Must-Follow Pre-Launch App Marketing Practices Before App Launch


Mobile apps have become an essential part of modern, everyday life. No matter what, someone needs to do on their mobile device an app is there to answer that need. From sending text messages to searching something online to sheer entertainment, apps control the way users interact with their devices.

In fact, according to Smart Insights, about 90% of the time an average person spends on their smartphone is on apps.

With so many apps in the market, it’s become more important than ever that companies advertise their apps correctly to get enough positive attention to achieve success. A lot of this comes down to the marketing strategy that a company implements pre-launch. These are some of the practices that your company won’t want to skip while prepping for the release of its next mobile app.

Steps to Keep in Mind During Pre-Launch Marketing Planning

Don’t Forget to Budget

time-managementThere’s a lot for a mobile application development company to consider when it comes to planning the pre-launch marketing. Above all, companies must remember that marketing decisions come with a price tag and companies don’t have endless funds. One of the first steps of planning a marketing campaign is to consider how much the company can and is willing to invest in the project.


Do Thorough Research

Before launching any new product or service, companies need to commit to careful and thorough research. For instance, before developing an app, a business likely asks itself what customers need and want. The same concept applies to the market. What about the app the company is marketing is the most eye-catching? What is most likely to draw users in? How does this app differ from the other similar options they have? These questions will help marketers make decisions as to ‘how to advertise an upcoming app to their audience?’

Use the Power of Social Media

social-media-marketingIn the modern world, word of mouth attention to a business plan often entails the traffic the idea gets on social media. This is why many companies choose to make their customers aware of projects such as new apps on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many others. This awareness and excitement for new ideas such as an app starts within the community and, when a campaign takes off, can spread outside of the community to introduce the coming app to new customers that may not have heard about it pre-release otherwise.

Don’t Shy Away from Influencers

On the topic of the power of social media, there’s an advantage in having influencers on the companies side to get the word about the new app out. Influencers could be anyone – notable bloggers, social media personalities, or anyone with a significant and relevant following that could share information about the company’s app with their followers. This not only brings attention to the marketing campaign but leans on a voice that potential customers are likely to trust recommendations from more than a concept such as a banner ad on a webpage.

Don’t Reveal Anything at Once

In this sense, it’s easiest to relate advertising to movies. When a movie is advertised via a trailer, the whole plot isn’t put on display. The suspense is maintained enough to entice customers to buy a ticket to the movies while giving enough information away to spark initial interest.

The same concept applies to app marketing. Companies should lure their customers with some information on what an app will do for them but not give away so many details that they don’t feel the need to personally explore the app.


Marketing is all about attracting potential customers to give a company’s product a try. This involves careful planning and research as well as active steps to increase awareness with both returning customers and potential new users. Above-mentioned steps ensure that a company is setting itself up for success by creating both awareness and interest in its upcoming app release.