Zift Parental Control with Net Nanny Filter App Review

Zift Parental Control


Monitoring kids on the playground is easier than tracking their online activities. Since the advent of technology parents have an additional job of monitoring their kids’ digital footprint. Parental control apps are a smart yet easy way to control and monitor your kids’ digital habits.

Allow your kids to explore the cyberspace with limited risk using the Zift Parental control app. Unlike the other parental control apps in the market, Zift ensures immediate notification to parent device whenever kid accesses any unsafe content.

Zift uses two different apps and allows multiple family devices to connect. The popularity of the app can is traced back to the Net Nanny Smart Filter Technology with extremely efficient content tracking and filtering.

What is Zift parental control with Net Nanny Filter App?

Zift uses two apps- one for the parent and another for the child-called Z child. The app comes with a dashboard to track and monitor your kids’ activities, blocked items, apps used, search results, etc.

Zift is compatible with Android and iOS devices. We have good news of the app’s release on Mac OS and Windows very soon.

Zift offers specific basic parental controls free of cost, while a couple of advanced features are paid.

Secure your family by encouraging multiple parent and child devices on the app. To ensure kid’s study hours and bedtime, parents can disconnect the internet and block apps using the parent control app.     

Content filtering of Zift is excellent. Zift achieves the tag of being the best parental control app in the market due to the application of Net Nanny Smart Filter Technology that intelligently looks into the website and app content to review your child’s online activities. Interesting, isn’t it?

Zift acquired Net Nanny in 2016 and refurbished the app from scratch utilizing the Net Nanny content filtering as the USP.

How Does Zift Parental Control App Works?

The app is easy to set up; however, what you need to be aware of is the existence of two apps, involved to complete your parental control job. First one-Zift Parental control is downloaded on the parent device and second one- Z Child is installed on the child device.

After the installation process, the app demonstrates all the features through a well-guided process. We recommend not skipping the guide and reading it thoroughly. Once you install the child app you can add the child device, start getting the family feed and explore the family overview on the home screen.

Features- Interesting Capabilities of Zift

Dashboard and Notification Techniques

  • Get a quick family feed displaying daily activities of your kid’s along with their location on the map.
  • Child profile allows customization of each child’s rules based on their actions, age, and maturity.
  • Reports are systematic and logically placed, providing detailed data on your child’s real-time searches, apps used and alerts triggered on use of inappropriate content.
  • Receive instant alerts from Zift if your child is caught accessing unsuitable app or content.

Controller buttons

  • Net nanny smart filter takes away the attention by its unique web filtering mechanism to verify web pages real time to ensure child safety.
  • Blocking inappropriate apps is another common feature that Zift performs flawlessly.
  • In order to control kids screen time – either set curfew hours depending on the usage of your kid’s or you can simply turn off the internet connectivity!

Child’s Whereabouts

  • Family overview map provides a unified platform to track the location of all your kids in real-time. Who needs geofencing when you have kid’s real-time location!
  • Track your child’s location history unlike other parental control apps, and be sure of the recent position in case your kid misplaces the cell phone.

Parental Tips

  • Get interesting parental insights to get enlightened about new parental control tips and trends useful for your child’s upbringing.
  • Learn about new apps trending in kids’ world through app advisor.

Scope of Improvement

In spite of all the exciting and attractive features of Zift, we came across a couple of areas which can be improved to generate more users.

Parental control apps are competing not only on functionalities but also on the subscription fee for premium features. After a thorough review of all the other apps in the market and based on industry best practices we gathered a list of improvement areas for Zift:

  • Lack of text and call monitoring which several parental control apps employ brilliantly.
  • A high annual premium subscription fee is another major problem in comparison to other apps.
  • Zift is a technologically advanced app yet there is no provision for Geofencing and speed alerts
  • No anti-theft functionalities in the app.
  • We observed Zift pushing parental educational contents (in the free version) too many times during the usage of the app which may cause users withdrawal.
  • Users have found many technical issues with the app, which brings us on the app stability concerns. We would recommend some renovation, especially in the free version to divert audience to the premium version.
  • Uninstallation is a tricky thing if you want to discard the app; you may not be able to uninstall the app from your child’s device.

This app has several unique and useful attractions which overpower the improvement areas mentioned above — creating a vast user base in a brief time. Kudos to the effort!

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It’s truly said that Safety is in our hands but, what about our innocent Kid’s, who does not even know about the cheapening flowing around them.

Why Parents love the app?

Yes, Zift is definitely a promising parental control app. This app was launched in 2018 yet; it has gained significant name because of its robust web content filtering. Hands down many parental control apps can’t match up to Zift on this functionality!

Your kids may not like the brilliant filtering and monitoring features offered by the app, but the parental control app genuinely assures peace of mind by sending notifications and access to the real-time location of your kids.

The installation process is very straightforward and well-guided. Enough details are provided for parents to install the app in both parent and child device.

Zift is unique not only in its design but allows parents to manipulate the internet usage on kids’ device.  Pause the internet as and when you like!

Zift parental control app comes with many enticing and practical capabilities highly useful in today’s cyberspace. Recommended parental control app for all teenager’s parent!