16+ Best Photo to Cartoon Picture Apps for Android and iPhone in 2021

photo to cartoon app

Today’s users have importance to the photographic section, both its implementation and publication. Focusing on the latter, there is a huge range of effects and settings to create the best possible image, for example using photo to cartoon apps. Cartoon-style selfies are becoming very fashionable and focused not only on social networks, but also on portraits, as if it were a painting.

Keep reading the article to know the best photo to cartoon apps!

1. Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoon Photo Editor is one of the best photo to cartoon apps which makes a cartoon-style picture from your shots that resembles the hand-drawn manner of the famous GTA. But this is only one of the filters, as there are several of them in the application like sketch, cartoon, dots, halftone, hatching, Swirl and embossing. All effects are single-touch, made very professionally.

Available: iOS

2. MomentCam Cartoons

MomentCam Cartoons is another cartoon photo app. With it, you can create caricatures of photos, and then set as avatars on your pages. In addition, you can make animated emoticons and share them with friends. The collections of backgrounds and filters are replenished daily, which gives a huge scope for imagination. MomentCam has been downloaded over 50 million times on the Play Store, which proves its high demand. This is also evidenced by a huge number of positive reviews. Downloading is free, but, like in any other similar application, there is advertising here.

Available: iOS & Android

3. Cartoon Artist & Sketch Filter & Photo Editor

Another best cartoon photo app which uses comparison, and which has several functions for retouching photos, in addition to effects in a sketch or on canvas.

Available: Android

4. PicsArt Animator

PicsArt Animator is one of the best photo to cartoon apps in the category we are reviewing. With this application you can create animations and even make cartoons or videos with one motion of the hand. PicsArt Animator gives you access to a package of professional functions for animating images and objects. At the same time, you do not have to spend a dime on all this magnificence.

Available: iOS & Android

5. Paint – Pro Art Filters

This picture to cartoon app embodies different ideas. This application, with a more creative approach, is a collection of artworks that can inspire us.

Available: iOS & Android

6. Pencil Sketch Art – Cartoon Editor

Pencil Sketch Art – Cartoon Editor is more than just a simple cartoon photo editor app in which you can deploy your internal artist with many filters (photo, to caricature, cartoon, cartoon creator and others)

Turn any photo into oil paintings.

Pencil Sketch fully reflects its capabilities. There is also a whole series of additional functions that allow you to edit photos, remove defects, apply labels, and improve the appearance of images. Its main purpose is to convert photos into a pencil sketch. Since most works of art are spontaneous improvisations, the drawings created with this tool can be safely passed off as sketches belonging to the brush of an artist. In general, this is a very interesting and funny app to convert photos to cartoon, and we strongly recommend that you get to know it.

This photo to cartoon app is able to recreate our face in a portrait in the style of cartoons, similar to those that we see in children’s channels. It also offers much more effects for creating high-quality portraits.

Available: iOS

7. Photo Sketch Maker

With its repertoire of cartoon effects, this photo to cartoon app will be more than enough to make amazing portraits or, conversely, turn a gallery image into a sketch.

Available: Android

8. Cartoon Maker – cartoon photo editor

One of the best photo to cartoon apps has more than 30 animated effects and seems like enough numbers to reveal all this creativity in our selfies and portraits.

Available: Android

9. Deep Art Effects

Another photo to cartoon app for Android. Working with Deep Art Effects is incredibly simple. All you need to do is upload any image and start the conversion process. In a few seconds you will get a beautiful and bright picture. Artificial intelligence is used to edit photos, so you can be sure of the accuracy and thoroughness of the sketch. The application has more than ten filters to process. There are buttons of popular social networks with which you can share the results with friends. Deep Art Effects allows you to convert photos into real works of art in the styles of Van Gogh, Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso, Rafael, Rembrandt, Dali and some others, because the set of filters here is quite wide.

Available: Android

10. PaintLab

PaintLab is recognized as the best photo to cartoon app in several countries, which testifies to its excellent features. It has been downloaded over 10 million times, which indicates its incredible popularity. The tool is simple and pleasant to use, you do not need much time to learn how to work with it. You can make drawings in the style of pop art, caricatures, paintings and other art forms. There are several thematic filters for creating greeting cards for various holidays. Some of the features here are similar to those used by Prisma, another widely used photo editing application.

Available: iOS & Android

11. Prisma Photo Editor

A unique photo to cartoon that allows you to change your picture into a cartoon drawing.

Prisma Art is a photo editor for processing photos using neural networks. In addition, the fashion program resorts to the artificial intelligence of the artist in the process of processing.

Prisma can be called the most original and interesting photo to cartoon app. The utility scans the photo of your choice and analyzes what style the filter can be used in. According to the organizers, they created a unique technology that redraws the photo from scratch, and not just imposes a specific filter. Therefore, two photos with the same processing are almost impossible to find.

Available: iOS & Android

12. PaperCamera

This is a photo to cartoon app that really turns a photo into a cartoon drawing! You can create a photo and apply a specific filter to it. Or first set up, that is, put your camera in a special mode and start shooting in it. The application gives a tremendous effect from which you will be delighted!

Available: iOS & Android

13. ArtistaCartoon & Sketch Cam

This is a classic image convert photo to cartoon app with some interesting additions. However, unlike other similar instruments, ArtistA has a peculiar artistic approach. The developers have taken care to give users a sense of reality of the created graphics or paintings. Filters imitate the work of famous artists, which makes us consider this application to be unique in its own way.

Available: Android

14. Photo Cartoon Camera

Cartoon Camera is an unusual photo to cartoon app for smartphones running the Android operating system, which allows you to create pictures with the effect of animation. In the free version of the application, not all filters are available, but only eight. In addition, there is annoying advertising in it, although it is possible to remove the final result in no way.

Available: Android

15. Sketch me! – Sketch & Cartoon

Sketch me! – Sketch & Cartoon is a photo to cartoon app that allows you to create original effects superimposed on photos. This gives you incredible editing and creating very beautiful shots.

Due to the fact that this program has many different filters and special effects you can quickly achieve significant results. That is why it is very important to understand that the application is a useful utility that gives you incredible opportunities. In the photo there is the ability to apply various pictures and geometric shapes, after which the picture begins to look much better.

Available: iOS & Android

16. ToonCamera

A very simple photo to cartoon app that promises to make your photo cartoony. The program does not spoil the abundance of functionality and filters. Among the effects that can be added to the photo are pencil, ink, line art and animation. Neural networks have nothing to do with it, but you can get photos in the style of impressionists.

Available: iOS

17. Cartoon.pho.to

This is a photo to cartoon app that can easily create a cartoon picture from a photo. Using such software you do not need to install a special program on your computer. Or install the program on your smartphone, iPhone or other phone! The project allows you to process the image in minutes. At the exit you will get a full-fledged image in the right form!

Available: Android & iOS