25+ Best Mac Apps You Must have in 2020


Mac, as the name suggests, everyone thinks of a slim laptop with a sleek design and premium features. Although the name MAC is enough, the device is no better than the applications it houses. 

In this article we are going to discuss about 25+ best apps for macbook in detail and also introduce you to a new champion killer app. Let us keep the suspense buried, for now.

Every laptop is designed to perform multiple operations according to the user and Mac is no different. Although the features, stylish design and premium looks speak volumes about it, is it the APPS that actually define it.

Whether you are a business owner, an artist, a student or someone from the corporate world, there are millions of best mac software available that will get you in a multi-lemma regarding which apps to get your hands on.

We have tried to make things look a bit easy by discussing some of the best mac apps. 

Every application is a subset of a huge category. To keep things simple, we have curated some categories and listed the respective apps.

Let us have a look at the quick outline of these categories:

  • Web browsing
  • Productivity
  • Communications and calls
  • Utilities
  • Work and Entertainment

While each category compiles a huge list of apps in itself, but to be transparent, we have attempted to discuss best of the best mac apps in 2020. 

Let us take a step further towards all the categories and discuss the best mac software in detail.


Web Browsing is another name for carrying out some online research regarding some specific task. Browsing through waves and waves of links and getting all the information is a herculean operation.

In addition to certain issues and problems, there are lots of apps that come with ads and pop ups. 

We have tried to live up to our research and based on the ratings and rankings from millions of users, we have decided to include these browsing apps for Mac:

#1. Safari:

As the name suggests, Safari takes you on a Safari of the jungle of web. Very easy to use, it comes with toms of features and built-in utilities to give you seamless experience while you access the internet and carry on with your work.

There are some elements of this browser that really stand tall and make this app bag the first place on our list in the web browsing category.

Intelligent tracking

As the name suggests, Intelligent Tracking will learn about advertiser and trackers who keep a track of your online activities.

Safari eliminates the cross site tracking and also removes the data left behind, giving you much more secured experience.

This browser also stops the embedded widgets like buttons, share link buttons and other options from tracking you.


This feature acts like a shield and protects your Mac from malicious code and other types of malware. It also restricts some websites that attempt to redirect you to suspicious and random installations and programs.

FingerPrint Shield

There are things that follow your online footprint. Safari prevents this by creating a simple system profile. This makes it more tedious for companies to track your online movement.

#2. Edge:

This browser is nothing but an evolved version of Internet Explorer. Since its inception in 2015 on PCs, it is arriving on Mac as well.

The commotion regarding its launch is that Microsoft has redesigned the core engine that runs Chrome.

It houses the features of Chrome with some improved privacy tools and track blocking feature by default.

Chrome does not have this feature yet, that is why most of the users who love to browse the internet are now switching to Edge.

It is one of the fastest web browsers out there and it also comes with some general and unique features that are mentioned below:

  • Input responsiveness
  • Even faster browsing
  • Clutter Free Printing
  • Better annotations and grammar tools
  • Intelligently suspension of tabs

#3. FireFox:

Another player in our quest is Firefox. Time has not been good to Firefox and loads of users have switched to other apps.

But with the inception of ‘Quantum Firefox’, a much more evolved version of Firefox, this browser has gained more audience than ever before and is one of the flagship web browsers.

With tons of new features, this web browser also provides the users with  Tracking Shield. 

This can be used to stop the companies from following your online behavior and collecting your data.

It also houses the element of script block, an element that loads the web pages even faster by 44%. 

#4. Opera:

Opera has the same roots as Chrome. This gives a familiar feeling in terms of performance, features and utilities. This is definitely not a clone to Chrome. This interesting web browser comes with some of the best designs and tools that make it an ultra modern web browser.

The very first feature to discuss is the column on the left side of the browser that has tons of useful shortcuts and various options.

Most of the messaging applications you use on a daily basis can be logged in to and used for communicating. Some of these messenger apps include Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and many more.

Another specific trait that Opera boasts of is ‘My Flow’. This unique feature allows users to send web pages directly to their iPhones and other smart devices.

This web browser comes with a set of privacy tools, offering a much smoother and lovely experience while browsing the internet.

It has a built-in ad blocker and VPN. Do not waste any penny on purchasing those costly VPNs. Opera’s got you covered.


Productivity is something that saves your time, helps you manage your work, schedule all your appointments and whatnot!.

It is a subset of management that drives around how and how much you can yield.

Following are some of the best mac software to increase productivity. Let us dive deep and check the best of the best.

#1. Todoist

As the name suggests, todoist is a great note taking and point making application that is available for all the iOS devices.

