10 Best iPhone,iPad and Mac Cleaner Apps 2020


Cleaner apps for Android are having a moment but what about the iPhone cleaner app? Do iPhone users even need a cleaner app? Well, we’ll be getting the knowledge regarding iPhone and cleaning in this amazing article right here!

Do Cleaning apps for iPhone and iPad are Required?

Absolutely YES! Even iPhone and iPad require a cyclic cleanup to maintain their performance. Compared to Android mobiles, the cleaning in iPhone and iPad may not be that frequent but this does not imply that these iOS devices do not need a periodic cleanup. 

There can be multiple benefits if one uses a cleaner app for iPhone and iPad. Some of them can be extra space, a cache and a junk-free device, a comparatively faster device, an optimized device, and many more. Hence getting an app that cleans iPhone and iPad is a deal of sheer benefit.

This is why we have curated a list of the best cleaner apps for iPhone and iPad. Have a look at the same below.

Best Cleaner Apps for iPhone and iPad for 2010

  • Cisdem iPhone Cleaner

This is one of the best cleaner apps for iPhone and iPad. If you have been suffering from the problem of low storage space then this is something you must think to consider.

It is a smart cleaner by Cisdem that wipes out waste data like junk files, cache, hidden temp, etc. The removal of such data creates a useable space.

However, to use this, you need to make a connection between your iPhone/iPad and your Mac. This cleaning app for iPhone and iPad supports backup in just one click. It gives your device a great speed and makes it free from irritating freezes.  

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  • iMyFone Umate Pro

This is an all in one cleaner for iPhone and iPad. It is an tool that can help incite effective and deep cleaning mechanisms on your iPhone and iPad. It claims to clean around 30 kinds of junk off your device hence making it run better than before.

It gives you to preview the files or apps that you can choose to delete later on. However, to use this, you need to make a connection between your iPhone/iPad and your Mac. Its interface is very simple and attractive.

This cleaning app for iPhone and iPad is quick in performing all of its operations.

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  • Clean Doctor

Do you even think about the reminders that have expired? Or the calendar dates that are of no use anymore? Well nobody does it. But with this cleaning app for iPhone and iPad, you can expect these useless things to get deleted.

Offered by Wei Zhe, this iPhone and iPad cleaner app is amazing at cleaning videos and photos that are of large size, that look similar, and the ones that hold no use for you now. It comes with a feature that aims at clearing and managing the contact of your phone book. There are many other features that can work for your benefit. 

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  • Smart Cleaner – Clean Storage

Do you even realize while taking the screenshots that you may capture the same screen multiple times by mistake? It can happen and it is something that occupies the storage space. Smart Cleaner is one of the best apps that clean the iPhone and iPad.

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It dedicatedly removes the similar photos including screenshots, live photos, burst, large videos, etc. It also keeps a check on the contacts and removes the duplicate contacts if found. Offered by BPMobile, this iPhone and iPad cleaning app do not clean device memory. The best feature of this app is the one that allows you to secretly hide the photos of your device.

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  • Phone Cleaner for iPhone, iPad

This is again one of the best iPhone and iPad cleaner app if you are looking out for some additional storage. This app is an organizer that can literally save your device from all the mess it has been suffering through. ‘Phone Cleaner for iPhone, iPad’ is offered by ‘saar baruch’.

One amazing feature you can get in this iPhone and iPad cleaner app is web cleaning. In this, you can get rid of those annoying ads from your browser. Other features of this app aim at organizing the photo gallery by deleting duplicates, sorting and deleting the large files, and many more!

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  • iChecker- Check storage memory

This is the app that shows RAM with a percentage meter. Through this app, you can get to know the available storage space on your device. It also checks the disk size.

This iPhone and iPad cleaning app is offered by Zehui Wang. if your phone has become a mess with the uncountable number of contacts, then leave it on to this amazing app. It will merge the duplicate contacts while deleting the ones with no mane. 

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  • Clean Master- Cleaner Pro App

If you are looking pout for something that can manage the photos, videos, and contacts all together on your device, you can check out this amazing iPhone and iPad cleaner app. Offered by Maple Labs Co., Ltd, this app comes in both free and premium versions.

The premium one has got a number of lovable and useful features. You can choose to group duplicate contacts, merge them, backup and restore and much more. Similarly, the photos or videos that are similar or occupy large spaces can be deleted.   

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  • Cleaner – Clean Duplicate Item

This app stands with a good star rating on the app store. This cleaning app for iPhone and iPad is offered by Brain Craft Ltd. You can choose to remove all the unwanted files like duplicate or large-sized photos in just a single tap.

The add-on features include compressing the photos or videos. Also, the details about the battery can be known from this cleaner app for iPhone and iPad. 

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  • iSkysoft Data Eraser

This is a tool that is super beneficial if you are thinking to switch your device or even if you are donating or selling your device.

It has a mechanism that deletes all of your personal data which is unrecoverable once deleted. This will keep your personal information personal. This cleaner app for iPhone and iPad is great when it comes to speeding up the device.

It deletes the unwanted data from your device in one click. However, you need to connect your iPhone/ iPad to your Mac to make this one work.  

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  • Phone Cleaner for Media Files

Media files are very much responsible for the slow speed of a device. Cleaning your iPhone and iPad with this app can make it visibly faster.

This app finds and deletes the media files that are occupying large space on your device. This also removes similar or duplicate photos. The cherry on the cake is you can hide the groups of similar photos from your photo gallery. 

So this was all about the best cleaner app for iPhone and iPad for 2020. Hope this list helps you get the required speed and space on your iPhone and iPad. 

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