Kicksta Review : Features, Pricing, Pros, Cons & Expert Advice


There is no wonder that Instagram has taken over the world like a gust and why almost everyone is obsessed with this social media portal.

With over 500 million daily users and more than 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is the 3rd most prominent social networking website. And that’s the reason why everybody – from the top most brands to niche entrepreneurs nowadays rely on Instagram to boost their online presence. 

It is perceived as a gateway of engagement marketing that helps to expand the business to lure big gigs, paid partnerships and lots of sales. 

Well, getting started on social network can definitely drive more traffic and earn you better results if you know the right strategy and tool to apply.

In this article, I’ll give you a rundown about the splendid growth tool – Kicksta for the Instagram platform.

What Is Kicksta? 

Formerly known as Kickstagram is an Instagram engagement marketing and automation tool that many users trust and swear by. 

Kicksta generates and regenerates the real followers; the ones that are active and show engagement on your posts. It is powered by cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology. It will connect you with the users who have a keen interest in your niche.

Is Kicksta Good For Instagram Marketing?

To grow your business  (small/large) organically, you need ideal Instagram followers. A couple of hundred or thousand followers, half of which cease to exist as they are inactive isn’t going to help you multiply (your business). You need a robust tool that can grab real followers and active engagement in a few easy steps.

Kicksta is utterly safe and does not get your profile prohibited for unusual traffic derived from your account. It keeps a spy eye on your posts, alike posts and drives engagement for your personal as well as business accounts.

Although there are many services out there in the market, providing you with followers, their shady offers facilitate the ghost followers that lead you nowhere.

Let’s Take A Look At Kicksta’s Features:

  • Build the target audience:

Kicksta actually targets the category of audience you would prefer to engage with. It filters a list of similar accounts which are related to yours, and then ‘likes’ the posts of that related alike account users.

Once Kicksta carefully approached users and liked their pictures, possibilities are 7/10 profiles will find your content and post intriguing and decide to communicate and follow you back.

  • Smart targeting algorithm:

Combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence derives more Insta followers and likes for your brand. Kicksta’s smart targeting algorithm connects you with the users who are most likely to follow and interact with your account. 

  • The organic approach drives more gigs:

Do you know why many Instagram boosters get users accounts hacked or banned? Those tools do not pay much heed to your personal data. They optimize the follow/unfollow strategy, which Instagram does not pardon and strictly prohibits such activities.

Whereas, Kicksta offers an organic service which does not break any Instagram protocol and targets the audience with mature approaches.

  • Generates growth reports:

Kicksta’s analytical dashboard enables you to check and track the count of followers and engagement rate anytime. You can even get the actionable insights which work best to grow your brand.

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How Kicksta Works?

Kicksta raves about its 4 steps strategized procedure of Instagram engagement marketing. 

  • First, you provide a few target accounts (whose followers you want to have) that can be Insta usernames, locations or hashtags to Kicksta. 
  • Secondly, from those target accounts, Kicksta will like 1-2 photos on your behalf – acting as a ‘tap on the shoulder’.
  • Thirdly, Kicksta notifies and grab the attention of those liked users about your brand.
  • Lastly, these target users check out your page, that increases your brand awareness, and if they like, they will start following your page, and it expands your trade.

Additionally, several Smart Filters are also available to ensure you don’t gain fake, inappropriate or bot accounts. You can also blacklist hashtags or accounts you don’t want to engage with.

Unlike few Instagram growth services, Kicksta does not guarantee followers count, nor it sends direct messages, comments on posts, or follow/unfollow people. It just follows the organic method.

Kicksta Pricing

Kicksta offers two monthly pricing plans based on your business needs. Each pricing package ensures to deliver 100% real Instagram growth.

  1. Moderate Growth Plan:

This plan is best suited for entrepreneurs and influencers. It has a monthly fee of $49 with a variety of features like:

  • Smart Filters
  • Video onboarding
  • Safety and security 
  • Ability to define 10 target audience

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  1. Maximum Growth Plan:

This plan is for gaining a larger number of followers once your brand awareness is created in the market. Its monthly fees are $99. Along with all the features of moderate growth, you can avail additional benefits such as:

  • 40 target audience capacity
  • Location, hashtag and gender targeting
  • Live chat support
  • Email support
  • Ability to blacklist users

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Does Kicksta Violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines?

It is dubious when you get a message about your account’s suspicious activities. However, Instagram and Facebook crack down on third-party services that automated their activities and sells fake followers.

Whereas, Kicksta blurs the line and takes the benefit of loophole.

If you ‘buy’ followers or likes, your risk of getting spammed is higher as Instagram instantaneously deletes suspicious activities. You may also end up getting banned.

With Kicksta, you will get authentic connections and meaningful engagement. Its filter tools help you to avoid spam and fake accounts.  

It is safe and will not allow degrading your credibility as it has served 10000+brands, and influencers has gained millions of followers.

Pros Of Kicksta:

By now, you are much aware of this Instagram tool, so let us check out its advantages.

  • Safe site: It has a secure website with https URL. It means Google trusts this site and its safe to provide personal information to a trustworthy database.
  • No hidden costs: Kicksta’s pricing patterns are straight and include no invisible cost, and it makes decisions easier for you as per your (business) requirements.
  • FAQs are helpful: In case the customer support team is offline, you can refer FAQ’s on their website to clear your doubts.
  • Fruitful analytical dashboard: Kicksta provides detailed reports about the growth of your brand and offers the best advice to boost your online presence as per the need.
  • Money back guarantee: Its reviews are transparent and authentic as you can see their results they achieved from ‘usernames of Instagram accounts.’ However, if you are sceptical about it, you can even try this tool for 14 days with a money back guarantee.

Cons Of Kicksta:

This article remains incomplete without discussing the hiccups. So let’s begin.

  • Prices are comparatively higher: Kicksta is quite expensive while comparing its features with another service provider like Upleap.
  • Irregular customer support: Another drawback is its live chat is not available 24/7. Live chat takes time to respond, and customer support goes offline sometimes throughout the day.
  • Stringent payment policies: Kicksta only accepts credit card payments.
  • Engagement depends on content: Kicksta is a better option of gaining followers, but the engagement relies on the quality of your posts. The content you post should be up to the mark to make people follow you. 


Well, Kisksta is legit as per my opinion as it adopts organic methodologies to attract the audience. 

Kicksta’s positives outweigh its negatives, and it is mentioned by reputable companies like Forbes and Huffington Post.

Rather than using shady services of other providers, Kicksta is offering ‘genuine followers’ by avoiding the bot and potential spam users. 

I wouldn’t be reluctant to use Kicksta for Instagram branding and engagement.