It is bound to keep you on top both on a personal as well on a professional level.

Free to use, it boasts of interactive browser extensions, new tasks creation features and other interesting stuff such as interactive boards you can use it to manage all your notes.

Note taking apps find their potential to the fullest at the time of meetings, interviews and typical brainstorming sessions in the corporate world.

#2. Alfred

Alfred was designed to solve the problem of finding files on Mac. It is a very simple keyboard launcher that allows you to search for anything you might think of. It helps you with searching a particular file or folder with a simple shortcut.

It also works as a helpful utility that expands texts, saved clipboard copied history for instant usage later, it controls your music and does a lot more.

The general version is free but you may get your hands on Powerpack. A better version of Alfred that allows you to handle and manage multiple apps.

#3. EMail Analytics

Now this is an e-mail application you would not miss. This is one of the best apps for Mac if you want to implement an email tracker.

This email app works like a tracker that checks out the time you take to read emails, reply to the emails and your best frequent contacts who send you emails.

It combines the Gmail and G Suite users address these issues in a few minutes.

It magically generates a detailed report and displays the statistics of how long you took to read the emails, compose a new email and your average response times.

In short, this wonderful application will boost your email productivity and comes with a free trial of 14 days.

#4. Bear

Bear is a very unique note taking application. This is designed to make things a bit easier for Mac users to create notes on the go.

With this app, you can create a to-do list, create reminders and use it as a scrapbook to create pointers for brainstorming sessions.

It boasts of different inline styles so you can have your own customized notes and manage them well. 

Normal version or core version as it is known, is free and the premium version is priced at $14.99 per year.


Some of you might have experienced corporate life and the diverse culture that flies around it. It gets tedious to keep the concerned personnel in loop through emails, at times. 

Sharing those files, sending attachments, making calls, voice calls, face calls, meetings and there are elements where you need to arrange each and everything at all times.

There are tons of applications that take things on a whole new level of serenity. This is the list you are looking for if you are from the corporate world and want to make things easy.

#1. Slack

One of the best applications for internal communication used worldwide, Slack was built with the sole intention to share files across two or more computers.

It became so popular among the masses that people started using it for file and document sharing purposes.

It has been nailing the email in most medium web-based firms where it is used as an internal communication tool.

Use it to share the files across your teammates, friends and family members. You can get your hands on this amazingly interactive app without spending a single penny.

#2. Skype

Skype as we all know it, is an amalgam of messenger and video chat software. While some enjoy chatting to their friends and connections, those blue collar personnels use this application as a strong tool for internal communication. 

Although, the main focus of this app is to give the users the ability to make video calls and arrange meetings, this is one of the best communication apps to share attachments, files, documents and much more.This is one of the best communication apps for Macbook.

#3. Airmail

Sending emails sucks, only if you are using a dull app with zero interactive and useful features.

Airmail is a great interactive app for Mac that combines your iCloud, Exchange, Gmail and tons of other email clients you might have. 

It combines all your email accounts within a single browser. With all the support, features and helpful utilities you would want to see in an email app. You name it, Airmail has it.

#4. Flock Team

This is one of the best communication apps for Mac. Present corporate scenario speaks team communication over emails, messages and various other file sharing applications.

With this amazing app, you can quickly tag along and bring in your people together for a quick briefing, idea sharing, assigning tasks and tracking team progress as well. Let your team focus on what they do best.

Flock seamlessly adapts to your customized needs, whether you are a company or a small firm.

With flock you can perform these tasks:

  • Communicate with all your colleagues and entire teams.
  • Make it 1-to-1 communication focused group communication.
  • Create multiple channels for projects and departments.
  • You can search for specific files shared in the previous channels.
  • You can make audio and video calls with screen sharing utilities.


It has always been the dream of a Macbook user to lessen the burden on the device. Utilities are helpful programs that help the system, boost overall performance and improve the system stability as well.

These are some of the best mac utilities and applications that will not only help your Mac remain new in the long run, but will also add health to it.

We have personally selected the best of the best utilities for Mac depending on the user ratings and reviews. Check out these apps:

#1. Backblaze

This is the most useful app if you are a Macbook lover. If you have ever experienced device theft or system crash, you already know how difficult it is to get all that useful data, files, folders, documents and all the irreplaceable stuff. 

It costs you time and loads of money as well. 

You may or may not get each and every file you lost in a system crash or theft, you will definitely burn deep holes in your pockets.

Backblaze is an automated and cost effective way to get all the lost data back. It is one of the most economical and safest ways to get all those files, documents and stuff back. 

