15 Best Omegle Alternatives to Chat Randomly


Ever heard about talk-to-stranger platforms? Nowadays the internet even helps to date and chat online! An active web user may already know about the very famous chat platform-Omegle. But there are many Omegle alternatives too, in the market.

With ever-increasing technological advancements, the definition of friendship has changed. Nowadays people indulge in online friendships with strangers and enjoy the virtual bond.

And they can choose multiple platforms to date-chat and be friends with someone.The talk-to-stranger category of platforms exclusively helps to random chat with someone.

Would you like to be friends with a stranger? Are you feeling bored with everyday routine and seek some online fun? Well, then be ready to get a list of Omegle alternative apps and online platforms that can fill new excitement in your life!

Before jumping into the list let’s first understand what are Omegle chat alternatives?

What Are Omegle Alternatives?

Omegle is a very famous secret chat app among youngsters that offers an anonymous one-on-one chat platform with a stranger. Omegle randomly connects two strangers and allows them to socialize through text or video chat.

However, there is an increasing concern of parents about kid’s safety on Omegle but the well-known app is so widespread that the market started popularising the Omegle concept. So that is how there is a flood of Omegle alternatives in the web world! 

15 Best Omegle Alternatives to Chat Randomly

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Unique Feature


1 Holla omegle chat alternative with engaging video Chatting platform  Connects two nearby strangers to chat
2 Chatous Share photo, video, even your favorite Youtube videos to your random chat friend Use and choose your chat mate by #Hashtags
3 Yubo A social discovery app to meet like-minded strangers Choose your preferred profile by swiping left and right
4 Aaha An app like Omegle, for live random video chat Unlimited free texts, video messages, and video chat through 3G/4G and Wi-Fi
5 Kik A talk-to-stranger app that connects users just by username Share pics, videos, gifs, and games
6 Whisper 30 million +whisper community to talk to online as omegle chat alternative  Strangers can even share real thoughts, business advice,fashion tips and many more!
7 Live Free Video Chat Free Video Chat App to discover and connect with random strangers Meet new and genuine people by free Live community
8 Meowchat A stranger secret chatting app that offers live video streaming Allows hot girls and smart boys to connect with each other
9 Stranger Free anonymous chat app for Android devices One-on-one chat rooms that acts as omegle chat alternative 
10 Rooit The best alternative to Omegle with themed chat rooms and awesome features User can upload selfies, play fun quizzes and choose his favorite chat room
11 Mico Enjoy live streaming and meet random new people User can have live group party with a stranger
12 Topface Free online dating app A user’s profile can earn “LIKES”
13 B-Messenger A famous alternative to Omegle with trendy features Get a chance to browse through tonnes of online profile to match dream chat partner
14 Yalla Free Video Chat rooms,Chat games, etc that makes it the best omegle chat alternative  Share and follow your favorite room on Social media platforms
15 Wakie Free Voice chat app Enjoy open discussion on any topic

#1. Holla

  • Holla is the most swaggy Omegle chat alternative app. This video chatting social app is available for android devices for free. Any 17 years and older can use the random chat screens of Holla.
  • Moreover, the app randomly matches two online strangers for video chat sessions that look very much similar to FaceTime.The top area of the screen shows the user’s match preferences.
  • Also, the user can always”swipe up” to proceed to the next profile! Holla is a strong alternative to Omegle with its free international live video call and voice calls.

Download this app on Android

#2. Chatous

  • Chatous is an alternative to Omegle that enables users to chat across the globe by using #hashtag. Users can find like-minded tribes by posting the suitable hashtag or selecting the hashtag from the already available list.
  • Additionally, the app allows photo, video, and message sharing to make the connection rich and more real! This anonymous chat platform keeps the user’s display name changeable. Any of the two strangers chatting with each other can end the chat session at any time.

Though Chatous sync all the chat activities to its web platform, users enjoy this cross-compatibility platform for it’s incognito chatting sessions.

Download Chatous App on Android and iOS

#3. Yubo (Formerly known as Yellow)

  • Why choose Yubo as an Omegle Chat alternative? Well, they describe the platform as a “social discovery portal”  that enables you to find and meet new friends.
  • Also, it is free to use,and claims to take friendship to the next level. Users can go live and stream anytime.Additionally  this anonymous chat app allows video chat with up to 10 people!

Download this app on Android and iOS

#4. Aaha Chat

  • One more talk to a stranger app that is teenager’s best pick as Omegle alternative chat platform. It is an online kid chat room app, most famous in the USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK.
  • Surprisingly, this portal allows even a 13-year-old to video chat with a stranger! Any user of 13-years and above can use the 3G/4G video chat sessions.

Moreover,this is not just a normal chat app.As Aha Chat describes the app-Say Bye-bye to common online chat platforms and choose Aha to meet new friends!

Download this app on Android and iOS

#5. Kik

  • When we make a list of apps like Omegle, we can’t afford to miss the Kik App! It is another popular app to meet new friends and stay in the loop by sharing videos, pics, gifs, games and much more!
  • Interestingly, this Omegle alternative one-on-one chat platform allows users to choose who they want to connect to. Users get connected just by their username and rest all the chats are anonymous.
  • However, these apps like Omegle are also a breeding ground for many cybercrimes. Also,online predators use this app to con people.

Download this app on Android and iOS

#6. Whisper

  • Whisper is one of the easiest and widespread alternatives to Omegle. It enables the user to chat anonymously through a post that looks like a text superimposed over any image. Almost similar to greeting cards!
  • Not to mention that this app, like Omegle,entertains the open chat by  using such posts. And that’s how it sometimes invites cybercrimes too!

