Magnitudes of Personalizing the Learning Process

magnitude of learning process

It is worth doing personalization though students must learn how to collaborate with others as they also study independently. As the administrators and educators are preparing for the fall, many are considering doing personalization. The personalization process can be a mysterious way to follow when you are not sure of the definition of personalization. The best place to understand the process of personalization is at the best term paper writing service.

Students and teachers have created myths about personalization which include:

Individualizing the curriculum is the process of personalization of learning. The real solution is designing the curriculum to ensure that all the learners can get access to the curriculum.

Personalization of learning should be interest-based. Unfortunately, the reality is that there is no synonymy between engagement and interest.

Teachers have the power to personalize learning. However, the truth is that for personalization to take place, the learners and education should collaborate.

Personalization requires technology for it to occur. Technology is a good tool that preserves the connection of human beings and humanizes the class. After some months of being isolated, students need web-based technologies targeted to meet the desires of personalized learning. We have to have a collective mindset that connects students to other students.

Collective Consciousness

Students have to access the materials they need to succeed in the classwork, and the learning will be equitable. For the realization of equity in the classroom, we must instill a sense of human connection. The students need to be connected to their age mates and be part of more important things than them.

Every teacher should cultivate a collective sense of consciousness among learners. Students get the freedom to do whatever that they desire to do. Besides, students share common tasks with the best assignment writing services in UK and feel connected to their peers both mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Learning in small groups

Once the students attain the collective consciousness, tutors can issue instructions to individual groups. The teachers find it easy to address the small groups rather than the large group because they will easily monitor each group. We should know how we label and arrange students into groups because they will know when they are biasedly grouped. The small groups might make other students feel as if they are left out. Teachers must be creative and know how they will carry out the partitioning.

Tutors must nurture the inner dialogue

Individualization is valuable in the classrooms. People value an opinion that is honest and takes into consideration individual pros and cons of a person. The leveraging conference allows for sustainable and efficient delivery of the feedback. Students can respond at a specific moment and personally.

The inner dialogue of a student nurtured and exposed to personalization may destroy the student’s self-esteem. The students examine themselves and reflect on their lives. For conferencing to be successful, a tutor should establish three dimensions; discussing the student’s strength, identify the obstacle, and know the step or action to take.


Personalization is needed now than ever before because the year has been traumatic. We should avoid individualization at all costs and ensure that students stay in harmony and maintain their self-esteem. Please make sure students connect to their peers and live like a community.