This amazingly helpful app is an alternative to back up your Mac for $5 a month.

#2. Amphetamine

Amphetamine is a mood altering drug that is used as a stimulant. This is what Google defines Amphetamine as.

As the name suggests, this app keeps your Mac awake. It is an awesome utility to keep your Mac awake for hours and hours.

This is very useful when you are at work and have left your Mac with some downloads going in the background. This app can keep your Mac awake through its easy to trigger buttons. 

  • Keep your Mac awake.
  • Support for AppleScript.
  • Freedom to configure your own menu and customized icons.
  • You can keep the display in sleep mode while Mac stays wide awake.
  • Screen saver runs after a certain time period set by the user.
  • Ends the session when Mac is low on juice.

#3. Bartender

Bartender is a nicely named app that carefully cleans up and organizes all the menu bar icons.

You can access them all easily with certain key combinations.

Most Mac users always have an issue of icons getting cluttered. This stops them from working efficiently. 

Bartender app looks out for such types of issues and resolves them with a few keyboard shortcuts.Free to use for 4 weeks and is priced at $15.

Following are some features of this app:

  • You control your menu bar icons of your Mac
  • Bar icons pop up in the menu when they update 
  • Use keyboard to navigate through your menu bar icons
  • Works with Dark Mode
  • Redesigned for modern MacOS
  • Updated interface
  • Catalina ready MacOS

#4. Easy Mac Care

This is a new champion bagging a rank in the category of utilities. It is one of the best Mac utilities. 

Easy Mac Care is a complete suite optimising the overall system performance, running a system scan for corrupted files, checking out programs and applications that function improperly.

This utility is one of its kind, that keeps your Mac healthy from junk files and corrupted system folders. 

It is an amalgam of cleaner and optimizer tool for Mac. Removing corrupted files and enhancing system stability makes this application, one of a kind. Let us see what Easy Mac Care has in store for us:

Instant cleaning and optimizing

Easy Mac Care brings together the most powerful cleaning & optimization modules to set out your system’s best performance.

Now you can easily remove those unwanted files, corrupted folders, delete browser history and at the same time, prevent the online world from tracking your footsteps. 

Prevent those trackers and companies from sneaking in on your online behavior.

Clean your Mac:

This is one of the best utilities for mac that cleans your device from the roots and boosts its overall performance.

Optimize your startup:

Increase the speed of your system by cutting down on the apps that run on startup.

Claim your old storage:

You can easily restore significantly large amounts of space by removing data that is randomly accumulated on your hard drive.

Ultimate Shield:

Prevent your valuable online behaviour from being tracked or misused by removing browser cookies, history and cache with a few clicks.

Manage the cache:

Do not leave any footprints. Manage your cache and remove it instantly with a few clicks.

Remove those rigid applications:

There are some applications that get stuck with the hard disk. These specific apps cannot be uninstalled or removed. Easy Mac Care brings a variety of features to easily remove such rigid apps.

#5. iStat Menus 6

It is one of those several best utilities for Mac that will bring you weather forecast, weekly and monthly overview of weather and much more.

It is a compact Notification Gadget that covers a variety of features and some of the unique and widely popular menus.

Not only it displays incoming weather notifications, but also displays tons of other useful features such as CPU fan speed, total CPU usage, GPU usage, network, hard disk, battery juice remaining and other system events as well.

Tons of colorful menus and options including optimized usage for owls of the night with vibrant and easy to go on the eyes backgrounds.

Dedicated hotkeys to open and close a load of menus especially optimized for quick keyboard access.

Customizable menus with dual line clocks and loads of other featured texts for displaying tons in a lesser space.

Has access to other tons of features in 36 languages worldwide.

#6. Clean my MacX

This is another strong player bagging a rank in the list of best utilities for Mac. It goes with the tagline ‘Keep your PC fast and tidy’.

Mac users are always in need of getting a new app on a regular basis. Multiple downloads, updates, frequent browsing behavior and much more.

With the passage of time, the entire system slows down to a crawl and there is a definite need to clean all the junk files and  arrange those randomly cluttered data and folders.

Following are some features of this amazing software:

Cut down on extensions

Cut down those extra toolbars and extensions you do not use on a regular basis.

Clean My MacX helps to keep all the frequently used toolbars and extensions you use regularly and removes all the extra load that is not required.

Protect your online privacy

With this feature,you can easily scan all the browsers installed on your Mac and look for your online activities. Secure the pathway and remove the obstacles like cookies, cache, online data, browsing history, with just ‘one single click’.

