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Introducing this new cloud-based service namely “Adobe Photoshop with a Lightroom CC” provides a great support to make your photo look amazing. With this, you can feel your pics by changing the look with a single touch, you can perform multiple operations with its unique functionalities, also can edit photos with its advanced functions like by organizing, storing, sharing your photos.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC – Photography

You can freely probe to make your photo colorful, tone up, and can provide an exposure with amazing contrast, provides you with the professional camera mode in Lightroom CC to get out the coolest one out of Camera, also serves you with a powerful advanced tonal, adjustments and corrections.

What Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC contains in its bag?

Excited to know!

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC carries a powerful, yet simple solutions for your personal mobile to capture, edit and to share your photos.

Further, to know about the premium features, here you go!

You can upgrade premium features to precise control with seamless access across all your devices – mobile, desktop and web.

What all Premium settings does it carry?

  • Easy to remove anything from your photo no matter how big or small.
  • You can make highly precise adjustments just with one simple hit.
  • Easy to fix and adjust your image

Want to take your photography at the next level? Here are all listed features with the old and new arrivals till now:

11th December 2017

Tone Curve Split Toning Auto Full-screen view


12th  February 2018

Performance improvements

Copyright Upright, Guided Upright, and Geometry sliders on Android


3rd April 2018

Creative Profiles Adobe Raw Profiles Camera Profiles Upright, Guided Upright, and Geometry sliders on iOS
Support for Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives



18th June 2018

Preset and profile syncing Batch editing on desktop Healing Brush on Android and iOS Preset creation on Android and iOS Easier preset creation Web sharing improvements


20th  August 2018

Local storage option for albums

HEIC support on Windows


15th October 2018

People view Apple Photos import (macOS only) Adobe Portfolio integration Search improvements Improved high-ISO rendering


10th December 2018


People View improvements Faster imports on desktop


Well, that not enough, you can also visit the link below to know more about the above features in detail.


  1. New Shared Albums Tab (premium feature): Permits you to access all the photos and albums shared to “” using the Shared Albums Tab.
  2. Introduced the platform for creating an ad-hoc of images; select a few photos, then go to the three-dot menu to share to Web”.
  3. Provides wired ethernet support.
  4. ACR integration helps you in supporting the latest cameras and lenses.

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Need more storage? Go through these plans mentioned below:

Adobe Photoshop with a Lightroom CC consists of two panels namely INDIVIDUAL and STUDENTS and TEACHERS.

Suggesting you view the respective PLANS from the link below:

Links:  Adobe Photoshop Plans

Please make a note

  • Supports 5.0 and up

Ready to shot your story then, go with this app to make you look more elegant.

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Adobe Photoshop with a Lightroom CC” with its super exciting features makes it one of the best photography platform. The true fact is with its premium features. Go with it!