A Review of online slots at Virgin Games


Online slots have long been popular with punters and casino visitors in the UK. Yet lately, their popularity is off the charts. According to the UK Gambling Commision, the annual gambling yield for the UK alone is set to hit £14.3 billion this year, with remote betting accounting for £2.1 billion.

In recent years, online casinos have boomed, and particularly over the past year. While brick and mortar venues used to be the go to choice for regular iGamers, players are now opting for online means and technology improves and games become more user friendly and more easily accessible.

Virgin Games are one of the leading online slots providers in this sector. Below, we’ll take a look at why online slots have become so popular and how Virgin Games are catering to this new and increased demand for online slot games.

The popularity of online slots

When you think of online slots, you may be imagining a large clunky machine that’s been dragged into a far corner of your favourite local watering hole. The older machines had a lever you would pull which would scatter a variety of fruit symbols on a screen. Today’s slot game offerings in pubs and casinos are rather more sophisticated than this.

For today’s gamers, slot games have not only significantly improved but they are one of the most popular games that casinos offer. Online slots have a variety of benefits over traditional slot games. Some of these include –

Higher Payouts

Land based casinos have an average payout rate of 86%. Online slots on the other hand, have a payout rate of 97%. Online slots like the ones on offer at Virgin Games offer a much fairer system to players where they are also much more likely to win higher amounts.

Bonuses and Rewards

One of the great things about discovering online slots for the first time is that the rewards are incredibly generous for new players. New players at Virgin Games are able to benefit from a whopping 30 free spins when they deposit just £10.

As a winner of the VGR Operator Virtual Awards 2020, Virgin Games offering is superior to many of the other online offers that can often bombard players on search engines when looking for a good platform to try out online slots.

Choice of Games

Traditional slot games were based on a few set symbols that didn’t change for years. Yet with online slots, there is much more freedom for design and innovation in which Virgin Games has a huge variety of different themed slot games on offer.

From much loved classics like Rainbow Riches and Zeldars Fortunes, to exciting new themed games like Cleopatra and Secrets of the Phoenix. One of the best things about this platform is that a variety of slot games are free.


Today’s online slots offer a lot more enjoyment and excitement than they used to. While traditional slot games could almost feel like a laborious task, today’s online slot games have been designed to act more like your latest video game. Many are themed and have in game challenges and puzzles that players must solve.

Not only do they offer a higher quality of entertainment but they incorporate popular culture, including much moved TV shows and movies. Whichever theme you decide to go with, slots have developed significantly since the days of the fruit symbol.

Convenience Factor

Virgin games online slots can be played from anywhere, whether than be from the comfort of your own lounge at home, on the morning commute to work or even while stopping to take a water break on a run. Their clean and sleek online platform is extremely user friendly and is also compatible on portable devices and smaller screens.

Fairer Play

Traditional slot games have always been down to chance, yet some players managed to figure out a mathematical algorithm that would increase their odds of winning. Today’s slot games operate with improved software and are much more advanced and sophisticated than they used to be.

This means that not only is it less likely for players to be able to cheat the system, gamers are also much fairer and guarantee a higher rate of being paid out.

Benefits of Choosing Virgin Games

In addition to the above benefits of playing online slots at Virgin Games, players can also benefit from the following top rated features by other players.

Instant play flash casino

Whether you’re out and about or sat in the comfort of your own home, Virgin Games online game offering performs at a superior rate with high quality software, a smooth user experience on the online platform and incredibly fast game loading speeds.

Play on mobile devices

Looking to play on your phone? No problem. Virgin Games offer a seamless mobile app for players ease of use on the go.

Fast Withdrawals

Ever played slots at an online casino, only to find it incredibly difficult to withdraw your money from their online platform or being promoted for a significant amount of personal information first? With Virgin Games, players have reported that withdrawals are fast, simple and hassle free.

Overall, in a highly saturated environment where there are so many games on offer, Virgin games offer one of the best online slots gaming options there are. So what are you waiting for? Go give it a try.