MathPapa Algebra Calculator App Review

MathPapa: Algebra Calculator Review

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So, if you aim to achieve success in the maths field, then there could be nothing great than MathPapa.

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What is MathPapa?

MathPapa is the best application when it comes to solving all the quadratic equations using Algebra Calculator. 

Algebra Calculator is a type of calculator that provides you a step-by-step solution to your algebra related problems like 3x+2=14. The app is designed by MathPapa, Inc, and is liked by many users.

MathPapa is the perfect way to resolve the equations and helps when you are stuck in some math problems.

You can use the app whenever needed!


What’s extra the app has in store for you?

Additionally, the app provides you an excellent and interactive lesson on algebra, Practice, and of course, the math symbols.

The MathPapa can solve all types of algebra equations from simple to complex. All you need is just to put your query & rest; the app will work on it to provide you an accurate answer.

a) Lessons

Because the app is handy, so you can master algebra by sitting at your place. Additionally, using the app, you can build a strong bonding with math if you are an average student. You can learn to solve algebraic equations step-by-steps with the lessons.

Basic Algebra Lessons includes equations like

Lesson 1: x+3=5
Lesson 2: 3x=123
Lesson 3: 3x+33=156
Lesson 4: 5x+33=2x+156 and so on.


b) Practice

Practice makes the man more perfect! Truly said. Well, a regular practice with the exercises listed in the app can help you to master your skills in algebra. 

Basic MathPapa Practice includes the following:

Basic Arithmetic

Addition (+)
Subtraction (-)
Multiplication (x)
Division (÷)


+Addition Decimals-Subtraction Decimals
X Multiplication 2 (Eg. 3.5*8)
X Multiplication 3 (Eg. 0.3*80)
÷ Division Decimals
÷ Division (Decimals 2)


Multi-Digit Arithmetic+Addition (2-digit)-Subtraction (2-digit)

X Multiplication (2-digit by 1-digit)

÷Division (2-digit answer)

X Multiplication (2-digit by 2-digit)

÷Multi-Digit Division


Also, you can practice on Negative Numbers, Percentages, Puzzles, Number balance, Basic Equations, Fractions, Basic Algebra, and much more.


c) Maths Symbols

Algebra Calculator supports the list of math symbols mentioned below:

Exponent ^
Eq. 2^
Square RootSqrt Eq. sqrt(16)
Less than<
Greater than>
Less than or equals to<=
Greater than or equals to>=


Now, when we have gained a lot about the MathPapa app. Let’s get to know about its key features & how to use the calculator?

First, we are moving forward to know its key features.


  • Resolve all the linear equations & quadratic equations from simple to complex.
  • Solve the equations of the graphs.
  • Resolve the linear & quadratic inequalities.
  • Evaluate expressions instantly.
  • It gives you an order of operations step-by-step.
  • Solve a system of two equations.
  • MathPapa factoring of quadratic equations is also a part of this app.

Next, we are moving forward to know the working of the calculator.

How to use the MathPapa calculator?

To use the calculator, you just need to type your equation simply. Let’s take an easy example, say 3x+5=14.

Once you type your equation in the MathPapa Algebra calculator, it’ll give you an accurate answer more instantly than you start solving it manually. 

Additionally, if you are not clear with the answer, how did you receive the answer as 3 for the above question, you have an amazing option to see the steps used in solving the equation. Great!

When it comes to its pricing, the app adds more punch. Let’s get to know the pricing of MathPapa.


Pricing & Costing Of The App:

Plan Price Information
MathPapa FREE Free to use
MathPapa Pro upgrade version $1.99 In-app purchase

Table 1.2


  1. Helping hand for students to master maths.

  2. Solve athematic maths to calculus.
  3. Unlimited homework guidance.
  4. Easy to work with and simple to use.


No doubt, the app works great, and till now, we didn’t find any shortcomings while working with the app. But, please do mention your review on the same.

And, still, if you have some doubts regarding MathPapa algebra calculator usage, then we are mentioning some of the questions in the FAQ section below:

  1. How to square root on MathPapa?

To find the square root of any number say square root of 625, you just need to install the app on your device, and the app will ask your problem.

Type your problem √625 and press “Calculate it!”. The app will provide you an accurate answer to your problem i.e., 25.

  1. How to do cube root in MathPapa?

To find the cube root in math papa, it’s really a simple task. Let’s say, to find the cube root of 8.

You need to enter the following symbols in the respective order, to get the cube root of 8.

Enter  8 ^ (1/3) and hit calculate it button. You’ll get the cube root of 8, which is 2. Try it now!

  1. How to enter division into MathPapa?

To enter division into MathPapa, it’s simple. The app itself offers you a default keyboard i.e., Symbol keyboard & the other is the ABC keyboard. You can view by clicking on the three horizontal dots located on the symbol keyboard.

Choose the ABC keyboard; from there, you can quickly get the division symbol, and if you want to perform a division, let’s say 25645÷5=5129, or instead of using ÷, you can also use / symbol. (÷ & / will give you the same result)

  1. How to divide fractions with variables key?Z

To divide fractions is very simple. For eq. Divide 4/2÷6/2. Instead of writing the same expression, change ÷ symbol with the * & reverse the denominator fraction. The expression that you have to have to type in the MathPapa app will be 4/2*2/6= 2/3 (Decimals=0.666667)

  1. Why is MathPapa so good?

MathPapa is excellent because of its peculiarities. And, you need to put your problem in the ‘Type your problem here’ tab, rest the app will provide you with the answer.

The app is good to go to learn maths. Make sure to enter the equation correctly. Else you’ll not get the correct answer.

  1. How to write exponents on MathPapa?

To write exponents on MathPapa, you need to mention ^ symbol. Exponent refers to the no. of times the number is multiplied by itself. For eq. 2^3=8-> (2*2*2=8).


Wrapping Up:

So, this is all about the MathPapa Algebra calculator app. Hopefully, you’ll love to use the app. The app is excellent for your Kids.