13+ Essential Photography Tips for Beginners


Importance of Photography 

Photography is the art of beautifying the world around you. You can master it with a few essential tips.

Do you want to be a professional photographer but don’t know where to start? Do you know what it takes to be a photographer? Are you a beginner looking for some tips to take beautiful features?

We have knitted this fantastic piece of content specially for those young and enthusiastic photographers and have designed 13+ essential photography tips for beginners.

Let us zoom in and focus on what it takes to be a professional photographer if you are new to the lens:

#1. Starting off with the basic gear

This clicks the very first shot of basic picture taking tips. Starting off with the basic gear is what you need to follow if you are new to the equipment and art.

Do not get carried away by those temptations you see in the market. You may come across tons of gear, equipment, lens, tripod stand and whatnot! 

Do not buy that expensive lens and camera yet. All the time, it is the skill and not the equipment that counts.

Do not burn deep holes in your pockets just yet. Stick to what you have. Improve your skills and improve them again and again. Get some basic lessons to add to your skillset.

After all this, you can think of investing in some better equipment and more. Make every single penny count.

#2. Understanding the equipment

Having a deep knowledge of all the settings, options and features makes you one step closer to learning this amazing art. Knowing the camera settings is one of the most important photography tips.

Before you make your move, make sure you have a clear understanding of how your equipment works. You should know the shutter speed, frame rate, lens power, aperture, focal length, contrast, exposure and other terminology.

Having in depth knowledge of these elements will allow you to click pictures without any hassle and give you a good head start.

#3. Light is your friend

The ultraviolet rays from the Sun are your best friends. Light is a very important element if you want to consider clicking some good pictures that are better exposed to the white light.

This is something most of the photographers ignore. Whether clicking indoors or outdoors, a sufficient amount of light can be a deal maker or a deal breaker. 

Sufficient lighting will help you capture the best shot. A picture clicked in a good lit area is a good picture. This light can be natural or can be man made LEDs.

The just perfect amount of light is what makes a picture stand out from other pictures.

#4. It’s always a matter of perspective

Talking about basic tips to photography and ignoring this important tip would be a complete waste. 

There are multiple views and perspectives to capture a photo. Give your audience something better to chew on. 

When you click a photo, make sure that you get the perspective correct. Try something new every single time as this will give the audience something new in the wide spectrum.

Be the first person to capture photos from all possible angles and perspectives and keep experimenting.

#5. Use a tripod

A blurred picture is a dead picture. When you want to capture stills, tripod is your best friend. Tripod balances your camera so you can take those beautiful stills with perfection. 

The best part about using a tripod stand is that every pixel is captured nicely and there is no blurriness.

On top of that, tripods are quite inexpensive and lightweight. You can easily carry this magical equipment with you anywhere you go.  Do expect ultimate stills, amazing captures and 100% clean photos without any disturbances.

#6. Optimum usage of flash

Almost every device comes with a flash. Smartphones, ipads and all the camera devices come with a flash. Most of us use this lighting option at night. We use flash at night as it provides a nice view and adds life to the image.

What becomes of the image after it is clicked? The rest of the image is in darkness while only the area exposed to flash is brightly lit.

This may look nice and flash is definitely useful at night. While you can fight the night with light, you can use LED flash in the day time when you think of clicking a photo indoors.

Use the flash out in the sun to enhance your pictures. This definitely adds beauty to those amazing stills.

Do this once and see how beautifully the image comes out. You need to follow this simple yet important photography tip.

#7. Importance of filters and effects

Good usage of filters and effects finds a place in our list of photography tips for beginners.

A good photographer not only clicks good pictures, he enhances them with filters and effects to please the eyes. 

There are tons of filters and effects you can use on the pictures you have clicked. Find your favorite photo editing software from dozens of software online. 

Always try to experiment with pictures by adding effects and filters. Sometimes a particular picture with a  particular graphic design may turn out to be more attractive and pleasing to the viewers. You can also improve your skills by experimenting.

