Norton Family Parental Control App Review

Norton Family Parental Control

INTRODUCTION TO Norton Parental Control App

As beneficial as the internet appears, it is a massive source of problems for the kids. Lurking threat of cyber bullies and attackers is a universal fact, but exposure to explicit content at a naive age of 6- 15 years can be a disaster.

Emphasizing on the online activities of kids as the primary problem, Norton introduced the Family parental control app which is an intelligent mix of monitoring, blocking, tracking and filtering. Norton’s top-notch web filtering technique offers round the clock information of kids’ online activities.

What is Norton Family Parental Control App?

Stellar reputation of Norton plays a great deal of support to the Family Parental control app. Norton Family Parental Control app stands by its brand value and offers technologically advanced family parental controls supporting multiple devices and child accounts.

Norton’s family parental control capabilities give you the opportunity to track your kid’s search results, websites, and social network activities. Be on top of all the YouTube videos your kid’s access.

Norton captures all the common parental control functionalities and performs excellently in comparison to others in the market.

Although the app is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android yet, the iOS version is a bit flimsy.

How does the app work?

Norton’s products are highly advanced, yet the installation and usage of the app are straightforward. Norton has stuck to a single app for both parent and child. Based on your role, you can select the Parent or child mode.

The parent can sign up into the app and add the child device. Similarly, get the app downloaded on your kid’s device, log in with your credentials and select the child mode. Choose the child’s device and allow access permissions.

If you realize the need for adding another guardian or parent, you can readily invite the parent from the app.

The app comes with a 30-day trial period post which the app needs is renewed by paying $49.99 annually for unlimited devices and kid accounts.

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Features of Norton Family Parental Control App

Monitoring & Blocking tools

Website monitoring – You will find web rules pre-defined based on your child’s age (house rules comprise of best practices). Website supervision is very robust for both filtering and monitoring web pages. This limits your child to browse on limited browsers like Norton browser and allows limited categories of websites from the 48 different types created.

Time management– Using the shaded boxes to modify the schedule your child can use their device in the day. Also, set the overall time your child can access the device. iOS is limited to only scheduling whereas the Android and Windows provide both.

App management– Like other parental control software, supervise your kid’s app usage status and restrict unsuitable apps.

Restriction on Texting– Text monitoring is limited to Android devices. Parents can monitor SMS which includes viewing the text content. This functionality allows blocking SMS coming or going to contacts and handles future SMS rules.

Notification is sent to your child and the contact person about the monitored text messages. Also, the app is limited to text content and cannot handle MMS videos or photos.

Tracking & Talking

Social Network supervision– Firstly, this feature works only on the Windows device. It is a PC based functionality which tracks how many times your child logs into their social media platform, name, and age they use. The major limitation we see is the incapability to follow mobile activity where most of the social networking happens.

Search history – Check your kids’ search activities up to 30 days and enable the safe search filtering options on all search engines. Based on what you find your kids searching, you can clearly understand what they are up to.

Videos restrictions– Keep track of all the YouTube and Hulu videos accessed via the browser. The app version cannot be monitored and no place for Netflix videos at this point of time. Another missing element is the videos are the videos emerging in the web pages; they get qualified without any parental permission.

Instant lock– Now call this giving break to the child or forcefully asking your child to get rid of their device, it works perfectly in both cases. The parent lock kid’s access and get rid of their devices for a while.

Instant map location– Turning on the location supervision helps you getting the present position of your kid. Easily get their location on the current day or previous date.

Access request– Your child can request unblocking an app or website if they feel it was not necessary or unfair. Why we appreciate this functionality is because it creates a sense of responsibility in your kid to ask for permission after assessing what is right and wrong.

Scope of Improvement – While parental control apps in the market are more or less similar or unique, Norton strikes a balance with the right number of features encompassing both online and app activities. We believe there is tremendous potential in the app and it can be improved a little bit more to attract the audience.

Here is a list of observations Norton can work upon:

  • iOS version is unstable and crashes prone. It seems there are specific policies of iOS which restrict many features, and the iOS version of the Family parental control app has not turned out to be very fruitful for Norton. Hence, iOS users are often seen complaining about the app.
  • Technical Glitches are too many. Inability to reach the server is a common issue with the app.
  • Call blocking is a standard capability most players possess in the market; however, we found the functionality missing from Norton’s kitty. Slightly surprising!
  • No geofencing alert- In spite of the location tracker, the geofencing bit is missed significantly in the app. Parents don’t receive any warnings when the child crosses the virtual boundary defined.
  • Speed alert can be an additional but useful feature that should be introduced by Norton.

Why is Norton Family Parental control app popular?

Norton being a popular name in the antivirus industry catches immediate attention of parents because of the strong brand name. Norton’s name carries a trust factor for users searching for parental control app.

We are familiar with many parental control apps in the market and we can picturise Norton Family Parental control app as a package deal with all the necessary parental control functionalities. Very satisfied with the web and search filters. Very few apps have taken note of this critical parental control requirement.

For large families with two or more than two kids, this app is entirely the right choice. Norton offers the right mix of family parental controls required to discipline kids in today’s digital era.