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Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

Last updated on August 13th, 2019 at 08:58 am

Idea Behind the Game (Godfire: Rise of Prometheus)

Godfire Rise of Prometheus is a true action-driven game both for the Android and iOS platform, which is unlike any other for mobile devices, this game puts the players in the armor of Prometheus in the digital world of its own – here a titan is assigned to defy the gods and embarks on an epic journey to save mankind.

This game’s most unique feature is its jaw-dropping graphics and animations created in collaboration with Oscar-nominated animation studio Platige Image and powered by the Unreal Engine technology, the game lets you go through the dynamic third-person combat against multitude of enemies, epic in scale story and boss battles.

In this the user get to experience free exploration of a unique world where myth meets technology, competitive Survival and Time Attack modes and endless character and play style specification, godfire rise of prometheus apk delivers a truly console-quality experience on mobile devices.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus Game Play

Gameplay in Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is alike to that of God of War, and draws many other features from it. You can freely move your character which can include through different scenarios, by try finding treasures and hidden secrets.

The next level will make you enter combat, and then virtual attack buttons will appear so you can divert and engage the enemy. Throughout the battles you can do many different combo attacks, alternating between the two normal attacks and the special moves. Naturally, the enemies will also be attacking you, so to dodge you’ll have to use the virtual joystick and the block button.

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As you win and keep on advancing through the story in Godfire: Rise of Prometheus you’ll be able to improve all the Titan’s features, which includes his attacks and defense/health points. This advantage let you buy new weapons and armor.

Features of Godfire Rise of Prometheus

This is the most dynamic feature of this game –the robust combat system and unleash shattering wrath attacks while without restrictions and going through the navigating the battlefield using spontaneous controller or touch controls.

To stay on the edge, learn to fight with the face nightmarish creatures in visually stunning, multi-phased boss battles of epic proportions.

As the name suggest this game gives you the option to discover a beautiful world of myth and technology, solve riddles with secrets, puzzles and dozens of unique items to discover.

This game has the most amazing Unreal Engine-powered visuals, which is created in collaboration with Oscar-nominated animation studio Platige Image.

Although this may sound more technical but this game offers  jaw-dropping visual effects like tessellation with displacement mapping and advanced anti aliasing – made possible with the power of Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 805 and 810 technology, and OpenGL ES 3.1!

The creator of this game knew the importance of Audio visual effects-this gives you this feature wherein you can immerse yourself in the story of Prometheus, with fully featured cut scenes and dialogues voiced by professional actors.

To bring in more excitement into this virtual reality, this game gives you the option to fight against hordes of bloodthirsty enemies and time itself in the game’s Survival and Time Attack modes, and challenge your friends using a variety of online social features and leader boards.

Once you get the hang of the game, this game gives you to level up Prometheus, learn new skills, and discover a variety of up-gradable weapons, armor and magical items, fight using power-ups fit for a titan hero.

These features come just for the Android user-latest new dynamic Lava Pit survival arena, the Time Attack mode, exciting Quests feature, enhanced graphics and much more –available exclusively for Android.

To keep the game interesting the creator of this game keeps updating the regular free content updates introducing new story chapters, Survival mode arenas, weapons, items and more.

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