5 Photo Collage Templates to Launch a Clothing Store

Photo Collage Templates to Launch a Clothing Store

Fashion is a special language. After all, what you wear speaks volumes about your personality to the whole world. As a future clothing store owner, you are a key purveyor of fashion. Unfortunately, competition prevails in this cut-throat industry. Many other stores sell the same fashion finds. The only way to stay ahead of your competition and sell more clothes is to use stunning images featuring your inventory. Whether you are launching a brick and mortar store, an online shop, or a hybrid of both, you need a free collage maker that will make your life easier.

Why Do Images Make a Difference When You Sell Clothes?

Promo.com will help you create beautiful galleries to catch your clients’ eyes. If you want them to choose your products for their OOTDs (outfit of the day), you need appealing visuals that draw attention.

Remember, it is human nature for people to feel attracted to beautiful things. If you want to sell your clothing collection, pretty photos are not merely vanity but a necessity. You can use your photos to spread in these scenarios:

  • Make brick and mortar signage and other displays that show what you offer.
  • Craft Wayfind wall posters or foot stickers to draw foot traffic to your new store.
  • Create online product photos to showcase your new product offerings.
  • Spruce up posts on social media to make stunning announcements.
  • Use it to design your profile, especially your banners.
  • Improve subscriber newsletters, virtual invites, and other e-coupons.
  • Print promotional materials such as flyers, store inserts, packing materials, or freebies like notepads and calendars.

Set Your Creativity on Fire With These Top 5 Collage Maker Templates

As a budding entrepreneur, you may not have large funds to market your products. But remember, you must leverage marketing so that your prospective customers know how to find your store. Even Bill Gates once said that if he were down to his last dollar, he’d spend it on marketing and PR. You may have good products and services, but your hard work goes to waste if clients don’t know you exist.

Because of this, Promo.com was designed to give you a free collage maker. You can use it easily, even if you are a total design noob. Even kids love the user-friendly interface! You can readily upload your best photos from your phone, Facebook account, or Google Dropbox. From there, you can just drag them into your chosen template, personalize, and voila, all done. If you feel uncertain about what to do, consider the following suggestions to help launch your clothing store.

1. Rely on Social Media Templates For a Stunning Profile

If you don’t own a social media profile, get to it! Your competitors leverage various social media platforms to sell to clients all around the globe. Today, more than 5 billion people own a mobile device. Within it are at least two social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc. Your clients hang out on social media to connect with loved ones, find news, seek entertainment, and even interact with strangers.

With Promo.com’s collage maker, you can make FB covers and Twitter headers with 7 photos. You have to pay close attention to these details because banners are the first thing people see when visiting your profile. As such, you need to make a good impression. With your digital tool, you can maximize the limited space with numerous photos. Above all, you get the assurance that your output will not get distorted no matter if the gadget is in portrait or landscape mode.

2. Show Commitment With a Genuine Product or Premium Quality Template

When you’re all set to launch your clothing store, you need to make pictures that show your merchandise is of the highest quality. You will love Promo.com’s collage maker because they have a Genuine Product Template and a Premium Quality Template. You can use a total of nine pictures with a fancy sticker that ascertains your product’s authenticity. Clients love high-quality items that offer durability and versatility. You will love these templates because:

  • Allows you to use many photos in one frame.
  • Your final layout will surely fit into your chosen medium.
  • Paves a way for you to attract social media followers.
  • Ensure better audience engagement.
  • You can make a good first impression both in-store and online.
  • Promotes an increase in your brick and mortar store’s foot traffic and website traffic.

3. Create an Infographic on How to Wear a Product With a 15 Grid

Customers love seeing tutorials on how to wear a product in many different ways. This shows how versatile the pieces are because your clients can mix and match them.

If you want to attract clients, make info-graphics that show them how to optimize your products. It gives your clients the feeling that your merchandise offers value for money. They’ll find everything worth it because the cost per wear average price becomes lower if they can wear things more often.

4. Display Service Guarantee with a Money Back Template

Shopping can be tricky because clothes look different in the fitting room. Things become even worse with online shopping because you cannot try on clothes. Sometimes, expectations don’t measure up, so clients become disappointed. As you launch your new clothing store, remember that your customers are always right!

Hence, you must make it easy for them to return products without any issues. You can view your service warranty with the help of the Money Back Template. It is a 9 grid layout that allows you to customize with colors, fonts, and graphics. With this, we encourage more clients to patronize your new store because they know you are giving refunds.

5. Announcement Promotions with a Hot Deal Template

Every fashionista gets jittery with the word SALE! You can use our Special Offers, Hot Deals, Clearance, or Super Sale template. These various templates allow you to use pictures with a fun promo sticker. The vibrant graphics will surely excite your buyers. You can use your collage for online announcements, emails to subscribers, in-store posters, or promo flyers. People love a good deal, so be sure to make creative sales announcements.

Final Word

A lot of our happy clients say they love our digital solution. By choosing Promo.com as your collage maker, we can create stunning galleries that showcase your clothes in the best possible light. Unlike the software that you pay for, ours is absolutely free with no hidden charges. With our help, you can unleash your creative juices to make effective marketing materials to attract your prospective clothing buyers.