Download this app on Android and iOS

#7. Live Talk-Free Video Chat

  • Live Free Video chat is counted as an alternative to Omegle for its live video streaming 3G/4G/Wi-Fi calls. Users can meet new friends across the globe, just by clicking a single tap. Not to mention, that the app requires no registration formalities.
  • In addition to it, this anonymous chat room allows the user to select the age and gender whenever he starts a new conversation. Furthermore, this Omegle alternative claims that they have a community of 30 million friends worldwide!

Download this app on Android

#8. MeowChat

  • Wanna have online fun with a stranger? Meowchat is a stranger chatting app that allows the user to discover who they want to be friends with among all stranger’s videos.
  • As a matter of fact, this Omegle alternative is clearly acting as an online dating app by stating that the app discovers hot girls and smart boys globally to pair up for the anonymous chat sessions!
  • In addition to it, it is ultimately up to the user what kind of fun he or she is seeking for on these apps like Omegle!

Download this app on Android

#9. StrangerMeetup.com Chat

  • Meet random strangers online and enjoy a free anonymous chat in private chat rooms”. Excited? Well, the Stranger app says this and  fascinates the user with its cool features and relaxed registration policy.
  • To add fun to the chat, this free Omegle chat alternative offers a free text chat room that helps online dating partners to meet up.
  • What more can you ask for when you love a simple online-date-chat concept? Furthermore, you can simply open this one-on-one Omegle alternative chat room and your friend is just a click away!

Download this app on Android

#10. Rooit – Anonymous Chat Rooms

  • Next in our list of apps like Omegle, is Rooit. Do you want live and engaging chatting experience with random friends? Rooit will never disappoint you! Also, it’s fun, free and friendly!
  • Additionally, this Omegle chat alternative offers a themed chat room such as BAR, SCHOOL, and LGBTQ. So any user, without worrying about his/her gender can simply use this enriching themed chat room for free!
  • Furthermore, users get awesome features with this stranger chat app. Not to miss that user can upload his selfie and play fun quizzes too!So are you ready to enjoy friendship along with the captivating quizzes on this app like Omegle?

Download this app on Android and iOS

#11. Mico Chat

  • Mico chat is the hot favorite choice of teenagers these days. Want to meet fresh faces across the globe? Mico chat will connect you to the fun-loving random strangers through its live streaming platform.
  • Additionally, this alternative to Omegle offers the swipe left-right option to pick your best match for an anonymous free video chat sessions with more than 100 countries.
  • At the same time, Mico allows users to join live group parties with strangers. Users can have an interactive chat room experience by sharing photos and short videos.

Download this app on Android and iOS

#12. Topface

  • Top face is a free alternative to Omegle that offers users a chance to meet interesting people worldwide with similar hobbies and chatting preferences. As they say, they make the dating experience easy by connecting two like-minded friends.
  • Moreover, the user can directly register or use his Facebook account to log in. Also, the Top face has one of the most unique features of the secret chat apps, that user’s profile is open to earn LIKES across the globe!

Download this app on Android and iOS

#13. B-Messenger Video Chat

  • Are you searching for an app like Omegle, that connects you with a stranger for online fun and incognito chats? B-Messenger is the right choice! This online incognito chat platform supports English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Turkish languages.
  • Of course, users will need to create his profile by entering his age, language and interest preferences. Also, they can directly join various online chat rooms,without disclosing any of the choices.
  • So, are you searching for someone special? Give a try to B-Messenger and search for your dating partner. Browse through tonnes of available profiles and pick your dream mate!

Download this app on Android and iOS

#14. Yalla – Free Voice Chat Rooms

  • The list of alternatives to Omegle will be incomplete without Yalla. This free video chat app offers to stream on 3G,4G, LTE or Wi-Fi. A user can choose his random chat partner from the thousands of live public chat rooms.
  • Also, you can start a private conversation anytime with your online partner across the globe. Add fun to your friendship by playing online games together with Yalla.
  • Interestingly, this app offers the most stunning Gifs to express emotions! Also, a user can share his favorite chat rooms on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Download this app on Android and iOS

#15. Wakie Voice Chat – Talk to Strangers

  • Omegle alternatives are many but Wakie stands out with a few brilliant features. This free online voice chat app enables strangers to socialize by asking questions.
  • Now, there is always someone in the world that is ready to listen to you with this voice chat app. What differs the Wakie from other voice chat apps is, it enables the user to create any topic he wants to discuss with someone.
  • However, it is not an exact app like Omegle, because it only offers the voice chat facility. But the concept of online friendship with a stranger is still intact!
  • In fact, Wakie is the first choice of intellectuals that wants some serious discussion on business trends,fashion tips,real-life problems, etc along with friendship!

Download this app on Android and iOS

Why People Search For Omegle Chat Alternatives?

With increasing cell phones and internet usage, the stereotype that talking to a stranger is uncomfortable -has already disappeared. Additionally, an extremely busy life, lack of real friends, a temptation to have online incognito fun, etc creates the need for the secret chat platforms.

Undoubtedly, Omegle fulfilled all the above purposes of the user with its excellent features and variety of chat rooms. But off-late, Omegle is becoming a cause of concern, as it became an online predator’s easy place to trap people.

Also, there are many issues of data leaks, cyberbullying, sexting, etc, that lost the trust of the app. And meanwhile, many platforms came up with trendy features that replaced the Omegle.

Concluding Notes

As they say, every good friend was once a stranger! and nothing is wrong in finding a friend from online random strangers. These alternatives to Omegle are the best ways to meet -chat-date online.

Also, it is up to you to have friendship or relationship, to make someone chat mate or a soulmate, to have fun or have some serious discussion on these platforms.

However, you should know that every choice has its consequences! There are many cybercrimes these days that grow on such incognito chat platforms. Choose your Omegle alternative wisely.