Kundali Matching Software, Zodiac Signs and Horoscope App Review

Kundali Matching Software, Zodiac Signs and Horoscope

Are you looking for a reliable Kundli Matching Software for Marriage? Or even more things related to astrological aspects? You are in the right place, dear friend!

We shall get to know all about an app that has been loved by many avid followers of astrology. This app has been the best to offer a wide list of features for the convenience of the users. The app is Kundali Matching Software, Zodiac Signs and Horoscope App.

It is a software developed with  the advice of expert astrologers. Hence it is one of the most reliable horoscope apps in this online market. It is not at all a bluff!


Let’s quickly get an eagle-eye view of the features offered in this app. 

What are the Features of Kundali Matching App?


The first thing that I loved about the app is its interactive interface. The first look of it gives a sense of intrigue and it is interesting to see the moon change its phases according to the different dates. The dates and location can be altered in order to see a location-specific moon phase.

Next is a scrollable list of features provided for the ease of users in this astrology and free daily horoscope app. The side menu drawer has all the features and some add-ons in it. The option to switch language is also given over there. 

Check out the services offered in this Kundali Matching app.

  • Panchang

It is an astrological journal which is used to give important information related to auspicious and inauspicious dates and timings.

Tithi, day(vaar), Nakshatra, Yoga, and Karana are known by a panchang. This Kundali Software offers Today Panchang and Month Panchang.

  • Kundali 

The Natal Chart is the one that is looked for when something about a person is to be revealed. It may tell about all the aspects of the life of a person like about their relationship with their friends and family, their likes, dislikes, etc..

In this app, you need to just enter the details like name, date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth, and you can get your Kundali with basic details in minutes. 

This free horoscope app gives brief description of the Kundali or rather only of the part that matters. One can pay a nominal amount of fees (which is acceptable) if they are willing to take an expert and in-depth information about their Kundali.      

  • Kundali Match

The traditions and beliefs say that it is always good to check the marriage compatibility before getting married, with Kundali match. It describes if the boy and girl are compatible with each other or not.

Also, if there is any dosha in the Kundali matching report, it can be known from here. This is a very good option if one is seeking to match the kundali for free.

  • Hindu Calendar

If you are skeptical about the important dates or tithis of the month then this is all you need. This section of this free horoscope app tells about the important dates with tithis like Ekadashi, Amavasya, Pradosh, Poornima, etc. falling in a particular month.

  • Horoscope

Knowing about the horoscope in prior helps in planning out different things. Moreover, it is also makes us aware of the bitter events that may happen to us. Planning out the day with daily horoscope is the best thing ever.

You can also plan your month in accordance with the monthly horoscope. These predictions as per each of the Zodiac Signs are given over here. Choose your sign and know what the cosmos has to offer to you. It is that simple!  

  • Vrat and Upavas

The Vrats and Upavas of the year are known from here. Important fasting days as per the Astrology like Ekadashi, Purnima, Pradosh, etc.are given in this kundali matching app with the dates on which they are falling.  

  • Muhurat

Since everything in the horoscope has relevance to the timing, it becomes very important to check the timing for beginning something new or even for carrying out the important events of the day.

This Zodiac horoscope app makes the timing slots very clear using a color-coding pattern. There are different patterns for different timings as per the most auspicious, inauspicious, and good. The slots can be in accordance with Gowri Panchangam, Shubha Hora, and Choghadiya. Information about Rahu Kaal is also given in this free horoscope app.

  • Lyrics

If you are fond of reading prayers or chanting mantras and stotra, then this is the perfect destination of this zodiac horoscope app for you.

A wide range of Aartis, Chalisa, Strotram, Mantra, Sunderkand, Nama Ramayana, and Ashtakam Collection is provided for a majority of Gods, Goddesses, and Saints. You can just tap on what you want to read and it will be there in front of you. 

  • Tarot

 It is a way of self-realization through intuitive cards. This method in this free horoscope app uses a 3 card reading to help you deal with the problem you are facing. It also suggests the ways with which you can move on the right path. 

  • Astrology

This is a broad section and covers some of the vital parts of an astrology reading. It gives information about the Mangal Dosha, Kaal Sarp Dosha, information about Nakshatra, Zodiac Signs, Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Zodiac Compatibility, and Love Calculator.

All of these can be known by entering just some basic details. It is interesting how this horoscope app has limited the hassle of finding these numbers through an expert astrologer. 

  • Numerology

Numbers, when used for prediction, can be very profitable. This method in this daily horoscope app uses numbers to tell the future and related traits of a person.

Life Path Number, Maturity Number, and Destiny Number can be known by entering the required information in this section.

  • Diwali

Since Diwali is one of the most important Indian festivals, this free horoscope app has denoted a separate section for this festival.

It is one of the longest festivals that runs for 5 days and information about each of those days can be known in this section.

Along with this, there are muhurats given for the special puja days so that one can plan for the day accordingly. 

  • Shardiya Navratri

Navratri is another longest-running Indian festivals. It runs for 9 days. This kundali matching app has threaded the information even for this festival. Tapping on a particular day, you will be redirected to the detailed information of it. 


With this, the kundali matching software review culminates. The app no doubt offers a wide range of features that can be accessed so easily and that too without spending a dime. The only issue that was observed with this app is that it needs an active internet connection for some features to work.