#8. Regularly cleaning the equipment

Lens are the most important feature of a camera. These are used to literally add more life to the pictures. However, a bad lens or dirty lens, will result in bad images. 

Bad images are the worst nightmare of a photographer. Fingerprints, smudhes, dirt, dust and other particulate matter should be removed nicely.

Just make sure that you clean the lens nicely with a small piece of damp cloth.

There are some cleaning solutions that you can purchase to keep your lens in good condition. You can always use some alcohol and cotton to do the needful.

#9. Carrying your camera with you

This is one of the most important and helpful point if you are looking to make a career into photography. 

Always carry your camera along with you. Learn to click something simple and make it pleasing to the eyes with your photo editing skills.

Rather than waiting for the right moment, you can always be ready to click pictures at the right moment.

Do not leave your camera at home. You never know when you might find a beautiful angle and simple yet captivating area to capture a gorgeous still.

#10. Make the most of your experience

Simple but colorful photography tip is to take photography as a passion.Passion generates valuable outcomes and the result is everything that counts in the end.

Take your time, experiment from different angles, differently lit areas and experiment with the pictures with tons of effects and filters.

Make the most of your experience and be your own teacher.

#11. Use the right tools and software

Photography is a big term and an art. Whether you love to click stills or edit the pictures, you need to have the right tools and software to do justice to your passion. 

First of all, do some research about what exactly you want to do. Do you want to have more and more filters? Do you want to breathe more life into the pictures through light and color options?

Are you looking for a software that offers tons of filters, effects and best options to have color and brightness ratio along with lively contrast?

Do your research carefully and get your hands on the software you are looking for. Photography is something that will get you to the clouds of success if you invest your life in it.

#12. Learn about the right exposure

While checking the camera settings, it is very important to avoid over exposing the highlights in a photo. The highlighted area makes it nearly impossible to retrieve any detail that is required later. 

Highlighting is okay but overexposure to highlight is definitely every photographer should avoid.

Highlights are something one cannot control, but some features of the equipment like ISO, shutter speed and aperture are very important as well. Have a lower ISO and bring it down to the base value. By default it is set to 100.
Use a faster shutter speed and set the aperture to a lower value (lesser than f/32).

#13. Watch your step

Now you have a few important photography tips, let us not forget about the most general tips. Photography can get you in a trance. You may come across something you have never seen.

Things like whales, underground caves, alps, wildlife and many more random objects will tempt you and trap your feet.  

Do not get caught in the trance. Watch your step and do not fall. There may be times where you may get stuck in quicksand, or there might be a translucent pond and you might fall in.

Always watch your step and double check to make sure the area is safe to click pictures.

#14. Backup

This is one of the powerful image clicking tips for beginners. Backup is something that will reincarnate your photos if they get deleted by mistake.

Keeping a backup of each and every photo you have is very important. Eventually you will discard your old computer, your hard drive will break and your external hard drive might get stolen.

Therefore, it is very important to get all the photos and store them all online and back up all your drives in real time. 

Of course, this is overkill, but it is worth the shot.

#15. Organize your photos

Now to finalize the list, we have arrived at the most important photography tip for beginners. Organising the photos is a tedious task if not started from the beginning.

This is something you need to start in the very beginning if you want to avoid wasting your time finding particular photos you took 2 years ago or 2 weeks ago. 

Every photographer should organize all the photos taken and arrange them in a folder. Yearly, monthly and weekly folders on a system definitely help to avoid unnecessary hassle.

This is a fair practice to follow if you are a beginner and new to photography.

Final words

It is said that photography is an art and not all can do justice to it. But with the help of some helpful tips for beginners, anyone who has the right attitude to breathe life into pictures, can be a professional photographer.

This list contains a few essential photography tips for beginners. We think that this piece of content would definitely help you bring out the professional photographer in you.

There are tons of tips and applications you can find on the internet, but we have mixed the most essential tips and prepared this delicacy for you.