Top 5 Most Popular eSports Apps

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eSports apps are an effective way to keep track of your favorite gaming activities from your smartphone. Here are the top 5 choices.

eSports Apps: The Five Best iGaming Smartphone Applications In 2021

eSports is one of the most rapidly evolving areas of the iGaming industry and continuously brings new technologies to the forefront. For example, playing your favorite games on your smartwatch seemed like science fiction until a few years ago but is a mainstream activity nowadays. eSports apps are just as popular and famous since this sector transitioned from traditional PC and laptop platforms.

Consequently, if you’re a fan of the industry, you may have noticed that it seems like there is always an event taking place somewhere around the globe. Additionally, the amount of industry news and updates is staggering, and keeping up with everything is a tall order unless you have the tech to back you up. To help you cope with the sector’s unrelenting speed and help you find a smart way to place your bets, we’ve come up with five of the best apps you can use to track industry news. We’ll discuss these apps below, so let’s begin.

eSports Apps: Some Of Our Favorites Guaranteed To Work For iGaming Fans

An old industry saying goes, “there’s an app for everything these days.” Indeed, while smartphones make it easy to access any information within seconds, you usually need to do so via a mobile browser. An app helps shorten the time necessary to get what you need and also eliminates using a browser. When it comes to the five best apps for iGaming enthusiasts worldwide, our recommendations include:

  • ESL Event
  • Upcomer eSports
  • Twitch
  • Strafe
  • eForce eSports.

Note that these apps cater to iGaming professionals around the world. Different markets include separate smartphone apps, such as the US iGaming market, for example. Regardless, we focused on a global approach. Let’s begin.

ESL Event

If you’re looking for apps that provide great detail for significant eSports events, you won’t go wrong with ESL Events. It’s challenging to find a more resonating name than ESL when it comes to the largest and most popular eSports leagues worldwide. This league features events across several continents and countries, including numerous games. In other words, you can find an ESL event taking place somewhere almost every weekend.

As its name implies, you can view which events are taking place and where by using this app. You’ll see a convenient overview with detailed information on each event, but that’s not all. Users can also find ticket info using the app if they live close to a venue hosting the competition. Whether you’re looking for information on teams, scoring, or tournament practice, ESL Event provides a host of valuable data. As far as eSports apps go, this one is an excellent all-rounder.

We especially like that this app provides real-time progress tracking and detailed upcoming tournament info. Users can also count on in-depth event information, but unfortunately, there’s no game searching or sorting feature. Similarly, this app does not track anything outside of ESL but is available for Android and iOS.

Upcomer eSports

iGaming enthusiasts looking for a practical and straightforward game tracking system should try Upcomer eSports. This app came onto the scene relatively recently but has already garnered an impressive reputation. Users can expect to find tournament updates, real-time scores, the latest news, and a fully immersive and interactive experience with this system.

Using the app is intuitive. Your first task will be setting up your favorite games and teams once you download and install the application. The app processes your input and immediately displays relevant scores and news according to your criteria. Additionally, as soon as news breaks, the app sends you a notification.

Upcomer is a favorite among eSports apps that track your favorite team’s rankings throughout matches and tournaments. We like this app’s interface with engaging and unique tournament brackets. There’s also an excellent game tracking system, but the notifications may appear overwhelming unless you configure them. Upcomer is available for iOS and Android.


This app requires no special introduction, as it is a household name in the eSports industry. Twitch has been the video game streaming space’s most significant undisputed player for a long time, and with excellent reason. The platform allows users to watch major events, pro gamers, aspiring amateurs, and more.

Downloading this app for your smartphone lets you stay up to date from anywhere. Your account lets you save and track streamers so you can get back into the saddle more quickly. Twitch enables you to get professional insight into games, continuous live event streaming, and unlimited streams. On the other hand, the built-in chat feature isn’t very productive, and you need to register an account to watch streams. But another upside is that you can download this app for both Android and iOS devices.


When you need tailored updates and news, Strafe should be at the top of your eSports app list. This app has been around longer than most other platforms on this list, and the difference is evident. Accessing the app for the first time involves choosing your favorite games, teams, and players. The app then uses your selected preferences to bring you the events and news related to your preferred interests.

If you need an all-in-one solution for live scoring, updates, and news, look no further than Strafe. There is no better choice than this app to stay updated on the latest developments involving the games and teams you selected. Although some features require an account, and there is a somewhat small game selection, you’ll see an excellent interface and detailed event information.

eForce eSports

When you need event scores, news, and listings, this app gets the job done. You’ll see a polished and clean interface despite eForce eSports’ relatively young age, but don’t let that aspect fool you. Once you download and access the app for the first time, the first thing you’ll see is the day’s eSports events located within a calendar. You can explore the events on the horizon by using the controls at the top to find your way around.

Users can also get real-time updates and news from the eSports world, thanks to a news section. Browsing upcoming events and the participating teams is also possible via a tournaments area, including a dedicated search tool. You’ll see a straightforward, simple-to-use interface without annoying updates or spam, but eForce is currently only available for iOS devices.

Regarding the best eSports apps available today, we prefer eForce eSports because of its excellent design and ease of use. Regardless, feel free to try more than one app to ensure the best fit. Good luck!