Mobile Video Games to Play This Summer

Mobile Video Games to Play This Summer

Do you remember playing the snake game on the first-generation Nokia mobile phone? It is nostalgic to think about that. We are going to tell you something that is going to make your day. You would have a thing for video games if you played Mario on your TV when you were small. If you own a smartphone and have even once played Subway Surfer or Candy Crush, welcome to the fellow team of gamers.

It is so enchanting to think of how far the gaming industry has changed over the years. The gaming market may seem a bit saturated, making it hard to choose. But keeping that aside, several gems can be unearthed by rummaging a bit in Apple Arcade, the App Store, and Google Play Store.

Most of them now are free or discounted. The free version may want you to pay for some features. You can dabble with the latest releases, enhanced graphics, and numerous genres to kill time.

So, when you are not feeling like doing anything strenuous, either physically or mentally, or just doing nothing other than trying to astral project on the ceiling fan, take your mind on a fantasy tour with the top games of 2021.

Machine Slots- Casino Joy

Games are all about strategy and approach. But we are trying not to work up our grey matter. So why not try something new such as trying our luck and have fun. If you are not sure, you can first try playing online slots at Then, if you like it, you can download Casino Joy. It is an easy to play slot machine game with a huge welcome bonus. It features different modes to play, the chance of winning is great, exciting bonus games, and slots of 40 pay up line. It is one of the best ways to kill time.

Sky: Children of Light

Do you like fantasy. It takes you to an unknown world filled with strange yet endearing adventures. If yes, then you will love Sky: Children of Light. The Game Company develops it. They also developed journey and Flower with designer Chen.

As a player, you are one of the children of light. Your task is to bring back fallen stars to complete the constellations and fill the realm with hope. You can explore the games in seven kingdoms. The digital avatar of the player is customisable.


You can make a team of yours or join others to save spirits, discover hidden treasures, go on quests, and conquer darker realms. It is recommended to play it in a team after you get familiar. Playing it solo can become tiring over time.

Grid Autosport

The game comes bedecked with high-end graphics. So, you will need a massive space of 4 GB to store it and the latest generation Android device. However, if you are a racing car video game fan, you will not hesitate to shed $10. There are 100 car models to choose from with 100 racing circuits.

It gives you a console feel. You can customise the controls from: –

  • Tilt with device control
  • Wheel touch
  • Arrow touch on a touchscreen device
  • Access the game from a controller

The players can compete in several modes like: –

  • Endurance
  • Demolition
  • Drift
  • Drag
  • Street Races

The added advantage of the game is that once you pay the amount upfront, the game becomes ad-free, the updates become free, and no in-app feature purchases.


This digital version of the good old arcade game is available for free and £2.69. the only difference is if you play the free version, it will start from the beginning, while the paid game will start from permanent checkpoints.

The game is simple. Make the ball climb as far up the board as you can. Of course, you will need to do that fast as time is on its relentless countdown. The graphics give a realistic feeling with a neon board with attached flippers.

The game is intense as the time runs out quickly. Players are required to make out the puzzle quickly. Even if you fail, you can replenish your time by winning bonus games and mini-games.

Disney Crossy Road

Are you a Pixel movie fan? The game is designed as old versions of arcade games. The player’s primary responsibility is to make Mickey cross the busy road and meet Minnie, who is waiting for him with a picnic basket and sandwich.

It starts with a question, “Why did Mickey cross the road?”. It resembles Froggers, where the player was required to show the frogs home.

Only a true gamer can find its panacea into the world of graphics and pixels. So you will have to play these first and find out if you are one of them.