Get rid of the hibernation file

Hibernation is an option something we use very seldom. There are some files in your Mac that keep track of your session.

If you ever have to use Hibernation, some files automatically hogs several gigabytes on your hard disk. This is an unwanted load on your Mac.

Install Clean My MacX and take care of this issue right away.

Erase your files securely

Ever thought of selling your old Mac? Do not go ahead without securely removing all the data. There are users who can restore all the wiped out data and can misuse it. 

Clean My MacX 100% shreds all the data, files, logs and everything securely. 

Make sure that all of your sensitive data is gone permanently before you think of discarding or selling your Mac.

#7 Parallels Access

As the name suggests, Parallels access provides remote access to the users thereby bridging the gap between smartphones and Mac.

Anyone who is connected to the internet can easily access their Mac and manage all the files and folders that are on the Mac as if they are sitting right on it.

It is one of the best mac software to manage all the data on your Mac from anywhere via smartphones or smart devices.

Just one simple tap on your device and this app will take you to the screen of your Mac where you do all the useful work and manage all the valuable data.

This is one lifesaving app especially for busiest minds who are from the corporate world where managing the data remotely is really important.

#8. F Secure Freedome 

We all know how risky it is when people browse the Internet without a VPN. Many trackers and companies can follow your footprints and track you down. This is really risky when you want to browse and download some specific files.

F secure Freedome is one of the best mac utilities that shields you from being tracked down. With this VPN, you can build high fences around your browsing behavior and say NO to tracking.

Now browse the Internet, download the torrents and files and do everything while staying relaxed. 

This is what you are looking for when you are connected to the Internet on public or private connections.


All work and no entertainment, makes Jack a dull boy. Work is followed by entertainment as a happy heart results in a healthy mind. We have filtered some of the best apps for mac that will lessen your workload, save your time and entertain you in style.

Let’s catch these apps one by one:

#1. Microsoft Office

Getting ready for a meeting? Are you done preparing your powerpoint slides? This is the one of the best mac apps, you must have in 2020.

We all know how important it is when it comes to creating documents on Word, Excel and powerpoint slides. 

Get this app if you do not have it yet.

It is a premium application and you will have to pay if you want to get your hands on it.

Following are some features:

  • Have this on multiple devices. 
  • Premium version comes with OneDrive, plus Publisher and Access for Mac.
  • Cloud storage of 1 TB.
  • Share the documents with others.
  • Dedicated chat support executives to handle your queries anytime.
  • Auto renewal monthly and annual subscription which you can cancel anytime.

#2. Ulysses

Talking about the best Mac apps and ignoring Ulysses, won’t do justice to this amazing app loved by writers.

Ulysses is one of the best Mac utilities that is used to write down long articles.

Just like grammarly and other writing applications that help in removing grammatical errors, this powerful app stands to its name.

It is a writing application that is used for taking notes, creating blog posts, long form content and much more. As long as you love to write you can enjoy this great software.

Following are some of the features:

  • Cross platform pricing. You can have access to this app from multiple devices using a single Ulysses account.
  • Writers’ choice for creating web content for blog pages with most of the features such as templates and optimization
  • Simple yet powerful
  • This focuses on long form article curation thus it is a ‘Microsoft Word’ killer 
  • Group the sheets together, merge, move and manipulate them the way you want.

#3. Pixelmator

The name itself is self explanatory. Pixelmator is another best mac software used to do everything if you are a professional pic editor or an aspiring artist.

From retouching to increasing the image quality, Pixelmator opens doors to tons of useful options to manipulate and edit your pictures and share them on social media. 

Painting has never been so easy!

Let us have a look at its plethora of features:

  • State-of-the-art painting tools
  • Image retouching tools and utilities
  • Drawing tools
  • Retouching tools
  • Drawing tools
  • Very strong UI machine that helps to implement real effects
  • Professional grade color and share correction
  • Layering and styling
  • Cloud storage and sharing the files among other users
  • Editing options for Photos
  • Mac exclusive

#4. Spotify

Are you a music lover? Want to keep up with the trendy music out in the market? Looking out for the best Mac utilities to listen to music? 

Spotify is the ultimate answer to your questions.

Spotify is the answer to all your queries associated with music. Listen to music anytime, enjoy podcasts. There is a song for every day of the year.

WIth millions of tracks and episodes on Spotify, you will not get bored. There is something for every mood of the day.

From motivational songs to rock, rap, country music, blues, EDM, emocore, melodic metal and almost every genre covered in this great app, is it next to impossible to find a better alternative.
You can enjoy the songs and podcasts on your Mac or on tons of other smart devices.
Browse through huge collections of artists, celebrities and create a radio station. DO AS YOU PLEASE!
Free version is just great but the premium plan has tons of useful options.

