MyGate App – Simplify Financial Management and Community Living in Gated Societies


Gated societies have always been a haven for safe, secure and flourishing community living and have introduced new initiatives like community composting, backyard sales and cleanliness drives in the urban landscape. But when it comes to running and managing the daily functions of a society, there are still some missed opportunities that must be considered.

Intelligent society enterprise management apps are the ‘new kid on the block’ that have slowly but surely revolutionized and simplified the way in which communities eat, breathe and live. Literally. Here’s how.

1. Automation of maintenance bills

One of the most tedious tasks for society managing committees is to collect monthly maintenance bills in cash and cheques. With the help of intelligent society management apps, maintenance bills can be generated automatically based on predetermined calculation for each flat/tower. Residents can be sent email/SMS alerts around the due date Payments can be made online by the residents (using wallets, online banking) on the app itself. This saves time and reduces the percentage of delayed payments.

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2. Authenticated gate management

Security of gated communities is a problem with the traditional pen and paper registration at the guard’s desk. Intelligent apps can ensure that only verified visitors are allowed inside the premises. The resident sends a one time password to expected (or unexpected) visitors which is authenticated on the guard’s version of the app, upon which entry is allowed. Frequent visitors (like maids, daily vendors, service staff, drivers) are given a unique passcode for entry and exit. No more congestion at the gate or unwanted visitors! Reject or allow entry to visitors from anywhere you are.

3. Streamlining complaint resolution

Broken pipes, electrical failures, parking woes? Complaints and service requests have a way of piling up in a community environment? Not with society planning apps. Residents can raise a ticket on their app, which gets assigned to the right department. The app can track the status of the complaint (open, resolved, in progress) so that the residents can be updated in real time.

4. Zero effort accounting

Come annual general meeting month, society management committee members are drowned in finance and accounting activities like Annual P&L reports, tax filing, GST, etc. Society enterprise resource planning apps come equipped with an end to end accounting app that simplifies all financial management tasks with pre-built templates in which the numbers need to be inputted. The rest is calculated or projected by the app’s algorithms. There’s no need to use multiple accounting software tools.

5. Equal amenities for all

Amenities like clubhouse, gym, pool, need to be shared and used fairly and appropriately. Society management apps can make amenities booking as easy as booking a cab online. All you have to do is check the amenities calendar and book the slot you prefer or the one that is available at your convenient time. The system ensures that no one flat/family uses any amenity more than the others. Besides, it also prevents wear and tear of equipment and assets from overuse.

6. Contactless deliveries

Intelligent society management apps have tie ups with leading grocers, medicine and daily needs providers. Residents have the option to use the ‘Leave at gate’ option for packages of any type, which can be later collected by authenticating a one time password at the guard’s desk. This feature is not only helpful in prevention of viruses, but also offers the convenience of delivery management for residents who cannot be available to receive their package.

7. Domestic help tracking

As soon as maids, cooks or drivers enter the society premises, the residents are alerted of their arrival. The app can also be used to track attendance, performance of domestic help while also enabling residents to hire desired services for household chores. Facial recognition technology in society ERPs can also track the guard’s attendance, eliminating the need for expensive investments in access control systems.

And these are only the highlights of what society management apps can do for your specific customised society needs like vehicle management, group updates and communication, and third party integrations. They’re the inevitable future of gated communities that are progressive, upgraded and armed with the best of technology.