Why you should play Pokémon fan made game?

Pokemon fan made game


Are you searching for the reasons you should play the Pokemon fan game? Then you are in the right place. Reading this article to the end will give the reasons why a gamer should play Pokemon.

Pokemon Go is the most popular mobile game that mixes augmented reality with reality. The game makes use of GPS to capture, locate battle, and train virtual creatures (Pokemon )that appear as if they are in the real world. Pokemon fan game is one of the most used mobile apps. Additionally, the game has become popular due to AR technology promoting physical exercise GPS and assisting local business growth due to increased foot traffic. It takes an impact on society by bringing potential health benefits due to the physical exercises done.

However, the game causes accidents and noise pollution. Therefore the gamer should be keen, don’t play while driving and don’t stare at your phone for a long time to avoid accidents. Always inspect your surrounding before playing!

Playing the game is crucial since it has benefits to the body and the individual in general.

Reasons for playing Pokemon Fan Game

1.The gamer will get more exercise.

Pokemon fan game is unlike other PC games played while one is sitting on the bed. The gamer walks around the app until the phone vibrates, indicating Pokemon has appeared. The gamer taps on Pokemon, which switches the phone’s screen to catching interface. Then the player flicks a poke ball at the Pokemon to find it. When the gamer catches all the Pokemon in the area, he moves around, searching for more. The Pokemon take a little while and reappear. There are different Pokemon in different regions. Therefore, the need to move around eggs in the game also forces people to move; the eggs placed 10 km,2km,5km. Once the player gets an egg, they have to put them in an incubator then walk distance provided by the eggs to get Pokemon to hatch the egg. The game is such a great way that keeps people moving.

2.The gamer gets to meet new people

If the player is in a decent city, people play the game in the whole place. Gamer form Facebook groups and local groups interacting there. Additionally, they get chances of planning meeting times to catch with Pokemon. As players go to public parks, there are chances of finding other people playing the game through such they get to meet new people and become friends. Through such interactions, the gamer gets to know many people and makes new friends.

3.Pokemon fan game brings people together

Groups of people all over the world are gathering and joining hands in catching Pokemon. The game has united people since people put aside their race, sexual orientation, and religion. This is a perfect game since it encourages and togetherness discouraging hatred minimizing hate in the world. It is such an ideal game since players share common interests, thus h uniting people regardless of their social class, tribe, or race.

4.Its fun playing the game

The Pokemon fan game is engaging and interactive, making many people adopt the sport. The  fun game merges augmented reality with reality, unlike other mobile game that gets people excited. Fun is knowing shortcuts within your town using a game. Additionally, it seems exciting meeting new people brought together by a mobile pp.

5.The gamer gets exposure to sunshine

The games tracker shows Pokemon at the nearby stops, and the player’s weather determines the available kinds, enticing them to rush out and catch the Pokemon. Exposing the gamer to sunlight ensures they acquire vitamin D for maintaining healthy gums and teeth. Pokemon fan game players, walking to the nearest poke stop to catch creatures, gaining sunshine needed in the body, ensuring enjoyable stay, and keeping them fit.

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From whatever is given above, there are vast reasons you should start playing the Pokemon fan game. There is a large number of people already playing the game. The Pokemon fan game is exciting and engaging and gives people the chance to exercise, ensuring they keep fit. People have known their neighbors and perfect friends through the game. Do you need to get fitter and healthier? Then make sure you revisit our website and learn more about the Pokemon game. It is such a fantastic mobile app that keeps people moving. Pokemon fan game is such exciting. Don’t be left out. Please download the mobile app now in the google play store and play.