#5. Steam

Most of you have this amazing application already. Steam finds a place in our list of the Best Mac utilities.

As you have guessed, this app is dedicated to all the gamers out there.

It is an online gaming community where you can easily purchase new titles and pre-order your favorite games as well.

Full-fledged gaming app, Steam is all about keeping your gaming score amongst your friends and scaling the top of leaderboards every now and then.

With tons of featured games from different genres including horror, survival, sports, RPG, fighting, open world, you can easily find what you want for 2020 and get it from here.

The app is free to download but you need to manage real purchases if you want to download and get the games on your Mac.

#6. VLC media player

VLC is again one of the best mac software to play any video or music file on your device. This particular app has been here for quite a long while and users have still not found any better alternative to it.

If you love to download and watch movies, play your favorite songs, then this is the must have app in 2020.

From playing most of the video and audio formats, this application also give you tons of options such as:

  • Navigational keys (left and right) will skip 5 to 10 seconds of the video or audio file.
  • The forward and backward (up and down) keys on the keyboard will increase or decrease the volume.
  • You can easily click a picture of of your favorite scenes and make it your device wallpaper
  • Supports tons of codecs and formats
  • Free and open source cross platform 

#7. Monday.com

Monday.com is a new and unique way to manage your work and teams. It has found a place in our list of best apps for Mac.

It is a team management tool which is used in a huge number of organizations both big and small. 

2020 speaks volumes about this app serving well above 100000 firms helping the employees and team leaders manage all the office work.

It comes fully loaded with tons of features. Here is a quick look at some of them:

  • Welcome and manage your team on board and watch them adapt fast
  • Manipulate your workflow and have instant supervision
  • Have multiple dashboard and stay in control
  • Track the progress of your employees and team members at a glance
  • Comes with helpful tools such as automation, integration and import

#8. Adobe Photoshop lightroom

This is one of the best must have apps for Mac in 2020 if you are a professional photo editor.

Name of the speaks volumes about itself and you can see for yourself once you download Adobe Photoshop lightroom.

Ever thought of not sharing a particular picture just because of the lighting issues? Want to click simple pictures and edit them professionally? 

Are you a noob photographer, but want to have a good following on Instagram? 

If your answer to these questions is YES, then you need to download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

With tons of utilities and features, this application will breathe life into your dull pictures.

Let’s check some features if this wonderful application:

  • Professionally edit the pictures with light and dark mode to adjust the brightness.
  • Professional in depth color mode helps you to adjust the contrast and color depth of the pictures that look dim.
  • Tons of options to help you edit and share them all on social media.
  • Open doors of opportunities if you are an aspiring picture editor.
  • Identify people in your pictures and find any picture with a few clicks.
  • Tons of tutorials to master the art of photo editing.

#9. Keyboard Maestro

One of the best apps for Mac in 2020 includes Keyboard Maestro because of the tons of overpowered features it tags along.

While one can easily use this application as a tracker to have a quick intel on how much time is being wasted on opening or closing a file, it is dedicated to creating an ocean helpful keyboard shortcuts.

If you are planning to professionally improve your productivity by making optimum usage, then get this app and save several minutes.

Keyboard Maestro will make your life easy and improve your efficiency as well.

Powerful features of Keyboard Maestro:

  • With this time saving app, you can easily automate any app for faster output
  • You can control any application 
  • Manipulating texts and images has never been easy
  • Automatically download reports, auto fill in web-forms.
  • Hundreds of Built-In Actions
  • Be your own boss, work how you want and save your time

#10. Snag It

Snag It is one of the best mac software to get your hands on, in 2020.
Heard about the ‘snipping tool’? Well, the Snipping tool now has a better alternative.
Snag It is a useful tool to capture each and every type of screenshots.
Be it simple text to complex stuff like scrolling, viewing videos and whatnot, this app is designed to do your bidding.
Multiple screen captures, live video screenshots, name it, this app is built to make things easier for you.

It boasts of these features:

  • Capture and record your computer screen
  • Capture the panorama of the screen.
  • Create customized templates
  • Simplify your recording and capturing activities with tons of useful tools

Winding up:

So these were the best apps for Macbook. 2020 brings you to a whole new world of best mac software and utilities. We have tried to make an attempt to enlist the best of the best mac apps in 2020. 

Most of these apps are ranked as per those tons of Mac users. You would love to download some particular apps you find in this article.