Family Time Parental Controls App Review

Family Time Parental Control

INTRODUCTION (Family Time Parental Control)

The Family time parental control app considers the perils that digital exposure poses on kids. As a modern parental control app, the Tokyo-based company introduced the Family time app which includes a co-parenting and unlimited number of kids. The app has been launched on both Android and iOS platform, although specific attributes may be absent on Apple devices. This app helps parents only with mobile devices, not personal computers (look for other apps for desktop monitoring).

What is Family Time Parental Control app?

Family time parental control app is recognized for its dual role in the parental control app market. The family time parental control app encourages co-parenting with multiple kids. In another case, if your parents are old and you need to stay updated on their whereabouts, you can use this app.

The family time parental control app has been successful on both the Android and iOS platform. Certain features are not introduced on the iOS platform yet and will be launched shortly.

Family time comes with a distinguished pricing plan. While many free parental Parental Control apps are available in the market, Family time charges for better parental control features. The free services are minimal.

Pricing is calculated based on the number of devices used.  There is no limitation on the number of installations; however, to incur benefits from the app one needs to calculate the number of devices and pay the subscription fee.

Family time offers a small three-day trial period. Too short than the others in the market!




How does the Family Time parental control App work?

Similar to a couple of other competitors, Family Time issues two apps – one for the parent and another for the child. We feel it is better to have a single app concept with two modes, reduces the confusion.

Installation of the parent app is pretty straightforward on the parent Android devices. Like other apps, the creation of an account is compulsory. For the child app, you need to be ready to enter child profile information like name, relation, date of birth, etc. Once you click the, activate button and allow the various accessibility permissions the app is good to go.

For iOS devices, mobile device management needs installing, MDM profile is mandatory for monitoring.

Features of Family Time Parental Control

Parent Dashboard

Time restrictions

Time restrictions are advocated in two ways in the app. You can either set a time limit on the apps or set a daily schedule.

App usage controller controls the usage of separate apps. Set a time limit on the app and your children cannot access the app once they have exhausted their time limit.

Another way to handle screen time is by prohibiting the device for a specific period in the day. The app focuses on bedtime, dinnertime and study hours, expecting parents to set the time accordingly. What we appreciate is the customization offered in the schedule.

Web filters with safe search

Recently, Family time introduced internet filters on their Android version of the Family time parental control app. Family time has kept the concept of filtering similar to the other players in the market-Category-based filtering.

There are plenty of parent-friendly restriction options like SafeSearch, Pornography, Drugs, Dating, gambling, etc. which are prohibited via the app. Your kids will receive a notification on accessing any restricted content.

App blocker

App blocking begins with monitoring phone usage by finding out what apps children are using.

Family time offers a selective app blocking technique to restrict inappropriate apps. Use the toggle to lock apps from your child’s menu. Kids receive a notification when they approach any blocked app.  

Location tracker

GPS enabled location tracking offers three distinct features – Location finder, location history, and Geofence positions.

The location tracker and location history are the usual features we discovered in most apps. Geofencing provides an additional edge to the app by setting virtual zones; kids can enter and leave the zone by triggering an instant notification to the parent.

SMS & Call tracker

Android users get to supervise kids calls and messages, but missing in the iOS version. Family time’s text and call tracker is very efficient, providing information from the historical archives, this certainly gives an overall picture to parents about their kid’s communication pattern.

Currently, MMS is not supported in the app and blocking of contacts is yet to be introduced in the app. Most players have both tracking and blocking capability for texting and calling contacts.


The concept of co-parenting defines family Time parental control’s uniqueness. The app allows for adding guardians or another parent to monitor kids. Two heads are then one!

Safe drive

Firstly, very few apps offer the speed limiting feature and Family time parental control app does it well. Parents can set a speed limit in KPH, receive notifications when your child breaches the speed limit.


The reporting strategy is pretty vanilla. Information of the child is extracted from their profile information. Location history, app usage, and text & call history can be mined from the kid’s profile.


Child Dashboard


The child has access to the pick me up button and SOS button at all times. If your child is stranded at a remote location, they can send a pick-me-up alert along with their position in the map. Parents can respond by pressing on “OK, Coming” or “Sorry, I Can’t.”


Your child can send an immediate alert requesting you to reach the crisis location immediately. Operation of the SOS feature is quite similar to Pick-me-up.

Pointers for Enhancement

Family time strives to be unique as a family parental control app, but currently, we felt a lot is missing in the app. Presence on iOS is relieving news, but the number of features is comparatively less considering the price quoted by the app.

As an enhancement exercise, here are some improvement areas Family time can utilize:

  1. A trial period of 3 days is too short a time to test the app accurately. At least a standard 7-10 days should be maintained.
  2. We did not find any provision for prohibiting the uninstalling of the child app which is a necessary enhancement; otherwise, the whole idea of installing the app gets defeated.  
  3. Web filtering is not yet introduced in the iOS version, but we are waiting for the feature eagerly!
  4. Along with the tracking of text & calling contacts, blocking is the need of the hour.
  5. We feel the price Family Time charges its users, PC or desktop monitoring should have been included. Otherwise, the app turns out to be costly.  
  6. The lead runners are currently offering social media intervention in the market; it will be good to have feature.
  7. iOS version is devoid of call and text monitoring; we hope to see this functionality soon.

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Why we loved the Family Time Parental control app?

It is quite impressive how unlimited children can be added on the Family Time Parental control app, and multiple parents are added for monitoring the child. Kid devices are charged for subscription; however, the parent devices are not charged.

The user interface is sleek and straightforward. You will hardly find any cluttered data on the app. All users acknowledge the ease of use and easy setup.

Very few apps in the market have mastered the skill of pausing the internet, and Family Time parental control app has been successful.

As a bottom line, we found the app to be a bit expensive considering the parental controls offered at the said rate. We believe this family time parental control app needs a little revamping and re-strategizing to compete in the parental control market.