Scrutinizing The Innovation Reality And Safety Aspect Of iPhone

Innovation Reality And Safety Aspect Of iPhone  

It was way back in 2007 when the iPhone first came into existence, and since then, it seems to have eclipsed all types of phones, smartphones, and otherwise, successfully and dramatically. When Steve Jobs announced its pomp and features, it promised the world to give an extremely interactive and engaging user interface.

Add to that the slick design, lightweight, and usability were the unique selling points of the iPhone. The tremendous sale of it and the craze in people to own one, irrespective of the price, caused a notable transformation in three significant areas. These are:

  • The entire mobile phone industry
  • The internet economy and even
  • The society as a whole in ways more than one.

Now, everything was not as smooth as butter for iPhones because it, too, had its fair share of criticisms. Experts believed that technically the iPhone was not very innovative. Why? There are several reasons, and all good ones, mind you, to think so.

  • One, the interface and software idea of the iPhones were typically based on the iPod, which, by that time, was already engaged in reinventing the digital music industry.
  • Two, the touchscreens were nothing new as well because it already appeared on earlier versions of the mobile phone of Nokia and others as well as in different tablet models, not forgetting Apple’s very own Newton.
  • Three, when it comes to memory, most of the top-line mobile phones made by Nokia typically had more memory.
  • Lastly, these phones also had far better cameras and much faster connectivity in comparison to the newly launched iPhones.

Now the question is, what is it that made iPhones the craze of the nation, read world! It was the transformation of the concept of mobile phones.

The concept of the designers of the iPhone is not to create a gadget that will be used as a simple telephone, of course, with some additional features in it. Instead, they looked at it from the opposite perspective. They were more focused on developing a full-fledged computer that is hand-held and fits inside the pocket. The additional features to add in it were:

  • Users can also make telephone calls through it and
  • Browse the internet on the go as well.

It is this change in outlook and concept of the designers that underpinned the whole iPhone project.

The resultant changes

The design and innovation of the iPhone seem to be a continual process, and it is hard to predict as an outsider of the company as to what the next technological development will be, say in the next ten years, and whether or not it will be indeed as revolutionary as it has been.

However, one thing is for sure. Since the launch of the iPhone, things have changed almost in all aspects of human lives and business, and it includes:

  • Commerce
  • Modern life and
  • Culture

The primary reason behind such a change is that the iPhone had spurred the smartphone boom and resulted in a big drop in the sales of other types of mobile phones. The personal and portable technology infrastructure is expandable almost infinitely, which created such a huge craze.

In short, industry experts believe that the iPhone was able to change the whole game not just because of its expandable technology infrastructure, as well as its cool user interface. Instead, the changes are the results of the three specific things of the creators of the iPhone. These are:

  • Their imagination
  • Their thought process and, of course,
  • Their courage.

It did not only compel the other mobile phone manufacturers to shift their focus from CDMA phones to smartphones but has also forced the designers to invent mobile apps using similar technologies and prototypes. In short, for all, the iPhones resulted in shifting priorities.

Concern for cyber safety and security

The modern world, especially trade and commerce, is heavily dependent on the internet. Therefore, the first concern of the businesses was whether or not the new iPhone is designed to assure cyber safety.

Most scholars and experts in cybersecurity believe that, in spite of the sleek and sexy design of the new iPhones and with revolutionary technology and innovative features in it for the users to use it as a portable and small computer, it did not come without compromises. Though things have changed now with continual research and development by the company, at least the early iPhones had some issues.

Experts say that this smartphone is really smart! The single intuitive device had it all in it, such as:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Connecting texting and
  • Telephone capabilities.

However, they also believe that most of the decisions of the creators of the iPhone, as well as Apple, on the whole, were primarily driven by its design. They wanted to look different from the others and make things simpler for the users. These had no relation to practical reasons.

Most of their design inventions became the norm of several other mobile phone makers, and they eventually followed it successfully as well. However, because Apple has continually and steadily tried to strengthen its encryption of the data on the iPhones, other specific developments in it have made the users less safe and secure.

Exclusion of email light

There are few other issues with the modern iPhone that have raised concerns among the critics.

The email light indicator suddenly went out when Apple decided to exclude it in their new versions.

  • It was a familiar scene to see these little LED lights blinking in several smartphones in 2007 to let the users know that they have an incoming email.
  • It was also programmed uniquely to flash differently and use different colors to indicate from whom the incoming email was sent.

This meant that the users were not only alerted about the new messages but also enabled them to decide whether to respond to it or ignore them entirely without reading from afar.

With its absence now, users of the iPhones had the only way to know about their unread messages: interact with the screen, and they do it innumerable times, every day. This is called the ‘variable reinforcement mechanism’ in psychology. It means that the rewards are received at random intervals, which ideally is the principle behind those slot machines in Las Vegas. This makes the player keep on playing, in anticipation!

  • This new concept has caused distraction among the users.
  • It also has complicated social interactions.

Most importantly, it has made the users less safe physically as it results in inattentive walking down the road and even distracted driving.

Design flaw leads to cyber insecurity

Another significant issue is the flaw in the iOS Mail. This caused the emails to lose their head, literally! It does not display the email headers in its entirety because only the shortened versions are accessible on Android email programs. That means the users do not know where the message has come because a significant part of it stays hidden. It can only be seen in full on computer-based email programs.

This results in cyber insecurity. The cybersecurity awareness trainers always tell the users to review the header data first before they access any email. This will enable them to know about the legitimacy of the email. Since this is not possible on the Apple iOS Mail, the users cannot detect any spear-phishing email.

This is the primary reason that most smartphone users fall prey to these spear-phishing attacks in comparison to those who use a computer to access their emails.

A dangerous Safari

Few critics even go a step further and call smartphones to be outright dangerous. Once again, such a thought is the result of the decisions of Apple to remove a few critical security indicators from their iPhone.

One such is the iOS web browser, which caused the casualty of its minimalism that makes Safari so dangerous. You may know that all encrypted websites contain an encryption certificate. This is indicated by the small lock icon that is displayed by the URL alongside the name of the website.

  • This is the special certificate that enables the users to verify the actual identity of any webpage.
  • The desktop computer browsers can view it by simply clicking on this lock icon.
  • You can also view the certificate on the Google Chrome browser for iOS. All you have to do is tap on the lock icon.

However, you will not be able to view this certificate through the Safari of the iPhone. This means that you will have no way to verify the authenticity of a website using your iPhone, even if it appears to be suspicious. This is another safety threat to iPhone users.

All is not bad

In spite of all these issues, the popularity of the iPhone cannot be ignored. It is all because the iPhones have a long-term value. Moreover, Apple has announced not to break any more hardware or software, which means that the iPhones will be the same as it is now, if not improve in the future. It will rule the mobile phone industry. Period!