Phone Cleaner for iPhone and iPad Review

iPhone & iPad Cleaner App Review

iPhone cleaner app. Is that even a thing? 

You must be asking this to me currently. 

But yes, it is a real thing. Cleaner apps for Android devices are too mainstream but having phone cleaner app for iphone and ipad is something unusual(at least it may sound to you). But friends, we do need such apps for iPhone and iPad as well. 

If you are wondering why is it so then let’s try to take a sneak peek into the internal configuration of a digital device. 

See it is a universal fact that everything degrades with its use and time. Same is the case with our digital gadgets. We go on a shopping spree and we click N number of pictures because of course, we need the expert advice from our parents and all of the best friends and then we forget about those pictures and keep them saved in the gallery for eternity. 

So, what happens later? A clogged storage space! Yes, the pain is real when the message pops up says ‘your iCloud storage is full’. You can do two things in such cases. Either spend a fortune by buying more storage space or select and delete each photo manually.

This is a hectic task to do. Well, there exists a third option as well which is for the smart users. It is by downloading the best iPhone and iPad cleaner app for your device. The benefits of having such an app are many.

But which is the app? Read the article below to find it out!

Which Is The Best iPhone And iPad Cleaner App? 


The app that has passed the quality test with flying colors is “CLEANER- Phone Cleaner for iPhone and iPad” offered by ‘saar baruch’. It is one entity that is capable of giving you a device which is way too organized and clean. 

It follows a number of cleaning methods to trigger cleaning and organization on you device. This junk cleaner for your device stands tall at a star rating of 4.3. The different modes on this one app help you to clean your phone super fast. 


Features of iPhone Cleaner App

  1. Fast Cleaning- This is the feature that covers sorting of your files by their size. The best way to get rid of large files that have been clogging your precious storage space is this one. All the files which have huge size will be lined up in the descending order. So, you get a separate list of such files. This makes it handy for you to delete the ones which are large and holds no use for you.
  2. Deep Cleaning- This is an amazing feature. It allows you to clean the junk or clutter on your phone by applying a lot of filters. You can choose to filter out the junk with the range of file size, date modified, favorites, burst photos, date created, and media type. Just select the filters of your choice and let the cleaner do its job. The cleaner will fetch you all the unwanted files and then you can choose to delete them.
  3. Intelligent Cleaning- Same location, same pose, same photo. One single photo but in N number of copies. Do you even realise the storage space such photos have been occupying? You may have no idea but this is why your device runs on low storage most of the time. Get rid of the similar photos in a jiffy by using Intelligent Cleaning. All the similar photos will be segregated and displayed so that you can choose to delete them.
  4. Web Cleaning- This feature of this junk cleaner is a boon for the ones who love to surf the internet without any interruptions. It is specifically tailored to remove the ads and from the internet browser. This way, you can keep your browser ad-free. Hence, you can surf the internet without the poking of any annoying ads.
  5. Contacts Cleaning- Are you even in touch with the boy who was your bench partner in school? Oh no, you’re not. But you surely have his contact saved in your phonebook. You may not take it seriously but having useless contacts makes a device messy. In order to get rid of such contacts, you can deploy this feature of the iPhone cleaner app.

This was all about its amazing features. Additionally, you can set reminders to let you remind about the cleaning of your phone. And its customer support is proactive. So in case if you have any issues, they are reachable all the time. 


Winding Up

The app is a great one that can help you get a device that you want and that too without any hassle and in a mere few seconds. You need not to worry about fishing out the photos out of your ancient collection. 

You just need to select a mode and voila! This best iPhone and iPad cleaner app will do it all for you. So, choose to live a smart life by using a smart app to get rid of unwanted stuff from your precious device

Download the app now and do let me know in the comments below how you felt after using this super cache cleaner app for iPhone and iPad.