kundali Match
  5. Vrat & Upvas
  6. Muhurat
  7. Mangal Dosha
  8. Kaal Sarp Dosha
  9. Lyrics
  1. Daily Horoscope
  2. Monthly Horoscope
  1. Hindu Calendar
  2. Shardiya Navratri
  3. Diwali
Astro Calculator
  1. Sun Sign
  2. Moon Sign
  3. Nakshatra
  4. Zodiac Sign
  5. Love Calculator
  6. Numerology
Sign Compatibility

These services and features are comprehensively described as follows

  • Indian Astrology- This covers all the important aspects of Indian Astrology which are explained below.
  • Month Panchang- It displays a virtual calendar that shows which Hindu month is it going on. It also displays moon on dates that depict Amavasya and Purnima. Tapping on a particular date, you can get detailed information about everything like sunrise, sunset, etc.
  • Today Panchang- Detailed description like tithi, nakshatra, etc about the insights of the particular date.
  • Kundali- This creates your Kundali and displays detailed predictions and planetary positions in different houses.
  • Kundali Match- This is the one for which you got to pay heavily if you know it with the help of any Pandit. This astrological app does it for free. Just enter the details for the boy and the girl and get to know exact matching points within seconds.
  • Vrat & Upvas- All of the Hindu Vrat & Upvas like Purnima, Amavasya, Ekadashi, etc. are mentioned as per accurate date and timings. So if you want to know when is Ekadashi next month, you can take help from this feature.
  • Muhurat- Know about crucial timings of the day like Rahu Kaal, Gowri Panchangam, Choghadiya, and others as per the timings as the good, most auspicious and inauspicious.
  • Mangal Dosha- Get to know if your Kundali has this dosha or the Manglik Dosha and find appropriate remedies for the same.
  • Kaal Sarp Dosha- By entering a few details, this feature calculates whether your Kundali has this dosha or not.
  • Lyrics- If you love devotional songs and hymns, you will love this feature. It provides all aartis, Chalisa, mantra, stotram, etc.
  • Horoscope- Out of the 12 Zodiac Signs, choose yours and get the proper understanding of what the day and the ongoing month has planned out for you. Know about your career, love, finance, health, and other areas in detail. It also shows your lucky color and your lucky number, so don’t miss out on reading your daily horoscope.
  • Festivals- Need to book your tickets for your home this Diwali? But you don’t know the actual dates? Don’t worry. Get to know all the dates of these festivals in prior with Hindu Calendar.
  • Tarot- Tarot is a very effective and different way of future prediction. These cards predict the future with the help of some symbols and pictures. Every tarot card has a picture engraved on it. The picture is decoded and accordingly, the predictions are made. Tarot card reading for each day can ensure that your day is predicted so that you can take actions as per the predictions. Choose your cards and this astrology app will streamline the possibilities for you by displaying the results.
  • Astro Calculator- This section basically comprises of different calculators. These calculators can be used for easy predictions of sun sign, moon sign, nakshatra, zodiac sign, etc. All these predictions are vital if you want to know what the celestial energies have planned for your past, present, and future.
  • Sun Sign- If you are unaware of which sun sign you belong to, this feature can most accurately calculate it for you. By entering your birth date details in this horoscope app, you get to know what your sun sign is. Sun Sign is an essential aspect if one has to get acquainted with intangible entities like luck, fame, confidence, ambition, strength, etc.
  • Moon Sign- Moon is generally associated with the subconscious self of a person. The moon sign is comparatively important to that of a sun sign as per Vedic Astrology. It predicts the attitude, health, and wealth of a person. By entering your details in this app, you can get to know your moon sign in a jiffy.
  • Nakshatra- For exact and accurate future and present predictions and analysis, this concept is deployed in Indian Astrology. Enter your details and get to know about your Nakshatra or constellation. These are used to get deep insights into the occurrence of events in your life.  
  • Zodiac Sign- If you are curious to know why do you always behave in a certain way in a certain situation, use this feature and get to know it all. Just tap on your Zodiac Sign and know how will you turn out as a spouse. Your mental tendency, your health, the financial predictions, your physical appearance, and everything you ought to know can be known just by using this powerful yet simple feature.
  • Love Calculator- Easiest way to find exact love compatibility by using this feature. Just enter the birth details of both of the partners and get the percentage match of you two as partners.  
  • Numerology- Did you know that numbers play a very significant role in everyone’s life, just as the other astrological dimensions do. Numbers, if used wisely, can predict your inner satisfaction, the age at which you will achieve stability, and the opportunities and challenges you will face during the journey of your life.
  • Sign Compatibility- If you are looking for explorable options of calculating the compatibility with your partner, this feature is the one that can be trusted blindly.It generates a report regarding the compatibility based on your zodiac sign and that of your partner.
    It spills all of the secrets how you two got along initially and what are the possible outcomes if you choose to stay together. You can get to know the default traits of yourself and that of your partner, that how are you as an individual.It also lays down the challenges you might face as a couple being together. This is the feature you got to look for if you want to be enlightened with the sexual compatibility or romantic compatibility of you two.


A marvelous app that is not missing out any feature. Infact, the features are available in surplus. You just need to dig deep by tapping each of them. For all your hassles related to your life in congruency with the Universal energies and astrology, there is no match of this amazing app. It is an app that unfolds in many layers to display the wide horizon of information connected with astrology.