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Kaspersky Safe Kids

INTRODUCTION of Kaspersky Safe Kids

Parental control apps are widespread in the market offering simple to complex solutions. These apps are a blessing for parents facing challenges with kids prone to online and offline dangers because of the growing usage of smartphones. Along with smartphones, there is a rising demand for desktop safety tools.

Kaspersky Safe kids’ app has a lot going for it! It is undoubtfully easy to setup and use. Safe kids’ app offers a remarkably cheap annual subscription rate.  This app has been recognized not only for its affordable prices but also for its advanced internet filters and social media & text supervision.

What is Kaspersky Safe Kids?

Kaspersky Safe kids is an affordable and useful parental control app available with a freemium business model. The free parental control offerings are all common abilities to restrict inappropriate content, limiting improper app usage and controlling screen time. What took away our breath were the pocket-friendly premium features, for which you merely need to pay $14.99 annually.

Due to the top-notch reputation created in the antivirus market, Kaspersky’s safe kids’ app has been top-rated amongst parents. Kaspersky cleverly used the green on white brand color for their parental control app to send the message of good brand quality.

Apple has maintained a stable status quo around its policies which restricts many decent functionalities in the iOS version. Kaspersky works comparatively better on the Android platform than iOS.

Kaspersky parental controls are sufficient for today’s parents looking for simple yet technologically advanced apps at a cheap rate.

How does the Kaspersky Safe Kids App work?

Unlike a few apps in the market, Kaspersky has defined a single app for both parent and child.

Once the parent downloads the app, they are asked to allow specific access permissions and create their account. Creation of an account is possible on both My Kaspersky account on the web or via the app. An additional access code can be defined to ensure the safety of all the parental settings and avoid unauthorized access to your kid’s data.

Proceed ahead with creating your kids’ profile by adding their name and birth year.

Similarly, install the safe kids’ app in your child’s Android, MAC, iOS or Windows device based on the platform your child uses.

Parents will receive a piece of advice from the Kaspersky safe kids’ app suggesting how to communicate to your kids about the app and its utility. Display of advices is a part of the “Advice for Parents” capability offered by Kaspersky. Interesting, isn’t it?
The setup instructions are straight forward and easy to understand.

Features of Kaspersky Safe Kids

Free Feature list of Kaspersky Safe kids

  • Website restrictions

Internet-based filtering is limited and comprehensive. Kaspersky has defined 14 categories for web filtering, where other apps provide 48 or 150 types. No doubt, the app filtering categories are less, yet they correctly cover all the essential categories.

Web filtering works decently well for all the standard browsers. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. are all covered. In case kids find a loophole with an alternate browser, immediately block the browser.

The parental control app creates a default setting of forbidden, warning and allowed categories based on the captured age in your child’s profile.

The categorization neatly captures categories from alcohol, profanity, and some unique ones like Job search and electronic commerce.

Any website with a “warning” sign will trigger a notification to your child trying to visit the website. Entering the site is in your kid’s hand, but receiving notification about the same is ensured by the app.

For the forbidden sites, parents can receive a request from kids for instant approval through the app.

  • App management

Kaspersky makes use of category filtering for blocking apps. Similar to the web-filtering, the app presents 17 app categories which can be forbidden or allowed for kids.

Good news is that the app usage controller overlaps appropriately with the screen time controller. If you allow your kids 2 hours of screen time daily, you can enable accessing their favorite game for 20 mins.  

App management thoroughly works in unification with the age restriction ratings of apps. Parents cannot alter the app restrictions which are already prohibited by the app rating.

  • Screen time control

A simple functionality commonly provided by all parental control apps in the market, yet the monitoring and screen time limiting elements don’t work together.

At one point in time, either you can check the usage of your kid’s screen time, or you can limit their screen time. Accessing the statistics and defining screen time cannot be performed in tandem. There is a process of requesting associated with additional time needed by your child, but this is again limited to desktop usage and not phones or tablets.

We observed some flexibility in the screen time controller; you can either shut off their device entirely or send a warning to both parent and child when the screen time threshold is touched. Parents can tackle the issue according to their desire!



Premium elements of Kaspersky Safe kids

  • Child locator

The missing element in many parental control apps, geofencing, exists within Kaspersky safe kids. The location monitoring provides a combination of tracking and geofencing on the GPS enabled map.  

Why we adored the Geofencing technology of Kaspersky? Because of the time frame defined for each geofence your child should be in the day. This uniqueness of Kaspersky’s geofence is due to the time frame reference. The location tracker does not provide location history at this point in time. Hopefully, we will be able to see it soon!

  • Battery threshold tracker

Battery tracking is a unique attribute Kaspersky introduced in their safe kids’ app. Parents get notified when kid’s battery level is low.

  • Social network activity tracker

With the social networking tracker, you have decent access to the online activities on your kid’s Facebook account. Other social media handles have been neglected in this feature. Parents have to mandatorily send a link to their kids to start the tracking process. We wonder if there can be an alternate way to start this process, considering the feature is very powerful.

  • Calls & Text Monitoring

Although text monitoring is limited to Android devices yet the app is capable of monitoring both call logs and texts.

The app offers arrangements for monitoring a specific contact that may be a concern for you. So, flagging the suspicious contact number will help you in receiving notification when the contact triggers a call or text.

If you are wondering whether the feature captures text content, well, sorry folks! Provision has not been met! Although there are players in the market which help you with SMS contents, however, we don’t view this as a deal breaker considering the limited use of SMS nowadays.

  • Parent Dashboard

One particular attribute which impressed us was the parent dashboard, offering extremely granular reports of screen time, app usage, Facebook activities, etc. along with the special advice to parents.

Areas for Enhancement

Kaspersky is an example of value for money. Even though the price is impressively less, but the quality of the functionalities is reasonably decent. We have some quick recommendations here for enhancing the app:

  1. iOS version of the app is weak (we cannot entirely blame Kaspersky!). There is a considerable market for stable iOS friendly parental control apps.
  2. Time management controller has a weird limitation which allows either monitoring kid’s usage or limiting their screen time. We barely understood why both attributes work together (which is relatively common in all parental control software).
  3. One small issue which we recommend Kaspersky to change is the reduction of the radius of the Geofence ground which is a bit too much for proper geofencing of kids.

Why we loved the Safe kids’ app?

The default settings based on your child’s profile is a real blessing for parents who may go a bit too far with digital discipline. Default arrangement of parental controls is what child experts provide for kids in a specific age group.

Geofencing with time frame setting takes away the winner award. Geofencing is not only missing in other players, but the ones which offer geofencing do not grant time frame for the defined geofence. You are aware of what time your kid is present in the geofence. Kudos to the idea!

The “Advice to Parent” works well, as the app gathers FAQ’s from child specialists & experts and brings it on the table for parents view.

We did not see any issues in the app which was a deal breaker to us. Hands down Kaspersky Safe Kids app is suitable for parents planning to invest less in parental control apps and receive valuable solution for kids’ digital safety.