LuckyCrush: The World Of Virtual Flirting Review


Online dating apps are fun but have you ever thought about Random video chat? I know that sounds different, maybe crazy, but this is where the real fun is! 

Do you want to know how? 

Well, it does not matter if you are single, in a relationship, in an open relationship, or if your relationship status is complicated. If you want to have fun, you should check out this new trend in millennials which is of virtual flirting!

Flirting in real life is pretty much restricted provided the current conditions plus it was never the right way to approach others. To make things better, sorted, and more comfortable, dating sites and apps came into existence. Well, it is basically “No Strings Attached” kind of a thing. 

But as we all are evolving, these methods are witnessing a new definition. There is a hint of modernity in these activities now. Moreover, they have become so simple that you can do anything in just a click on your mobile. 

Life is sorted and so must be the idea of flirting. And this is why the developers at LuckyCrush have come up with a fresh and authentic way of flirting with people of the opposite gender all over the world through cam chat!

Do you want to know it all in detail? Continue reading!  

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What Is Virtual Flirting?

Virtual flirting is a way of healthy communication where you get to chat with strangers through various virtual methods. It can be a call, chat session, or the best, video chat session. The best part is that it is all random. You may or may not have used the general dating apps either for fun or to really find someone. The process is bulky and consumes a lot of time to build a connection. 

The better option then seems to have this uncommon flirting where you will be paired with a completely random person, anywhere from the globe. Isn’t it thrilling? The idea behind this type of flirting is simple. Just by using the cam chat of your mobile or laptop or desktop, you can connect with someone. You need not download an app for this, you simply have to reach the website to let the fun of random video chat begin. 

How To Chat With Strangers Through LuckyCrush?

It is as simple as ABC. You just have to reach out to Enter your basic details like gender, and get it going.   

It is a new age flirting where you will be randomly matched with someone to live video chat. The concept is pretty simple. If you like them, continue and if you don’t, just hit the “next” button. And you can do it as long as you are not satisfied with your cam chat partner. 

Share your wildest fantasies and deepest secrets without being judged. A male will be randomly chatting with a female and vice versa. You can either type your message while having a video chat with girls or boys or you can directly choose to share by speaking. 

The information you share remains between you two and the amount of exposure you wish depends on the consent of the participants of the cam chat. However, sharing personal information or payment of any kind is strictly restricted by the policies of the website. 

How Can You Random Video Chat With People Around The Globe With LuckyCrush?

The fundamentals of this random video chat website are simple and fair. They register an equal number of both genders- male and female so that there is nothing as overpopulation or underpopulation on the chatting site. 

They keep a stern record of the equal number of gender so that everyone gets a fair chance. Sadly, the website does not support the idea of the LGBT or same gender chatting as of now but the good news is that this idea is in the pipeline and it can be released on any day soon! 

So if your sexual orientation demands to be in cam chat with the same gender, you will enjoy it soon! The duration of the chat is completely in your hands. You can keep it as short as for a couple of seconds or you can stretch it for as long as you may please. 

Pros And Cons Of LuckyCrush

Free to use. It is not a dating site, it is just a chat site. Taking it any further remains in the choice of the participants. 
Compatible with smartphones, tablets, PCs, or laptops.  If there is nothing in front of the camera, your account can get suspended. 
A completely fresh and ephemeral concept. Sharing personal details is strictly forbidden in the site’s algorithm(due to safety purposes). 
Quicker than conventional dating apps.  Does not support the idea of LGBT(as of now)
You need not search much, your gender preference will be displayed quickly. 
Chat with strangers or virtual flirt from all over the globe, from over 100+ countries. 
The “next” button to save you from awkward moments. 
Strict security rules are produced by the website. 

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Final Thoughts

It does not matter if you are heartbroken or not, what matters s if you are lonely and bored, and looking forward to interacting with random people, then you have a great way. Flirting of such type is good for your overall well being. It absolutely runs within the limits of your consent, so if you are not comfortable, you can anytime press ‘next’!

At this time when physical meetings aren’t safe or even in general, the concept of virtual flirting is fun and thrilling both at the same time. What do you think about this concept? Do you know some other fun flirting or random video chatting concepts? Well, whatever you have in mind, including your experience at the LuckyCrush, feel free to share that with us in the comments section below! 

Happy healthy flirting to y’all!